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Solutions When Healthcare Organizations Need Help

Providing quality healthcare is a complex operation. Consequently, the problems that healthcare organizations face are also typically complicated. Without deep expertise in a wide range of systems, from patient care to claims processing to regulatory compliance, healthcare organizations will struggle to find truly effective and lasting solutions. 

When healthcare organizations find themselves lacking the expertise they need to develop and deploy effective solutions, they turn to SCALE Healthcare. SCALE’s team of over 75 carefully-selected senior operational healthcare experts provides its clients with invaluable expertise in the full spectrum of healthcare management disciplines.

“Our fundamental belief is that narrow solutions can’t solve multi-disciplinary challenges,” says Roy Bejarano, CEO and co-founder of SCALE Healthcare. “Today’s healthcare environment involves complex networks of systems that require broad and deep solutions. SCALE’s value add is derived from a deep understanding of those systems. All of our time and effort is invested in gathering, organizing, perfecting, and then offering healthcare management expertise to our clients.”

Expert guidance for healthcare management

SCALE is the type of partner that every healthcare management team longs to have by its side as it endeavors to build great healthcare service companies. Roy and the SCALE team are proven operators — not just consultants — who speak from the experience they obtained from years of work in the healthcare sector. As they engage with their clients, they share their expertise in a way that is practical, efficient, and cost-effective.

“The world of modern healthcare is a rapidly evolving and competitive landscape,” Roy says. “Consistently achieving optimal results is not easy. Through our network of partnerships, we bring best-practice intellectual property to all of our clients, giving them what they need to make timely, informed decisions. In essence, we add time back to their day by giving them ready access to proven expertise.”

Clients who come to SCALE have access to an array of SCALE Companies, including SCALE Finance, SCALE RCM, SCALE Marketing, SCALE Talent Search, SCALE Data Analytics, and SCALE Compliance and Risk Management. The dynamic and flexible services offered through these SCALE companies are designed to provide the unique missing piece keeping organizations from optimal performance, while at the same time drawing upon the whole universe of expertise that is housed within SCALE.

“Clients who turn to us for help with financial processes, for example, quickly discover the SCALE difference,” says Roy. “We are the only accounting and finance company that can provide fully integrated finance-based and accounting-based solutions in tandem with broad expertise in other healthcare operational departments such as RCM, IT, payor contracting, HR, and MSO and clinical operations.”

Those who turn to SCALE for help with identifying investment opportunities will find that SCALE Market Research can provide them with an in-depth analysis of the healthcare market landscape. The members of SCALE’s team draw upon decades of experience accumulated during their C-suite careers in healthcare to identify opportunities that are the most promising and relevant. SCALE’s insightful research provides an exclusive insider’s perspective that includes consideration of competition, potential patient opportunities, population forecast, regulations, and legislation.  

SCALE Talent Search provides a resource for managing the complex, confidential, and time-sensitive process of identifying and recruiting corporate leaders. SCALE orchestrates a collaborative process that curates a unique experience focused on each business’s needs, growth vision, and company culture. As a result, companies can stay a step ahead of their hiring needs and timelines. 

Valuable insight brings actionable solutions

The case studies that SCALE provides through its website reveal that effective healthcare management requires a blend of analytics and execution. Any meaningful solution must address a variety of work streams and consider the contributions of providers and support staff alike. 

“We were recently privileged to work with a client who was struggling with an underperforming ambulatory surgery center,” Roy shares. “The center was losing $1.2 million per year due to a lack of leadership, strategy, and actionable analytics. After creating and employing substantial data analytics, we created a turnaround plan that included on-site interim management and support of 11 key work streams. After only three months, the client turned a profit. After five months, the client showed a 64 percent increase in case volume and a 67 percent increase in revenue.”

The results revealed by the case study are remarkable, but not unique — SCALE has hundreds of case studies showing similar results. Since launching in 2019, SCALE has worked with some of the nation’s largest healthcare platforms like OneGI, Satellite Healthcare, Pinnacle Fertility, Solaris Health, and more, bringing expert insight and actionable solutions to more than 1,500 individual practices and over 7,000 providers. The testimonials provided by clients describe SCALE as “a trusted and knowledgeable partner,” “a life-saver,” and “genuine physician advocates that combine talk with real action.”

“Our singular focus is elevating management performance across healthcare services,” Roy says. “We analyze the issues, develop the strategies, and empower our clients to execute the change they need. Whatever the problem, SCALE is the partner that will provide the solution and help you to reach your goals.”

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