Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence take over of Jobs

Many workers are concerned that AI may replace them. Can we overcome our fear and see the bright side? Claire worked as a public relations manager for a large consulting

Boeing dragged to court on fraud charges

Boeing is being charged with fraud in two plane crashes that killed 346 people. Soon, the company will have to defend itself in court. Problems with the 737 Max’s flight


Jaguar Land Rover cuts production in the UK

… Because of the scarcity of computer chips for new cars, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) stops production at its Solihull and Halewood factories until spring. Because of what happened, the

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook UK pays £29m corporation tax

Despite reporting record-breaking sales of £3.3 billion, Facebook operations in the UK paid £29 million in corporate tax last year, while its average employee salary increased to $262,000 instead. The