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Former Model, Stella Vidal Touches Lives as a Therapist, Artist, and Book Author

Former model, actress, and TV host Stella Vidal was already a thriving mental health therapist before she explored other career possibilities. After achieving success in the entertainment industry, she opted to go back to her first love: helping people live better lives by learning how to manage and overcome their mental health conditions. Not only is she living out her life’s greatest purpose, but she is also touching lives significantly. 

Stella Vidal finished a bachelor’s degree in psychology and completed her master’s degree in mental health counseling from Nova South Eastern University in 1997. For many years, she worked as a case manager, mental health therapist, life coach, and real estate entrepreneur at the same time. She is a nationally certified wellness coach and a certified personal trainer at the same time. Her book titled 7 Intentions to a Happier YOU! teaches readers the dangers of giving away too much of one’s self. In her book, she elaborates on how people can learn to love and care for themselves in a way that allows them to serve and love others better. 

At present, Stella Vidal owns her own Mental Health and Wellness Coaching business, providing coaching and therapy to a wide array of patients aged five years old up to 98 years old. She found herself doing hundreds of telehealth sessions with patients when the pandemic overwhelmed the world early this year. Clearly, the pandemic affected numerous people, and many of her patients suffer from severe mental health issues. 

As an artist, Stella’s approach is unique, “I approach mental health and wellness with creativity in order to engage my clients and have them look forward to our weekly coaching sessions. I believe that we all have the capacity to find happiness and that this happiness may actually look ‘weird’ to others, but if you get to the point where you don’t care, then we’ve made great progress,” Vidal explains. 

Aside from being a mental health therapist, Stella Vidal was also the creator, writer, and host of the 2008 television show Livin La Vida Miami. She developed the show at the height of the recession with the objective of helping local businesses affected by the economic downturn. The show featured various businesses and several segments on entertainment, fitness, talents, and charitable initiatives for the community. Her brainchild was a phenomenal success and eventually aired on a weekly basis on CBS and its affiliate M33. 

The success of Livin La Vida Miami paved the way for a traveling show with her husband, Livin La Vida with Stella and Stuart. Interestingly, it became an international sensation as the show brought Stella Vidal to her home country, Colombia. After filming internationally for a season, Stella saw that time with her young son was suffering, so she opted to let the shows continue on local and national reruns and re-dedicated her time to raising her son and spending time with her family.

Today, the thriving mental health and wellness coach and author is looking forward to making an impact on more lives on a much larger scale. As most of the world is becoming more mindful of the importance of mental health, Stella Vidal wants to remain at the forefront of helping people live better lives by focusing on educating her client on the importance of balance of mind, body, and soul. Stella inspires others to never give up, pursue lasting joy, and learn to love themselves the way they would others. 

Find out more about Stella Vidal by visiting her website. Follow her Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates.

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