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The Multifaceted Career of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew: A Leader in Nonprofit, Real Estate, and IT

The Multifaceted Career of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew: A Leader in Nonprofit, Real Estate, and IT
Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

In a world that often demands specialization, some remarkable individuals defy the norm by excelling in multiple arenas simultaneously. These rare talents not only find their niche across diverse fields but also lead and innovate, inspiring others to pursue their dreams with relentless ambition. Dr. Sarah Sun Liew is one such extraordinary figure whose career spans nonprofits, real estate, and information technology (IT), showcasing her versatile expertise and unwavering commitment to societal betterment.

Dr. Liew’s journey is a testament to her visionary leadership and dedication to community service. With an extensive background as an educator, pastor, entrepreneur, and CEO spanning over three decades, she has profoundly impacted countless lives. Her work reflects a deep passion for fostering education, supporting small businesses, promoting workforce development, and championing entrepreneurship.

Her initial steps into leadership roles were taken at the Global Jesus Mission Church (www.gjesusmc.org), where she served the community with zeal as a senior pastor while imparting knowledge through local schools and churches. This early experience laid the foundation for her lifelong mission of education and service. Dr. Liew further expanded her influence as the CEO and principal of Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation Inc., along with her role at Meridian Institute of Technology (www.meridianwish.com). Here, she dedicated herself to nurturing young minds for over 30 years while encouraging small business growth and job creation.

Beyond her contributions to education and nonprofit endeavors, Dr. Liew has made significant strides in the real estate sector since graduating from Wilshire Real Estate School in 1997. As the CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Realty and Management Inc., she became a distinguished investor and broker with three companies under her belt alongside nearly four years at Berkshire Hathaway Beverly Hills.

Dr. Liew’s prowess extends into the IT and banking industries as well, where she has led MPS Merchant Services Group for approximately 28 years in the FinTech industry. Collaborating with major processing firms like NPC, Vantiv, Worldpay by FIS (www.fisglobal.com), and First Data, among others, she facilitated essential services for small businesses while providing job training across various demographics.

Internationally recognized as well is Dr. Liew’s role as CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Investment Legal Group LLC & Global Investment Immigration. Through this venture, she offers invaluable legal services while promoting investment immigration to support economic growth in California—a testament to her commitment to realizing the American Dream for many.

Raised in An-dong—South Korea’s scholarly cradle—Dr. Liew’s upbringing instilled in her a strong ethos of community service long before migrating to the United States, where she continued serving communities as an educator, among other roles.

Academically accomplished with post-doctoral degrees in biblical preaching from Pacific State University, including studies in International Business Trade, e-commerce, Finance, Theology, and Education from esteemed institutions like Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Management, and Wharton Business School, among others; Dr. Liew boasts a comprehensive understanding across various disciplines, reflecting her multifaceted career trajectory.

Dr. Liew has authored 20 books covering topics ranging from entrepreneurship, franchising, leadership, politics, IT, real estate, law, and immigration, demonstrating extensive knowledge gained through 29 years within business realms. She enriches each publication’s expert insights and experiences, making them invaluable resources for readers everywhere.

Moreover, Dr. Liew ventured into media, establishing channels Roku TV and New Light Vision TV. She hosts “The Dr. Sarah Show Today’s America World,” engaging listeners, entrepreneurs, and legal professionals alike by providing insightful content in an entertaining, educational manner. She reflects wide-ranging expertise and adopts a captivating storytelling style, ensuring audiences grasp complex subjects effortlessly and driving engagement to higher levels of recognition and acclaim. She has been featured on prestigious outlets, such as Forbes, Fox News, and Yahoo Finance and received numerous awards and honors acknowledging her accomplishments and efforts that positively impact society at large. She inspires future generations to follow in her footsteps with dedication, serving others, unyielding spirit, innovation, and excellence. She embodies the ideal modern leader and mentors all who seek to make a lasting difference in the world around them, ensuring legacy, compassion, and empowerment endure generations to come.

Published by: Raf Aspillaga

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