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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Progression Over Complacency Athletic Influencing a Generation of Forward-thinkers

With a sense of self-worth based on never saying never and progression, Asán Neil-Evergin launched his company, Progression Over Complacency Athletic (POCA), to push the narrative that people do not need to lead a complacent lifestyle. Asán has lived his entire life consciously preaching progression, which has also turned out to his favorite hashtag, #Progression, and the ideology behind his brand. Progression Over Complacency Athletic is a clothing company that offers a wide range of clothing, ranging from casual wear to athletic wear to streetwear.

Progression Over Complacency Athletic targets people who are all about progress and forward-thinking. This ideology stems from Asán’s dedication to make his dreams come true no matter the odds stacked against him. In his words, “I’d like to say that I’m a dream chaser. Not to relate to Meek Mill or anything, but I truly feel that that is who I am. An individual who will never stop for any reason to make my vision come true” Asán Neil-Evergin is also passionate about giving back to the community and creating opportunities for those who need it to advance in their careers or chosen fields. “To be in the position I am today and be able to provide for not just myself, and others mean everything to me,” he says.

Progression Over Consistency Athletic as a brand embodies the message of reaching out to everyone. The brand’s ideology, “Progression over Complacency,” is something everyone needs no matter the walk of life they come from. Asán believes everyone needs to progress and become better in one way, shape, size, or form, and they need the right tools to make it happen.

While preaching messages of progression to all its audience, POCA itself as a brand has enjoyed some great levels of progress such as designing a custom sweat-suit for Roddy Rich, which he wore, designing a custom hoodie for Danileigh, which he also wore, designing a custom bubble jacket for YNW Melly. The brand has also designed custom sweat-suits and shirts for NFL athletes like Nnamaka Samson Ebukam, who plays for OLB Rams, and Kendrick Bourne, who plays for the WR 49ers. Another major milestone that POCA has achieved is winning top designer at Gulfport, MS Fashion Show, with a prize of an exclusive iHeart Radio Interview.

Asán targets entrepreneurs, lawyers, recovering addicts, athletes, hikers, bullied kids, seniors, and youth demography. He has plans to launch a designer collection soon while building multiple programs centered on entrepreneurship, leadership, mentorship. Progression Over Complacency Athletic will also be involved in hosting nationwide 7v7 events for athletes to get the chance to showcase their talents. “No entity has EVER done all of these things under one umbrella, while also having someone like myself who I truly believe is in tune with what’s going on from personal experience. Right now, what I’m working on will be one of the biggest companies in the world is what I truly believe,” Asan affirms.

Over the next five years, Asán hopes to have a POCA Clothing location or complex in different parts of the United States and worldwide. In the fight against mediocrity and complacency, Progression Over Complacency Athletic has taken center-stage and will continue to push beyond the boundaries for excellence.

Learn more about Progression Over Complacency Athletic on the official website.

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