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The Facility Management Company with a New Approach

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When it comes to facility management, there must exist a focus on safety, security, healthy, and overall functional sites. Many businesses and organizations outsource facility management services, but the results can be hit-or-miss depending on what facility management company is selected.

One company, Laser Facility Management, has identified a need for disruption in the facility management industry and has stepped forward with a much-lauded depth of field experience, certified expertise, and best-in-class processes, all delivered through kindness. The new approach that Laser Facility Management brings to the table is a level of quality that does not wane over time, like the quality focus of other, more fly-by-night operations. Their mission is rooted in delivering the highest quality of service and support, and maintaining that quality as a standard. 

“Too many companies make promises that never get fulfilled,” says Bryan Kelley, founder of Laser Facility Management. “They launch new support services and may do okay for a season, but eventually the quality quickly tails off.”

Facility maintenance was not something Kelley initially meant to build an empire around — he fully admits that he “stumbled” into the industry, and he has taken the opportunity to build something industry-changing. If the company’s reviews are any indication, Kelley’s initial stumble has led to incredible success. 

An affinity for growth 

Kelley laid the foundation for his career in facility management and remodel/refresh construction years ago, helping his family — who were in the construction trade — with building projects. As an adult, he worked as a Facility Manager for fashion house Michael Kors, maintaining 350 national stores, which marked his formal introduction to the facility management industry.

Through his role at Michael Kors, Kelley saw firsthand how facility management companies and national facility maintenance vendors could fall short of expectations. “I’ve always been a customer-service-focused individual, and the level of service was not meeting my standards,” Kelley told NY Weekly. “I respected the vendors for getting the job done, but I often asked for updates and when received, they would be fluff and often not answer my questions. There was a lack of authenticity and transparency.”

Kelley was looking for a higher level of customer service and satisfaction and parlayed it into Laser Facility Management. “The name ‘Laser’ comes from the idea that we give each client laser-focused attention,” he explains. That “laser-focus” on customer needs and wants being delivered with kindness is what sets Laser Facility Management apart from its competition, and is the secret sauce that has led to its success.

Serving a multitude of needs 

Laser Facility Management covers a bevy of full-service needs for its clients, providing planned maintenance, restoration, project management, handyman services, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and project roll-out. Anything a multi-site facility company needs, Laser can handle — keeping spaces safe, maintained, and up to code.

Kelley is a born problem solver and loves how he gets to solve problems for a variety of clients every day. “Most guests visiting any business have no idea our organization is behind the scenes, helping keep that business open and providing a safe and pleasant experience,” he explained to NY Weekly. 

Kelley leads his team with empathy and an ego-free set of authentic values. He sets out every day with the mantra of “Delight All”, delivering a heightened level of satisfaction to each and every client and taking care of the vendors working in the field, making sure their needs are met so that they may also provide exceptional service.

Laser Facility Maintenance has built its business around executing on its promise of exceptional service again and again, and they leverage the years of experience that is brought to the table not only by Kelley, but its entire team. Kelley is also open about garnering knowledge from industry thought leaders and applying their know-how to the business.

“Innovation in the facilities industry has much to do with farming the best practices from numerous thought leaders, and then putting those best practices in place — whether in new technologies, customer service support processes, or trade processes,” he explains.

High standards, higher praise 

Kelley and his company’s dedication to high standards have led to not only the rapid scaling of his business, but high praise from clients. Laser Facility Management exudes positive energy and a human-focused value system, and that is highlighted within every interaction they have with their clients, vendors, and staff. 

For five years, Laser Facility Management has been “relentlessly driven” to give everyone they interact with peace of mind, allowing their clients to scale and run their own businesses without being concerned about facility maintenance. To Kelley, success all comes down to integrity — and following through on promises made. 

“Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it,” Kelley states. By following through on promised excellence, Laser Facility Maintenance is changing the face of the facility maintenance industry.

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