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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Professional Beauty Federation of California Extends Its Influence to Help Businesses in the Beauty Industry Stay Afloat

The warning of an incoming pandemic last year was met with disbelief and dismissed by the masses. One year later, the world is still reeling and fighting to recover from the damages brought by COVID-19. Among its most significant casualties are small and medium-sized businesses. With countless shops forced to remain closed, people have been working towards reopening several outlets. Professional Beauty Federation of California partnered with Adesso Capital and Biz 2 Credit to get the beauty industry funding, and it has been vocal and undeterred in its advocacy for the beauty industry’s reopening. 

For starters, the non-profit organization funded 25 million dollars pre-approved before any other agency could help and currently has 100 million dollars in the pipeline.

Jessie Klaus is an experienced stylist who is the Global Creative Director for City of Angels hair extensions as well as the Creative Director for Tribez Salons. Her career has seen her work for NY & Paris Fashion Week as a stylist, a colorist for L’Oreal, a Priv Pro Elite Designer, and ambassador for Oribe + Bumble & Bumble. Jessie is undoubtedly one of the most decorated leaders in the beauty industry, with an illustrious resume to her name.

Having worked in the industry for many years, Jessie emphasizes how the professionals in the industry are often overlooked as professionals. Realizing how small businesses were too afraid to ask for help, she took the initiative to help raise the sector in these trying times.

Jessie jumped in and supported Pro Beauty Federation of California when she saw that the implemented programs were executing poorly. Jessie provided the voice to assist salons of all sizes returning to operation, rallying for the salons to reopen and allow beauty professionals to bounce back. Jessie attributes her desire to help those who did the same for her. With the support she received in her journey, Jessie wanted to give back to the people who paved the way for her. As the majority did not have the answers they needed, she was inspired to find them.

Pro Beauty Federation of California provides free legal advice and funding for small businesses. The nonprofit organization sought out industry leaders and beauty influencers in its early stages. Despite the public outcry, the news and media would not even cover the movement. Refusing to back down, the federation decided to reach out to the community, drawing a crowd through their peers and industry leaders to pass the information to their followers.

While the established nonprofit organization has been largely ineffective in their advocacy, the Pro Beauty Federation of California has been fighting for all of the beauty industry’s rights to open shop again. Additionally, they have gone further by striving to get partnerships with Biz2Credit and Adesso Capital, the only companies that can assist in pumping the pre-approval of 25 million upwards.

Despite how considerably small the federation is, the Pro Beauty Federation of California held over a hundred million in the pipeline, with the congress passing an extension to May 31st. By utilizing the power of social media and networking across the country, Jessie and the non-profit organization moved mountains in the industry with little to no resources.

With the Pro Beauty Federation of California moving forward and checking out Jessie’s missions in supporting them, she has set her sights on a future as a board member of a few prominent companies. Jessie hopes that the Pro Beauty Federation of California’s influence will positively impact businesses in the years to come.

Learn more about the Professional Beauty Federation of California by visiting their official website. Both Pro Beauty Federation and Jessie Klaus are on Instagram.

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