Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Sig Official Connecting with Everyone through Her Multidimensional Music Style

Sigourney Sterling, better known as Sig Official, established her presence in music with one goal in mind: to connect with people and give them a new sound to relate to. She has seen how success in the music business is all about hip-hop and rap music. She set out to change that by taking a bit of music styles and genres from different parts of the world and infusing them into her music. She has demonstrated this versatility and gift in her latest EP, KREYOL SZNING, set to be released on the 5th of March 2021.

With Haitian origins and a base and presence in Los Angeles, Sig Official is a well-grounded artist in Afrobeat, Haitian Kompa, and Zouk. Her music journey is not accidental, and the style she has chosen to share with the world is her way of creating a connection between herself and a diverse range of people. Growing up on the East Coast and living on the West Coast have defined her journey. In her words, “I felt like I left some people behind. I decided to connect with them through my music, merchandise, and social media platforms. The positive outcomes in my current music reaffirms that there is a market for the style of music I present today.”

Sig Official makes music for the love of the art, and she hopes that other people get connected the way she hopes so the journey can be a wholesome experience for her and her audience. She started making music by producing for local artists while attending college at the Arts Institute. Not long after, she started writing and recording songs for herself. Seeing how gifted she was, she started experimenting with different sounds, which laid the foundation for her artistry.

With a signature sound in Afrobeats and Kompa Mix, Sig Official is showing the endless possibilities of infusing diverse sounds into hip-hop. Her latest single, “Kreyol,” took off and has dominated the airwaves in her local community and back home in Haiti. She is set to take the world by storm in 2021, and with five brand new singles and an EP, expectations are high for Sig Official. Her music is available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming platforms.

Sig Official uses music to shed light on the things going on in the world that do not get enough media coverage. Her music gives everyone a sense of identification and something to connect to. “The soul base of Afro/Kompa like beats are remarkably unrepresented on our social platforms. With people from different ethnicities’ roaming the internet, I feel as though it is crucial to provide them a melody they can relate to, and a sound that they can come to love,” she says.

Her goal over the next few years is to get her music to top charts in different countries. She hopes to inspire new school musicians to explore different things and face their fears head-on. She strongly believes no one should be afraid to try new things, especially if it will make a profound impact. Sig Official hopes to achieve a new and diverse breakthrough in the music industry and connect the world more intricately.

Learn more about Sig Official on her official Instagram page.

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