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Awesome Scrubs Caps: A Necessity for Every Medical Worker

Scrubs Caps A Necessity for Every Medical Worker (2)
Photo Courtesy: shop.cytywear.com

Your scrubs outfit is complete with a scrubs cap or surgical cap. Medical professionals need that perfect headpiece in the hospital that speaks about their personality.

What Are Scrubs Caps?

Scrubs caps are professional headgear that helps keep one’s hair intact when in the hospital or clinic. However, who said scrub caps should be boring? As a medic who loves fashion or wants to join the train of fashionable medics, tiny details like your surgical or scrub caps must be of utmost concern.

Here’s a quick one: Imagine a doctor with a scrub cap having some E.C.G. wavelengths as patterns, or a simple MD print on the cap. We can all agree that it’s simply classy and beautifully differentiates the role.

Scrubs Caps A Necessity for Every Medical Worker

Photo Courtesy: shop.cytywear.com

By now, getting your personalized scrubs caps should be in your mind. Well, take things slow because this article will discuss the origin of scrub caps and some fun facts about it.

The aim is to bring you on board to join the hierarchy of fashionable healthcare workers who love to take things one cap at a time.

The Origin of Scrubs Caps

Scrub Caps have long been in existence. It was invented in the early 1900s to prevent contact of hair in the operating room. Initially, it was common among the Surgeons only. They were made from silk with pattern diamonds. The silk materials made it easy to wear for long hours without getting itches and discomfort.

However, it is now a fashion statement in the hospital or any healthcare setting. Doctors and nurses and other medics are not dull people; if they have to wear scrubs, why not wear fashionable scrub caps, too?

Types of Scrub Caps

There are common types of scrub caps you should be familiar with.

Disposable Scrub Caps

Some scrub caps are made from easily disposable polyester materials.

They are made to be worn once and work well where you need to swoop into action.

Pixie Scrubs Caps / Tie Back Scrubs Caps / Ponytail Caps

Pixie scrub caps are designed for men and women who love to keep short hair. It’s small enough to fit your petite hair.

Ponytail scrub caps are designed for medical personnel who love to keep long silky hair. The best way to pack such hair is a ponytail style. This scrub cap has an opening at the back to accommodate the ponytail. Our favorite is from the scrubs brand at shop.cytywear.com

Bouffant Scrub Cap

This is the ideal scrub cap type if you have thick, full hair. It is designed like a deflated chef cap and can accommodate all your hair.


As a medical worker, you should have the luxury to flex your fashion sense even in a work outfit. If you need to know where to get the classy, elegant, and comfortable scrubs caps, check out stores like CYTY, a California-based scrubs company offering premium scrubs and scrubs accessories. A scrub cap should be worn by medical workers on the head like a crown. After all, health workers are royals.



Published by: Khy Talara

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