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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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How Eva Garzon turn the Grand Lion Real Estate Group in Powerful Real Estate Company

The real estate industry is a highly competitive one as realtors try to outdo one another for a higher commission. Because of the competition, some realtors lose quality in terms of service. However, not all realtors emphasize their need to stay above others. In a vastly competitive industry, Eva Garzon is among the few who puts quality service above all else with The Grand Lion Real Estate Group.

The Grand Lion Real Estate Group initially started as an idea that Eva Garzon came up with for a final project while she was in college. She had the task of creating a brand and its logo, name, and color schemes. The idea stuck with her, and when she started to work in real estate in Miami, Florida, Eva saw the opportunity to bring her project to life.

The prospect of bringing the project to life was overwhelmingly exciting, but Eva had her doubts as a rookie real estate agent. It was the encouragement of her boyfriend, Ivan, that helped her find the drive. His constant belief and support were Eva’s foundation as she grew in the real estate business. 

Eva Garzon leaped and created The Grand Lion Real Estate Group, a passionate group of professional agents that emphasize sincerity and integrity in all their business transactions. The Grand Lion provides them with a perfect balance of knowing the market, strong negotiation skills, and a quality network to help them achieve their real estate goals.

With firm values, the company has a solid foundation and a strong company culture with many unique qualities. Among their qualities, they all share motivation and passion for doing so much more than achieve financial success. The Grand Lion’s team is fueled by the love and passion of the real estate business, transmitting to their clients.

A key factor in how Eva Garzon runs the company is maintaining a positive corporate culture. She knows that being around passionate people can be contagious, and passion and attitude are essential factors in the real estate industry. For that, Eva makes sure that her agents understand what it means to be working for and representing Grand Lion. She also makes sure that she builds relationships with all the members of her team.

The Grand Lion Real Estate Group makes sure that they keep a daily communication among themselves and their clients to make sure they are satisfied with their services. They place great importance on feedback as they rely on word-of-mouth growth to know that they’re performing well. Eva takes the time to read customer feedback and chats to learn which key areas they can improve on.

Eva Garzon also analyzes and studies each decision as they are opening a new headquarters in Brickell. The company has been implementing the latest technologies to adapt to the situation the pandemic created. By doing so, they are capable of helping grow other local businesses, supporting and promoting them.

Within the next couple of years, Eva is projecting more offices opening in other cities and countries. They are currently working with developers on projects with a new headquarters opening in Aldea Zama in Tulum, New Mexico, at the beginning of 2021, along with Spain.

To learn more about Eva Garzon, you may visit her website.

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