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Scar Nitti Launches New Successful EP Titled “Price Check”

Scar Nitti is back and better than ever with the release of his new EP titled “Price Check”. The 4 song project marks a big moment for the young New York artist. Coming off the success of his breakout single “Success Pains” he is maintaining momentum and is showing no signs of letting up. New York is one of the densest populated cities in the United States and was hit hard by Covid-19 at the beginning of the pandemic. As the city recovers from such a devastating year, new music from Scar Nitti is a sign of hope and optimism, symbolizing the rebirth of the city as springtime begins. 

The “Price Check” Ep is short but densely packed with deep content from the artist. Starting off the project with “Scan It” the listener is instantly immersed in the east coast boom bap style that originated from the East Coast back in the ’90s. Scar Nitti takes elements from the classic Hip-Hop flow and makes it into his own. The lyrical ability of this MC is unmatched and needs to be appreciated. 

With only one feature on the entire project coming on song 3, we get an incredible section from DJ Tek Wun. The melodic up-tempo record adds a groovy vibe to the project, giving it an even more mainstream appeal. The final song on the project wraps it up perfectly, the outro titled “Still A Soldier” brings Scar Nitti back to his roots. This hard-hitting east coast banger is what many fans are looking for in an era with so many bubblegum trap and pop songs. Scar Nitti is the opposite of a soft pop singer. He attacks this beat hard, leaving no space for anyone who doubted to even get a word in. If you consider yourself a Rap fan and enjoy real East Coast boom-bap music, Scar Nitti is a must-listen. Go give “Price Check” a listen on all streaming platforms including Spotify, and follow Scar Nitti on social media to keep up with him on all things. In an era where thousands of new songs are released every day, it is refreshing to hear such a talent rise out of New York once again, giving all real Hip-Hop heads hope for what’s to come.

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