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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Royaleyez Makes the Great Pivot from Photography to Music

There are no rules against doing it all, and even if there are, they would not be enough to stop high-achievers. Such is the mindset that people like renowned celebrity photographer RoyalEyez have as he expresses his intention to cross over into the music scene.

RoyalEyez, who wishes to be known as Royal in the music world, is making a great pivot, and he has announced his first musical appearance with Pop Country music superstar Monte Millions. They are set to release their single, “Promise,” this fall.

Royal’s foray into music is borne out of a strong desire to prove himself and show the world that he can be more than they see him as. By going all out to do more, he hopes to inspire everyone to become whatever they dream of and imagine they can be. “I want people to know that I’m more than just a photographer. I’m a talented rapper and can hold my own on the microphone,” Royal said.

While Royal has done a lot behind the cameras as a photographer and videographer, he strongly believes that now is the time to step into the spotlight and share what he has with the world. “I feel I have something to say that will inspire others. I want everyone who comes across my name or music to know that they are not limited to stay at one place that if they dare to dream they can accomplish anything,” he said.

He hopes to leverage his successes and fame in the photography world to launch a music career and take off on a high note. Also, as a passionate lover of art, Royal intends to express art in its truest and purest form through the medium that suits him best. He has communicated art visually with his photography and videography, even though it began as a hobby. And now, with a genuine interest in passing across important messages to the world through music, he is kickstarting a career in music officially.

Working in the creative world is not new to Royal, and he plans to connect with the key players in the music industry, work with them and make history. “I have worked with many entertainment personalities, and I expect to work with many more. The goal is to make a notable impact in the world with my sound. My upcoming single with Monte Millions is my way of announcing my presence, and I hope to get a warm reception,” he said.

Over the next few years, Royal sees himself growing as an artist with chart-topping songs and an undeniable impact on the culture. “I understand that it’s a different ballgame with music, but I’m not entirely a newbie. I have been rapping from a very young age, so I’m sure I’ll fit in quite nicely into this new world,” he said. “I have my eyes on the awards and becoming a valued and well-respected musician globally. The sky is the beginning, and I hope every other person out there feels like that with their goals.”

Tanya Herrera Set to Hold a Solo Art Exhibition at Evolved SF Gallery on June 4th

A journey of elevating female empowerment in oneself as influenced by “BOSS bitches” in everyday culture.

San Francisco, CA – When women empowerment has become a mainstream topic, Tanya Herrera is showcasing the power of womanhood through art using her “BOSS BITCH” Art Exhibition. The Pyrography & Heat Artist Tanya Herrera will be featured in a special solo exhibition at Evolved SF Art Gallery in the historic Mission District. It is a FREE gallery event slated to hold on June 4th from 6 pm to 9 pm PST and will open with a reception. Music at the event will be provided by Mr. Lucky of Sazon Libre.

Tanya, a woman of color and Native of the Bay Area, will use the event to showcase her unique art technique known as “fire stenciling.” The technique that uses chemical combustion to burn images onto raw wood has been in development since 2008. Now, Tanya Herrera feels the time is ripe for sharing that technique in her upcoming exhibit, coinciding with the political climate in women’s rights today.

Tanya Herrera’s theme, “Boss Bitch” is a pop-culture term used to describe a confident, successful, independent person who identifies as a female and is always ready to stand up for what they believe in. Each burned portrait represents the various impacts that Tanya has felt personally and in a world filled with patriarchal ideologies.

Describing the theme behind the exhibition, “Boss bitches build successful careers and are a positive influence on the world even despite facing adversity of many kinds,” Herrera said. “Marginalization, socio-economic barriers, healthcare access, and issues peculiar to the LBGTQ+ and BIPOC communities all impact women and the levels of success they achieve,”

With this upcoming exhibit, the artworks will be addressing and answering pertinent questions like “Which BOSS bitches have empowered you and what is your personal favorite BOSS bitch moment?”

Recently, Tanya Herrera was the subject of a short documentary featured – In their own words – a YouTube series showcasing her work as a pyrography and heat artist making waves in the art world.

About the Artist

Tanya Herrera’s fascination with art began as a young child growing up in the Bay Area. She drew early inspiration and influence from the arts and crafts in her family house, museums, theaters and symphonies in San Francisco. From her middle school education to college, she experimented with traditional mediums and was always looking for the next thing to try out or create.

Herrera delved into pyrography and heat in 2008 in a bid to make an impression of a stencil on wood. Over the last 14 years, she has explored numerous forms of pyrography and heat art. With the experience gained, she is set to create an entire show with the “Fire Stencil” medium. Her other mediums she is known for are pyrography, heat molding vinyl records and the use of metal leaf which came into her life after the idea of “Fire Stenciling”.

About The Evolved SF Gallery:

The Evolved SF Gallery is a clothing store and art gallery. Co-founders Thalia and Fernando from San Francisco built the gallery to serve as a space to galvanize the community where local artists, local people and inspiring individuals can come together for local events and nurture their creativity. In addition, the gallery serves as a great spot for people to keep their roots alive as one of the few Latin-owned art spaces in San Francisco. Evolved SF is open Wednesday to Saturday from 3-7 pm. The gallery is also available online via its official website where people can buy art and on Instagram to stay updated about events and updates.

Artist Gabe Griffin Empowers Listeners through His Story

Have you heard of the line “You didn’t come this far to just come this far”? Such is a line that perfectly fits the multitalented artist, Gabe Griffin. Most known for his music, his listeners tune in to his work not just for his artistry and talent, but also for his authenticity and drive to inspire and motivate others to always take a step forward and do things you were afraid to do. Gabe Griffin is no stranger to taking a chance on oneself no matter how scary. After all, this is exactly how his journey began.

When he was only 15 years old, Gabe Griffin already saw his potential in poetry. He put words together and wrote poems, only to realize the rhythm and prose translates to the beginning of his desire to become a songwriter. Even as he progressed, he knew exactly what he wanted to do and that is to create music. Just like every artist, he relentlessly worked on his music and eventually met Bailey Rae Harrison, the co-founder of Ruby Entertainment LLC, who changed the trajectory of his career. 

Unlike many artists, Gabe Griffin is a perfect example of both talent and hardwork. He knows it’s not just talent that keeps you far ahead; it’s your discipline and grit that changes everything. This is why you see him not stopping in practicing, writing more songs, and challenging himself and his craft. More importantly, it’s his charm that makes him someone to look up to and how he effortlessly engages with his audience giving them a sense of what his music is like spreading words of hope, change, and authenticity.

“This is what my music is like,” Gabe Griffin shares. “I didn’t come this far and had it easy. I want my listeners to know that if I did it, they can do it too and we can become ourselves in this world together,” he adds.

Gabe Griffin set his identity as someone who both empowers and entertains, with catchy lyrics, beautiful melody, and inspiring message, this is what his music is all about. To put it simply, he isn’t creating music that people will like, he creates music that moves. In his words, “When you make music for other people, you often strive to create art that you think people would like, leading to similar-sounding songs with no heart and creativity.”

Like Gabe Griffin, it’s important to remember that success is not the end of the journey, it’s about inspiring and empowering others to do the same and seeing everyone else succeed together.

Because of this down-to-earth personality, listeners are more than inspired and empowered to listen to Gabe Griffin. They’re looking forward to what music he can create and the songs he has yet to write. Definitely, it is not just Gabe Griffin that’s looking forward to his growth as an artist, with the lives he has touched with music, there’s a lot of people waiting to see more of him.

Sig Official Connecting with Everyone through Her Multidimensional Music Style

Sigourney Sterling, better known as Sig Official, established her presence in music with one goal in mind: to connect with people and give them a new sound to relate to. She has seen how success in the music business is all about hip-hop and rap music. She set out to change that by taking a bit of music styles and genres from different parts of the world and infusing them into her music. She has demonstrated this versatility and gift in her latest EP, KREYOL SZNING, set to be released on the 5th of March 2021.

With Haitian origins and a base and presence in Los Angeles, Sig Official is a well-grounded artist in Afrobeat, Haitian Kompa, and Zouk. Her music journey is not accidental, and the style she has chosen to share with the world is her way of creating a connection between herself and a diverse range of people. Growing up on the East Coast and living on the West Coast have defined her journey. In her words, “I felt like I left some people behind. I decided to connect with them through my music, merchandise, and social media platforms. The positive outcomes in my current music reaffirms that there is a market for the style of music I present today.”

Sig Official makes music for the love of the art, and she hopes that other people get connected the way she hopes so the journey can be a wholesome experience for her and her audience. She started making music by producing for local artists while attending college at the Arts Institute. Not long after, she started writing and recording songs for herself. Seeing how gifted she was, she started experimenting with different sounds, which laid the foundation for her artistry.

With a signature sound in Afrobeats and Kompa Mix, Sig Official is showing the endless possibilities of infusing diverse sounds into hip-hop. Her latest single, “Kreyol,” took off and has dominated the airwaves in her local community and back home in Haiti. She is set to take the world by storm in 2021, and with five brand new singles and an EP, expectations are high for Sig Official. Her music is available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming platforms.

Sig Official uses music to shed light on the things going on in the world that do not get enough media coverage. Her music gives everyone a sense of identification and something to connect to. “The soul base of Afro/Kompa like beats are remarkably unrepresented on our social platforms. With people from different ethnicities’ roaming the internet, I feel as though it is crucial to provide them a melody they can relate to, and a sound that they can come to love,” she says.

Her goal over the next few years is to get her music to top charts in different countries. She hopes to inspire new school musicians to explore different things and face their fears head-on. She strongly believes no one should be afraid to try new things, especially if it will make a profound impact. Sig Official hopes to achieve a new and diverse breakthrough in the music industry and connect the world more intricately.

Learn more about Sig Official on her official Instagram page.

Royal Combines His Business Acumen with His Musical Talents to Achieve Success in the Music Industry

It is a known fact that a lot of thriving and very skilled music artists struggle with the business aspect of growing their respective careers in the competitive world of the music industry. It is for this main reason, perhaps, that many opt to work with talent managers to help them market, promote, and position their personal brands effectively in the ever-changing market. Rising artist Royal has a clear advantage as he is known to be a highly successful entrepreneur aside from being a remarkable and promising songwriter and rapper. 

Born Andre Watson, Royal invested in several ventures even before he launched his debut single “Be Great” in the middle of this year. He considers himself a savvy investor, having found gold in his chosen investments that include a trucking business, real estate, and Forex trading. Having developed unique skills like discipline, managing one’s finances responsibly, and branding, Royal is bound to elevate his music career significantly as he combines these acquired attributes with his exceptional musical talents. 

“I make heartfelt, genuine music, but I also teach people how to become owners, rather than employees. I speak hope and life into the world and do it with a genuine heart,” Royal shares. 

As he promotes his music and advocacy for entrepreneurship, Royal is hitting two birds with a single stone. For him, establishing several streams of income is the way to go. It is for this reason that he was able to raise his net worth to over $10 million even before he becomes a musical star. His success in business is something that he hopes he can translate to a major accomplishment in the music industry. While music may not be his last venture, success can still be expected of him, considering his strong eye for opportunities and possibilities. 

The native of Jacksonville, North Carolina, was in middle school when he started to take music a little seriously. He dove into songwriting and developing his rapping abilities without formal training or coaching from anyone. As a self-taught artist, his journey was ridden with a lot of challenges. He did not, however, entertain the idea of giving up music at any point. For him, music will always be his beating heart. Determined to make it work, he continued to persistently develop his skills until he finally decided to launch his professional music career at the age of 24. 

Inspired by the musical influence of Drake, Fabulous, and PartyNextDoor, Royal birthed his own original musical style with a hint of all the best traits of his favorite artists. He has worked with several big names in the industry, which include Tory Lanez, Yo Gotti, and Moneybagg Yo. He has had the privilege of joining several tours that include the I Am tour of 2009 and the Salute Me or Shoot Me 2 tour together with Flocka Flame. After gaining relevant and helpful experience, he decided to go his own way and take his career to the next level. 

Looking ahead, Royal dreams of being able to do more despite his inspiring success both in business and music. His debut single “Be Great” generated more than 83k views on YouTube, signaling an excellent reception among music fans. He aspires to one day make it to the Billboard charts. Additionally, he wants his company to someday be listed as one of the Forbes Top 100 Companies. Known for making things happen, accomplishing these feats is not a far-fetched possibility for Royal as he takes the reins and moves forward with confidence. 

Learn more about Andre “Royal” Watson by visiting his website. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for updates on his latest projects. 

2k Ponce Juno: A Taste of Caribbean New York Flair Music

2K Ponce Juno is an international hip hop sensation from Staten Island, New York. Juno is a recording artist of Sony Music Group, and the owner of Ellispe Group Records Global LLC,  a music label that houses some of the best in urban music and hip hop and its subsidiaries which includes, Star Music Group LLC, and EGR Global Music Publishing.

Having worked with a plethora of established and A-list music producers, Juno has cemented his place as one of Sony Music Group/The Orchad and High-Performance Records professional entertainers, and his first album titled, “Concrete” recorded tremendous success by its streaming numbers and statistics. Also, being raised by a West Indian culture gave him a “don’t give up” mindset and attitude which has driven him in his pursuit of success since when he was little.

2K Ponce Juno has indeed come a long way in his career and sojourn in the music industry, with some very impressive records to his credits to show for his efforts. First, as an entrepreneur, he launched his first project “Chicken Grease n’ Grits” in 2012, which would go on to receive over three thousand hits on Datpiff and he followed this up with his first video titled, “They Like This.”

In 2019, he released an EP, titled, “Coolli Bandz,” which features his hit single, “This life” and propelled him to earn a place on The Takeover Tour, powered by the AAMG family. Through his music, 2K Ponce Juno expels his positive, infectious, yet bouncy, and feel-good vibe in his attempt to dominate the industry, and while his music embodies a Caribbean New York flair, his energy on and off the stage is nothing short of electric and mesmerizing to the point where the audience is always asking for more.  

Before COVID-19 and the shutdown of clubs, 2K Ponce Juno’s records were constantly blaring in various clubs. He had been billed to join the Sony/Orchard and Mo Thugs Family’s America’s “Most Blunted Tour” but while the global lockdown persisted, he’s remained creative and has been reaching out to help those closer to home. And his most recent single titled, “Go Pretty Girl Remix,” where he featured Double K and Beenie Man was premiered on Hot 97.1 by DJ Drewski and on SunCity 104.9 FM by DJ Motivatah. The record has also received massive airplay on Irie FM Ochos Rios Jamaica by DJ Digital Chris and  DJ Sincere from Drtybsmnt Radio to mention a few.

2k Ponce Juno strives daily to build a music brand that is not unique in terms of the songs it puts out, he is also committed to developing and growing with his team in such a way that ensures that everyone is at their best. He doesn’t see himself as an artist being in competition with any other artist for that matter, as far as he is concerned, he only wants to create music that passes across his message and keep his fans and audience glued and addicted. “There is no competition with artists who produce similar genres and have the same outward expression of his or her love for The Lord. The separation from the music produced by 2k Pounce and secular artists is simply the difference in lifestyle lived by the artists.” He says.   

Away from Music, 2k Ponce Juno is a fashion enthusiast and whenever he makes an appearance, his fashion sense is always on display and a sight to behold. Recently he added becoming an ambassador for Kim Birkedal Hartmann’s Revanche Cognac to the growing list of things he’s enthusiastic about.

In five years, Juno sees himself producing other artists and bringing them into the mainstream, and making stars out of them. He wants to be able to help upcoming artists reach their highest musical potential and heights possible. He also wants to help them create evergreen hit records under Ellipse Group Record Global LLC/Sony Music Group. 

To learn more about 2K Ponce Juno, his music and future collaborations and plans, visit his website.  

Ava Caceres and Bella Thorne Captures Story of Love and Loss in the Hit Single “Be Somebody’s”

Beginning the story with a scene showing musician Ava Caceres in an empty theater, the music video of the hit song “Be Somebody’s” quickly picks up the undeniable chemistry between the singer and Hollywood’s Bella Thorne. The rising pop star uses her gift in singing and songwriting to show the world the beauty of vulnerability in experiencing love and loss in her hit single. 

Ava Caceres is a multi-talented singer and songwriter capturing the hearts of many in the music industry. Ever since she was little, the rising music diva knew she wanted to “create art and uplift people.” During her school years, she strived to integrate her two goals by joining many school plays and concert choirs. Eventually, her endeavors paved the way for her passion for songwriting. Notably, her love for writing started with novels and short stories before jumping to song compositions. Shortly after finishing high school, she had the opportunity to pair up with Grammy Award-winning producer Damon Sharpe for a music collaboration. From this strategic partnership, the hit single “Be Somebody’s” was brought to life. 

The top hit, “Be Somebody’s,” is a song written for everyone who has faced heartbreak in their lifetime. “To me, the most important takeaway of “Be Somebody’s” is that it is a gift to have loved and lost. When you have, you have a chance at experiencing being humbled with gratitude; the kind that reveals how beautiful it is to be so vulnerable as humans,” shares Ava Caceres. 

On top of the song’s moving lyrical content and its laid-back melody, its official music video championed the scenes capturing young love and heartbreak between Bella Thorne and Ava Caceres. The pair’s undeniable chemistry and impressive acting skills, coupled with a gorgeous theater setting, have made many listeners fall in love with the track. The video also features the charming Charlie Depew, who adds more to the story. 

The track also reveals the singer’s solid background in acting, molded by years of theater productions and countless acting classes. Her acting skills paired with a storytelling perspective in the song seemingly takes the listeners on a trip down her memory lane as the lyrics effortlessly tells her story, narrating her feelings of falling in love. “There are stories everywhere, both within and outside ourselves. As an artist, I want to apply these stories in a way that transforms ourselves,” says Ava. 

For Ava Caceres, she uses her voice not only to sing songs but to share exciting and captivating stories that are easily relatable for each listener. Ava’s music peels off several layers of communication to establish a profound connection between her and her listeners. At present, she continues to take her passion for music to greater heights as she hopes to strongly impact the music industry through powerful lyricism. In the future, she has her eyes on becoming a household name in the music industry, bringing authenticity and genuine passion to the table.

With so many things to say and an unparalleled commitment to creating a positive impact on people’s lives, the young singer is, indeed, here to stay.

To know more about Ava Caceres and her music, you may check her out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Upcoming Artist SCY Aims to Bring Substance Back to Industry with Life-Based Music

In an era when music tends to focus significantly on the highs of life, SCY, pronounced as “sky,” aims to shatter the norms by tackling real-life issues through his songs. The artist was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. But, he grew up in the buzzing streets of Los Angeles, delivering the perfect blend of southern charm and the guts of a Californian.

For SCY, music has always been a passion. It’s an avenue to tell untold stories and hard truths about today’s society. Like most people, the artist has a nine-to-five job, making it inevitable for him to genuinely experience the pains of an ordinary individual—the stress, pressure, needs, and financial factors. He realized that life isn’t just one big party from such experiences, and it’s a gap that music has to fill. Being able to share the same hardships as his listeners make his songs relatable to everyone.

SCY recently released a new song called The Sky is Falling. “It is a song about a man who appears to have everything to the naked eye. However, at the end of his usual busy day he feels as if something is missing. Then he meets a specially mysterious woman who seems to fill that missing gap instantly,” shared the artist. 

The artist writes songs based on experience and observation. Additionally, SCY is also a recording engineer, singer, and producer at Real Life Music, a record label that embraces artists’ creativity and uniqueness. The label was launched to provide artists with an opportunity to be different, to express in their songs every avenue of life, not just the typical party scene. Real Life Music does not tell one-sided truths but digs deeper into issues that affect people every day, bringing back substance into the music industry. 

Asked what motivated him to start his own brand, SCY shared that he felt that there was a need to revive originality in the music scene. Working as a corporate professional in a bank before made him realize how the worlds of finance and music are alike. Often, people with great business ideas are pushed aside because they don’t already have the finances to back their plans. The same goes for the music industry. Those with guaranteed success are always the ones who get the opportunities because big-name labels fear loss.

Instead of complaining about the problem, SCY decided to become the solution and pave the way for upcoming artists like himself to have a voice. The artist aims to produce music that would stand the test of time, captivating listeners with what the song has to say rather than creating fleeting melodies. 

“It’s not just a simple matter of pushing a few buttons on a computer. Music has the power to heal; take you back in time to the greatest times of your life; walk you down the dark path of the pain that comes with life as well. It can also take you right into the future, brighten or darken your spirit. Music is very powerful,” said SCY.

Indeed it’s time for an artist with such a profound purpose to take the reins. Without a doubt, SCY will capture music lovers across the globe as he puts their pain, truths, feelings, and struggles into harmonious words.

Learn more about SCY and listen to his music on his website.