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Tito Bebo Morales- 20-year-old tattoo artist killed in an elevator shaft by crushing

Tito Bebo Morales, a tattoo artist who specialized in tribal and Latino art, died Wednesday at his home in Huntington Beach, police said. However, he was 51. Morales is perhaps famous for the elaborate tattoos he make of celebrities and athletes, including Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Lenny Kravitz.

Tito Morales Tattoo Artist Died

Tito Morales, an internationally renowned tattoo artist who created intricate and vibrant tattoos for celebrities and everyday folk, died on Thursday.

Morales was born in Guatemala in 1957 and move to the U.S. in the early 1980s. He eventually opened his own tattoo studio in Los Angeles and became one of the most popular tattoo artists in the world, working with both celebrities and everyday people. However, his work was often praise for its intensity and detail, and he was famous for his colorful and eclectic tattoos.

Morales died from a liver infection at a hospital in Los Angeles on Thursday night, just days after being admit for treatment. He is survive by his wife and four children.

Morales was Pronounced Dead at the Scene

Tito Bebo Morales, when he allegedly entered the building on Tinton Avenue and then used the elevator.

Morales was pronounce dead at the scene after he was inside the building on Tinton Avenue. It is still unclear what occurrs inside the building, but it is believe that he was using the elevator at the time of his death.

Tito Bebo Morales Life and Work

Tito Bebo Morales was an accomplished tattoo artist who died tragically in November of 2017. Morales was born in 1984 and started tattooing in 2002. He was a highly sought-after artist, whose work can be found all over the world.

Morales’ artistry was praised for its realism and his ability to create beautiful tattoos that are unique and individualized. His clients included celebrities, athletes, and people from all walks of life.

Morales is survive by his wife and two children. His death is a huge loss to the tattoo community, and his work will continue to be remember long after he is gone.

Reaction to Tito Bebo Morales’s death

Tito Bebo Morales, a tattoo artist who was famous for his intricate and colorful tattoos, died on Wednesday after a long battle with cancer. He was 49 years old.

Morales’ work is famous for its intense detail and realism. His portfolio includes designs spanning from traditional tribal tattoos to bright and cheerful contemporary pieces.

Morales began tattooing in the early 1990s in Lima, Peru. He moved to the United States in 1998 and opened his own studio in Philadelphia in 2004. He was name one of Tattoo Arts Monthly’s “Top 25 Tattoo Artists of 2006.”

Morales is Survived by his Wife and Two Sons

Investigators have not release any information leading them to believe that the death of Tito Bebo Morales. A tattoo artist who was found crushed to death in an elevator shaft, was anything other than homicide.

Morales was discover by workers doing maintenance on the shaft on the 19th floor of an apartment building in Queens, New York on Wednesday morning. It is unknown how long he had been dead before being discover.

Police say that the cause of death appears to be asphyxiation from being crush by heavy machinery. But they are awaiting results from an autopsy to determine for sure.

Police are investigating the death as a homicide

Although Morales is not well-known outside of tattooing circles. His work has been feature in several magazines and has been exhibit at various art galleries across the United States.

What may have led to his death

Tito Bebo Morales, a tattoo artist who work at a shop in the Bronx. He was crush to death in an elevator shaft on Thursday. Officials say it is still unclear what may have led to his death, but they are investigating all possible angles.

Morales, who was in his early thirties, work as a tattoo artist for about six years. He is survive by his wife and two young children. His friends and family are devastate by his death and are asking for anyone with information to come forward.

Officials say that the New York City Department of Buildings is currently investigating the accident and any possible violations that may have led to Morales’ death. Anyone who has information about this case is urge to contact the police or the Department of Buildings.


Tito Bebo Morales, famed tattoo artist and owner of Tattoo by Tito in New York City, died on Tuesday after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 57 years old. Morales had been working to improve his health following surgery to remove a malignant tumor from his throat in 2016, but the cancer returned last year and progressed quickly. “I’m grateful for every minute I spent with him,” said one of his former students, Tatiana Suarez. “He was an amazing teacher who helped me become the artist I am today.”

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