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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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How Eva Garzon turn the Grand Lion Real Estate Group in Powerful Real Estate Company

The real estate industry is a highly competitive one as realtors try to outdo one another for a higher commission. Because of the competition, some realtors lose quality in terms of service. However, not all realtors emphasize their need to stay above others. In a vastly competitive industry, Eva Garzon is among the few who puts quality service above all else with The Grand Lion Real Estate Group.

The Grand Lion Real Estate Group initially started as an idea that Eva Garzon came up with for a final project while she was in college. She had the task of creating a brand and its logo, name, and color schemes. The idea stuck with her, and when she started to work in real estate in Miami, Florida, Eva saw the opportunity to bring her project to life.

The prospect of bringing the project to life was overwhelmingly exciting, but Eva had her doubts as a rookie real estate agent. It was the encouragement of her boyfriend, Ivan, that helped her find the drive. His constant belief and support were Eva’s foundation as she grew in the real estate business. 

Eva Garzon leaped and created The Grand Lion Real Estate Group, a passionate group of professional agents that emphasize sincerity and integrity in all their business transactions. The Grand Lion provides them with a perfect balance of knowing the market, strong negotiation skills, and a quality network to help them achieve their real estate goals.

With firm values, the company has a solid foundation and a strong company culture with many unique qualities. Among their qualities, they all share motivation and passion for doing so much more than achieve financial success. The Grand Lion’s team is fueled by the love and passion of the real estate business, transmitting to their clients.

A key factor in how Eva Garzon runs the company is maintaining a positive corporate culture. She knows that being around passionate people can be contagious, and passion and attitude are essential factors in the real estate industry. For that, Eva makes sure that her agents understand what it means to be working for and representing Grand Lion. She also makes sure that she builds relationships with all the members of her team.

The Grand Lion Real Estate Group makes sure that they keep a daily communication among themselves and their clients to make sure they are satisfied with their services. They place great importance on feedback as they rely on word-of-mouth growth to know that they’re performing well. Eva takes the time to read customer feedback and chats to learn which key areas they can improve on.

Eva Garzon also analyzes and studies each decision as they are opening a new headquarters in Brickell. The company has been implementing the latest technologies to adapt to the situation the pandemic created. By doing so, they are capable of helping grow other local businesses, supporting and promoting them.

Within the next couple of years, Eva is projecting more offices opening in other cities and countries. They are currently working with developers on projects with a new headquarters opening in Aldea Zama in Tulum, New Mexico, at the beginning of 2021, along with Spain.

To learn more about Eva Garzon, you may visit her website.

Professional Beauty Federation of California Extends Its Influence to Help Businesses in the Beauty Industry Stay Afloat

The warning of an incoming pandemic last year was met with disbelief and dismissed by the masses. One year later, the world is still reeling and fighting to recover from the damages brought by COVID-19. Among its most significant casualties are small and medium-sized businesses. With countless shops forced to remain closed, people have been working towards reopening several outlets. Professional Beauty Federation of California partnered with Adesso Capital and Biz 2 Credit to get the beauty industry funding, and it has been vocal and undeterred in its advocacy for the beauty industry’s reopening. 

For starters, the non-profit organization funded 25 million dollars pre-approved before any other agency could help and currently has 100 million dollars in the pipeline.

Jessie Klaus is an experienced stylist who is the Global Creative Director for City of Angels hair extensions as well as the Creative Director for Tribez Salons. Her career has seen her work for NY & Paris Fashion Week as a stylist, a colorist for L’Oreal, a Priv Pro Elite Designer, and ambassador for Oribe + Bumble & Bumble. Jessie is undoubtedly one of the most decorated leaders in the beauty industry, with an illustrious resume to her name.

Having worked in the industry for many years, Jessie emphasizes how the professionals in the industry are often overlooked as professionals. Realizing how small businesses were too afraid to ask for help, she took the initiative to help raise the sector in these trying times.

Jessie jumped in and supported Pro Beauty Federation of California when she saw that the implemented programs were executing poorly. Jessie provided the voice to assist salons of all sizes returning to operation, rallying for the salons to reopen and allow beauty professionals to bounce back. Jessie attributes her desire to help those who did the same for her. With the support she received in her journey, Jessie wanted to give back to the people who paved the way for her. As the majority did not have the answers they needed, she was inspired to find them.

Pro Beauty Federation of California provides free legal advice and funding for small businesses. The nonprofit organization sought out industry leaders and beauty influencers in its early stages. Despite the public outcry, the news and media would not even cover the movement. Refusing to back down, the federation decided to reach out to the community, drawing a crowd through their peers and industry leaders to pass the information to their followers.

While the established nonprofit organization has been largely ineffective in their advocacy, the Pro Beauty Federation of California has been fighting for all of the beauty industry’s rights to open shop again. Additionally, they have gone further by striving to get partnerships with Biz2Credit and Adesso Capital, the only companies that can assist in pumping the pre-approval of 25 million upwards.

Despite how considerably small the federation is, the Pro Beauty Federation of California held over a hundred million in the pipeline, with the congress passing an extension to May 31st. By utilizing the power of social media and networking across the country, Jessie and the non-profit organization moved mountains in the industry with little to no resources.

With the Pro Beauty Federation of California moving forward and checking out Jessie’s missions in supporting them, she has set her sights on a future as a board member of a few prominent companies. Jessie hopes that the Pro Beauty Federation of California’s influence will positively impact businesses in the years to come.

Learn more about the Professional Beauty Federation of California by visiting their official website. Both Pro Beauty Federation and Jessie Klaus are on Instagram.

Former Model, Stella Vidal Touches Lives as a Therapist, Artist, and Book Author

Former model, actress, and TV host Stella Vidal was already a thriving mental health therapist before she explored other career possibilities. After achieving success in the entertainment industry, she opted to go back to her first love: helping people live better lives by learning how to manage and overcome their mental health conditions. Not only is she living out her life’s greatest purpose, but she is also touching lives significantly. 

Stella Vidal finished a bachelor’s degree in psychology and completed her master’s degree in mental health counseling from Nova South Eastern University in 1997. For many years, she worked as a case manager, mental health therapist, life coach, and real estate entrepreneur at the same time. She is a nationally certified wellness coach and a certified personal trainer at the same time. Her book titled 7 Intentions to a Happier YOU! teaches readers the dangers of giving away too much of one’s self. In her book, she elaborates on how people can learn to love and care for themselves in a way that allows them to serve and love others better. 

At present, Stella Vidal owns her own Mental Health and Wellness Coaching business, providing coaching and therapy to a wide array of patients aged five years old up to 98 years old. She found herself doing hundreds of telehealth sessions with patients when the pandemic overwhelmed the world early this year. Clearly, the pandemic affected numerous people, and many of her patients suffer from severe mental health issues. 

As an artist, Stella’s approach is unique, “I approach mental health and wellness with creativity in order to engage my clients and have them look forward to our weekly coaching sessions. I believe that we all have the capacity to find happiness and that this happiness may actually look ‘weird’ to others, but if you get to the point where you don’t care, then we’ve made great progress,” Vidal explains. 

Aside from being a mental health therapist, Stella Vidal was also the creator, writer, and host of the 2008 television show Livin La Vida Miami. She developed the show at the height of the recession with the objective of helping local businesses affected by the economic downturn. The show featured various businesses and several segments on entertainment, fitness, talents, and charitable initiatives for the community. Her brainchild was a phenomenal success and eventually aired on a weekly basis on CBS and its affiliate M33. 

The success of Livin La Vida Miami paved the way for a traveling show with her husband, Livin La Vida with Stella and Stuart. Interestingly, it became an international sensation as the show brought Stella Vidal to her home country, Colombia. After filming internationally for a season, Stella saw that time with her young son was suffering, so she opted to let the shows continue on local and national reruns and re-dedicated her time to raising her son and spending time with her family.

Today, the thriving mental health and wellness coach and author is looking forward to making an impact on more lives on a much larger scale. As most of the world is becoming more mindful of the importance of mental health, Stella Vidal wants to remain at the forefront of helping people live better lives by focusing on educating her client on the importance of balance of mind, body, and soul. Stella inspires others to never give up, pursue lasting joy, and learn to love themselves the way they would others. 

Find out more about Stella Vidal by visiting her website. Follow her Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates.

Progression Over Complacency Athletic Influencing a Generation of Forward-thinkers

With a sense of self-worth based on never saying never and progression, Asán Neil-Evergin launched his company, Progression Over Complacency Athletic (POCA), to push the narrative that people do not need to lead a complacent lifestyle. Asán has lived his entire life consciously preaching progression, which has also turned out to his favorite hashtag, #Progression, and the ideology behind his brand. Progression Over Complacency Athletic is a clothing company that offers a wide range of clothing, ranging from casual wear to athletic wear to streetwear.

Progression Over Complacency Athletic targets people who are all about progress and forward-thinking. This ideology stems from Asán’s dedication to make his dreams come true no matter the odds stacked against him. In his words, “I’d like to say that I’m a dream chaser. Not to relate to Meek Mill or anything, but I truly feel that that is who I am. An individual who will never stop for any reason to make my vision come true” Asán Neil-Evergin is also passionate about giving back to the community and creating opportunities for those who need it to advance in their careers or chosen fields. “To be in the position I am today and be able to provide for not just myself, and others mean everything to me,” he says.

Progression Over Consistency Athletic as a brand embodies the message of reaching out to everyone. The brand’s ideology, “Progression over Complacency,” is something everyone needs no matter the walk of life they come from. Asán believes everyone needs to progress and become better in one way, shape, size, or form, and they need the right tools to make it happen.

While preaching messages of progression to all its audience, POCA itself as a brand has enjoyed some great levels of progress such as designing a custom sweat-suit for Roddy Rich, which he wore, designing a custom hoodie for Danileigh, which he also wore, designing a custom bubble jacket for YNW Melly. The brand has also designed custom sweat-suits and shirts for NFL athletes like Nnamaka Samson Ebukam, who plays for OLB Rams, and Kendrick Bourne, who plays for the WR 49ers. Another major milestone that POCA has achieved is winning top designer at Gulfport, MS Fashion Show, with a prize of an exclusive iHeart Radio Interview.

Asán targets entrepreneurs, lawyers, recovering addicts, athletes, hikers, bullied kids, seniors, and youth demography. He has plans to launch a designer collection soon while building multiple programs centered on entrepreneurship, leadership, mentorship. Progression Over Complacency Athletic will also be involved in hosting nationwide 7v7 events for athletes to get the chance to showcase their talents. “No entity has EVER done all of these things under one umbrella, while also having someone like myself who I truly believe is in tune with what’s going on from personal experience. Right now, what I’m working on will be one of the biggest companies in the world is what I truly believe,” Asan affirms.

Over the next five years, Asán hopes to have a POCA Clothing location or complex in different parts of the United States and worldwide. In the fight against mediocrity and complacency, Progression Over Complacency Athletic has taken center-stage and will continue to push beyond the boundaries for excellence.

Learn more about Progression Over Complacency Athletic on the official website.

The Source Takes an Intimate Approach to Cannabis Transactions

Cannabis companies have been cropping up as of late, each with their own unique merit when it comes to their products, services, and customer experience. The Source combines all three of these aspects into a holistically reliable cannabis company based on the Central Coast of California. Delving into the primary territory as a delivery service, the customer-centric company delivers medical and recreational cannabis to its clients in a variety of locations.

The Source is like calling up a friend to deliver cannabis straight to a clients’ doorstep. They deliver to locations such as San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Los Osos, Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, Pismo Beach, Oceano, Santa Maria, Nipomo, Orcutt, Guadalupe, Atascadero, Paso Robles, San Miguel, Templeton, and all of Five Cities.

The reputable cannabis company is known first and foremost for its high-quality products and friendly services. The company strives to make the entire customer experience seamless and hassle-free. When customers call the company’s virtual budtenders, they are educated on all the products within the Source’s catalog, allowing them to find exactly what they need at any given time.

During the delivery process, The Source’s drivers periodically sent updates via text messages to know when they will be arriving. It’s a simple yet effective way to communicate with their clients, but it guarantees that their clients’ expectations are always met in a timely manner. Customers have expressed that they’ve been consistently surprised by how clean, friendly, and professional their delivery drivers are. Not to mention, customers can easily identify the company’s delivery vehicle because every driver will arrive in matching Toyota Priuses.

Founder and CEO Shawn Bean initially established the Source straight out of his garage in the small town of Los Osos. He was the sole employee at the time, which meant that he would do all of the work himself, from packaging the products at night to answer phone calls during the day, taking orders while also making all the deliveries on the same day.

Shawn’s hard work and dedication eventually scaled his business, and he then managed to hire one employee after four months of operation. As the days went by, he added yet another member to the team, then another, then another, and the rest is history. Within six months, The Source had moved to a 2,500 sq. ft. warehouse in Oceano and had five employees. From its humble beginnings, the company has grown little by little.

Nowadays, The Source is 35 employees strong and has upgraded to a 17,000 sq. ft. warehouse that allows the self-packaging and branding of products. The renowned cannabis company has massively grown in size, all thanks to the dedication of every member of the team.

The Source offers two ways to order, the Express Menu or the Full Menu. The Express Menu is their most popular mode of service, offering 100 of everyone’s favorite products that will be delivered in an hour or less. In comparison, the Full Menu shows its catalog of over 300 products from all of the top brands from all-around California.

The esteemed cannabis company delivers way faster than any of their competition while having a much more expansive menu than other delivery services available. The Source is way ahead of the curve, and it’s all thanks to the company’s commitment to quality and its customer-centric approach to their services.For more information, kindly visit their website.

Sig Official Connecting with Everyone through Her Multidimensional Music Style

Sigourney Sterling, better known as Sig Official, established her presence in music with one goal in mind: to connect with people and give them a new sound to relate to. She has seen how success in the music business is all about hip-hop and rap music. She set out to change that by taking a bit of music styles and genres from different parts of the world and infusing them into her music. She has demonstrated this versatility and gift in her latest EP, KREYOL SZNING, set to be released on the 5th of March 2021.

With Haitian origins and a base and presence in Los Angeles, Sig Official is a well-grounded artist in Afrobeat, Haitian Kompa, and Zouk. Her music journey is not accidental, and the style she has chosen to share with the world is her way of creating a connection between herself and a diverse range of people. Growing up on the East Coast and living on the West Coast have defined her journey. In her words, “I felt like I left some people behind. I decided to connect with them through my music, merchandise, and social media platforms. The positive outcomes in my current music reaffirms that there is a market for the style of music I present today.”

Sig Official makes music for the love of the art, and she hopes that other people get connected the way she hopes so the journey can be a wholesome experience for her and her audience. She started making music by producing for local artists while attending college at the Arts Institute. Not long after, she started writing and recording songs for herself. Seeing how gifted she was, she started experimenting with different sounds, which laid the foundation for her artistry.

With a signature sound in Afrobeats and Kompa Mix, Sig Official is showing the endless possibilities of infusing diverse sounds into hip-hop. Her latest single, “Kreyol,” took off and has dominated the airwaves in her local community and back home in Haiti. She is set to take the world by storm in 2021, and with five brand new singles and an EP, expectations are high for Sig Official. Her music is available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming platforms.

Sig Official uses music to shed light on the things going on in the world that do not get enough media coverage. Her music gives everyone a sense of identification and something to connect to. “The soul base of Afro/Kompa like beats are remarkably unrepresented on our social platforms. With people from different ethnicities’ roaming the internet, I feel as though it is crucial to provide them a melody they can relate to, and a sound that they can come to love,” she says.

Her goal over the next few years is to get her music to top charts in different countries. She hopes to inspire new school musicians to explore different things and face their fears head-on. She strongly believes no one should be afraid to try new things, especially if it will make a profound impact. Sig Official hopes to achieve a new and diverse breakthrough in the music industry and connect the world more intricately.

Learn more about Sig Official on her official Instagram page.

Kameleon Swim Revolutionizes the Fashion Industry With Color-Changing Apparel

One of the hallmarks of a successful enterprise is its ability to bring something new to the table. True enough, creativity can serve as a catapulting device for business ventures to launch themselves towards the summits of success. Whether it be for formulating a new marketing strategy or providing solutions, possessing an innovative quality has its way of bringing businesses to the pinnacles of greatness. In the case of Kameleon Swim, a groundbreaking swimwear brand, its towering accomplishments would not have been possible without the unique interplay of artistry and unconventionality of its products. Because of its eccentricity, the company has fitted itself into the molds of success.

Although digressing from the norm is a daunting task for some, Kameleon Swim sufficiently shows that pulling oneself away from the trend is not so bad at all. As a matter of fact, when Kameleon decided to launch its avant-garde line of swimwear to the world, people took notice of the brand and immediately flung towards its products. With its unique and eye-catching swimwear apparel, it comes as no surprise how this trailblazing company takes the industry by storm.

Rooted in a mission to provide a fresh perspective, Kameleon Swim is an e-commerce store that sells unconventional swimwear designed to break the barriers of the mundane. It serves as an effective channel where people can genuinely express themselves through the art of fashion. In other words, the company seeks to provide an avenue where people can find unique swimwear pieces that truly reflect their styles and personalities.

Without a doubt, the eccentricities of Kameleon Swim’s products are beyond comparison. Its color-changing swimwear has elevated the fashion industry up a notch. With the vibrancy of the brand’s apparel, coupled with its top-notch details, Kameleon Swim has genuinely provided a style that is fresh and pleasing, especially for those who have gotten sick with the usual items in the market.

Proving itself worthy of its noteworthy brand, Kameleon Swim’s Apparel varies its color according to the environment’s temperature. From its lively yellow hues to subtle orange tones, the brand offers a wide variety of colors to choose from, depending on the wearer’s taste. On top of that, it also provides a broad assortment of styles that ultimately represents a potpourri of preferences.

Although Kameleon Swim has garnered several accolades for its distinctive and groundbreaking apparel, this state-of-the-art brand did not begin with a clear vision in mind. As a matter of fact, when it displayed its items on social media, it started as a joke that ultimately became viral afterward. Using this rapid rise to fame to its advantage, Kameleon decided to continuously grow and improve its products. As time went by, its continued growth opened a plethora of opportunities that led them towards the summits of success.

As Kameleon Swim continues to produce fresh styles with earth-shaking details, it hopes to move forward while taking significant strides across the fashion landscape. Through its unparalleled skills and innovativeness, the company is bound to lead the next generation of enterprises towards greatness.

To know more about Kameleon Swim, you may visit its website.

Sierra Coleman Ministries: A Vessel of God’s Grace and Mercy

A plethora of terrible experiences can leave anyone in a state of despondence and despair. Although it is natural for people to be weighed down by such misfortunes, it is important that they bounce back, keep the faith, and move forward. This message of hope is something Sierra Coleman Ministries wishes to reach every forlorn individual in the world. According to the ministry’s founder, Sierra Coleman, God never forsakes His people. 

Widely acknowledged for being a beacon of compassion and strength, Sierra Coleman Ministries serves as the much-needed voice for the distraught and the hopeless. Above anything else, it renders services that speak volumes about God’s grace and mercy. Its goal is to shed light on the lives of those stuck in the dark and have nowhere else to go. 

Standing at the helm of Sierra Coleman Ministries, Sierra Coleman explained that her previous experiences of pain, hurt, and suffering molded her into the remarkable woman she is today. In an interview, she shared that all those trials and tribulations pushed her to become the best person she could possibly be. “My tears have given me such a sweet victory,” she added. 

Looking back, Sierra Coleman could have easily given up and allowed herself to drown in misery and grief. However, she was hit with enlightenment from above and allowed herself to rise above her adversities. “Without God, I would not have found the strength or motivation I currently embody,” she said. Thus, she took it upon herself to create a community of believers who lift each other up during difficult times. 

On a mission to restore hope, empower the weak, and free the oppressed, Sierra Coleman Ministries was built around the pillars of faith. The ministry aims to teach and equip individuals with wisdom and beliefs that reflect God’s goodness. At the end of the day, its goal is to make God known to everyone and to let people welcome Him into their lives. 

Sierra Coleman Ministries facilitates supernatural experiences with God. It performs deliverance, healing, and miracles to rescue lost souls and unfortunate individuals. As a prophetic ministry, it pushes people to become closer with God and to be more open to the wonders of heaven. 

On top of providing a reliable and trustworthy community, Sierra Coleman Ministries also stands as a vessel of God’s message. By being a prophetic voice, the ministry is able to speak directly to wounded individuals and help them recover. In addition, it teaches others how to identify their purpose. It has then become a platform where the hopeless meets the hopeful.

Sierra Coleman Ministries believes that deliverance is the key to having breakthroughs and experiencing peace. Through this ministry, people have come back with moving testimonials of what God has done for them. As a matter of fact, miracles, signs, and wonders have taken place in the lives of people that the ministry has prayed for.

According to Sierra Coleman, the only way people can fill every void in their lives is by nurturing their faith and doing things that feed their souls. Indeed, nothing is more fulfilling than spending days rooted in passion and in God. 

In the coming years, Sierra Coleman sees herself hosting her own television network where she will be allowing guests to share their stories and speak about their struggles. In this way, she can teach the public about how overcoming obstacles is a part of life and how they can use their pain to become better. 

To know more about Sierra Coleman and her ministry, you may visit her Instagram page. 

Bessie Lee-Cappell Innovates the Baby Product Industry with Unique High-Quality Products that Are Safe and FDA-Approved

Ever since she was a kid, Bessie Lee-Cappell had always been told that she was special. It wasn’t until she created her first-ever baby product, the Brush Bib, that she realized what those words truly meant. All throughout her life, she had always conquered the challenges that were presented to her. As one of seven siblings, Bessie was the first to graduate high school, first to graduate college, first to matriculate from graduate school, and the only one to receive her professional license in social work from Temple University. She carried all that success into her later years, becoming an innovative entrepreneur creating baby products that are shaping the world as we see it.

Bessie Lee-Cappell now works full-time for the Department of Human Services for his native city, Philadelphia. More importantly, she is currently the mother of three beautiful children, ages twelve, eight, and two. As such, she developed her business and its unique products out of sheer frustration, what resulted was a great thing for parents and babies everywhere. So, she established the Baby Bottle Brush Bib Company, where she poured in countless hours of passionate work daily.

“Not only do I want to help other frustrated parents, but I also want to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs. I’m here to help others, as well as see what others are willing to do for my business,” explained Bessie. She has made it her life’s mission to beat the odds, and that dedication spills over to her company’s philosophies and strategies. 

All of Baby Bottle Brush Bib’s designs have neutral colors that appeal to both moms and dads. The company’s products are durable, easy to use, easy to clean, and small enough to hide away when not in use. Parental supervision is still recommended for all baby products for children under the age of five, but the company’s products ensure convenience every step of the way. The company’s flagship product, the Brush Bib, is a protective silicone barrier that goes around the Bottle Brushes to prevent the dreaded splashback. 

The company also has a product called the Pacifier Teether Clip, which is an FDA-approved, BPA-free, and eco-friendly baby product that is made of 100% silicone to reduce bacteria and thrush. The suspender clips can also be changed to suit its customers’ varying needs.

Bessie Lee-Cappell is a true innovator in the realm of baby products. As a global leader in the business industry, she hopes to push the boundaries and consistently innovate products within the industry to help parents and babies alike. Bessie has truly proved to the world that she is indeed a special and one-of-a-kind individual, inventing her products herself from sheer creativity and passion. Her companies are sure to become household names in the foreseeable future. Not all products in the market are created equal, and Bessie has made sure to deliver high-quality, fully-functioning products to the market that bring the utmost safety and health features to babies everywhere.

To learn more about Bessie Lee-Cappell and her renowned business ventures, make sure to visit her company’s official websites at Baby Bottle Brush Bib and Bessie’s Love and Care.

Scar Nitti Launches New Successful EP Titled “Price Check”

Scar Nitti is back and better than ever with the release of his new EP titled “Price Check”. The 4 song project marks a big moment for the young New York artist. Coming off the success of his breakout single “Success Pains” he is maintaining momentum and is showing no signs of letting up. New York is one of the densest populated cities in the United States and was hit hard by Covid-19 at the beginning of the pandemic. As the city recovers from such a devastating year, new music from Scar Nitti is a sign of hope and optimism, symbolizing the rebirth of the city as springtime begins. 

The “Price Check” Ep is short but densely packed with deep content from the artist. Starting off the project with “Scan It” the listener is instantly immersed in the east coast boom bap style that originated from the East Coast back in the ’90s. Scar Nitti takes elements from the classic Hip-Hop flow and makes it into his own. The lyrical ability of this MC is unmatched and needs to be appreciated. 

With only one feature on the entire project coming on song 3, we get an incredible section from DJ Tek Wun. The melodic up-tempo record adds a groovy vibe to the project, giving it an even more mainstream appeal. The final song on the project wraps it up perfectly, the outro titled “Still A Soldier” brings Scar Nitti back to his roots. This hard-hitting east coast banger is what many fans are looking for in an era with so many bubblegum trap and pop songs. Scar Nitti is the opposite of a soft pop singer. He attacks this beat hard, leaving no space for anyone who doubted to even get a word in. If you consider yourself a Rap fan and enjoy real East Coast boom-bap music, Scar Nitti is a must-listen. Go give “Price Check” a listen on all streaming platforms including Spotify, and follow Scar Nitti on social media to keep up with him on all things. In an era where thousands of new songs are released every day, it is refreshing to hear such a talent rise out of New York once again, giving all real Hip-Hop heads hope for what’s to come.