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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Spruce Up Your City Park: Pre-Summer Refresh Tips

As the weather starts to get warmer, everyone experiences that human urge to get outside. Reconnecting with the natural environment around is a great way to relax and refresh on the best of the summer days. If your local city park could do with a refresh, we’re going to share with you seven of our best tips for doing so.

Create New Pathways

Pathways are essential for any good park to provide a sense of wonder and great exercise for its patrons. Do yourself a favor and add in some new pathways that can provide extra space for users to venture around your city’s park. Weaving in through bunches of trees and other notable features around the park is a great way to keep the walk interesting and fun for visitors.

Add Some Furniture

Basic city parks that offer some paved areas for walking and benches don’t provide that extra attraction for families who want to spend the day outdoors. Rather, including some picnic tables and other comfortable furniture is a necessity to invite people to come to spend the day. Even adding in some grills and firepits will attract groups to celebrate varying events at your local city park.

Include a Free Library

Reading is a favorite pastime of many. Being able to spend some relaxing time outdoors enjoying a good book can be the perfect activity. By establishing a free library at your park, you give individuals the opportunity to enjoy a good book while visiting the park. These free libraries tend to be stocked by community members who have used books.

Install a Water Feature

Water is another great addition to any city park. It not only creates a sense of relaxation and the perfect backdrop for family photos, but it also brings in some wildlife. Whether it’s a small bird bath where visitors can do some bird watching or a larger pond where ducks can enjoy bathing, any water feature is much appreciated when it comes to a city park.

Install More Light Fixtures

If your city park is available to the public 24/7, then you need to install lighting. With the introduction of LED lights into the marketplace, there’s really no better choice to provide a ton of bright light for a very affordable cost. Be strategic with your lighting by adding it to pathways, communal areas, and the parking lot.

Plant More Trees

Trees are the essence of any good park. They help to provide shade, greenery, and partial privacy. Consider adding some extra trees to your park to establish some serene spaces. Try to pick evergreen varieties or fruit trees that can offer some free fruit to community members.

Add a Dog Park

Dog parks are great places where dog owners can bring their furry friends to get exercise and much-needed social interaction with other dogs. These areas also serve as a great place where owners can allow their dogs to be unleashed so they’re not constantly holding onto them. With a small dog park, your local park will attract an even bigger crowd of users.


Published by: Khy Talara

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