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Royal Combines His Business Acumen with His Musical Talents to Achieve Success in the Music Industry

It is a known fact that a lot of thriving and very skilled music artists struggle with the business aspect of growing their respective careers in the competitive world of the music industry. It is for this main reason, perhaps, that many opt to work with talent managers to help them market, promote, and position their personal brands effectively in the ever-changing market. Rising artist Royal has a clear advantage as he is known to be a highly successful entrepreneur aside from being a remarkable and promising songwriter and rapper. 

Born Andre Watson, Royal invested in several ventures even before he launched his debut single “Be Great” in the middle of this year. He considers himself a savvy investor, having found gold in his chosen investments that include a trucking business, real estate, and Forex trading. Having developed unique skills like discipline, managing one’s finances responsibly, and branding, Royal is bound to elevate his music career significantly as he combines these acquired attributes with his exceptional musical talents. 

“I make heartfelt, genuine music, but I also teach people how to become owners, rather than employees. I speak hope and life into the world and do it with a genuine heart,” Royal shares. 

As he promotes his music and advocacy for entrepreneurship, Royal is hitting two birds with a single stone. For him, establishing several streams of income is the way to go. It is for this reason that he was able to raise his net worth to over $10 million even before he becomes a musical star. His success in business is something that he hopes he can translate to a major accomplishment in the music industry. While music may not be his last venture, success can still be expected of him, considering his strong eye for opportunities and possibilities. 

The native of Jacksonville, North Carolina, was in middle school when he started to take music a little seriously. He dove into songwriting and developing his rapping abilities without formal training or coaching from anyone. As a self-taught artist, his journey was ridden with a lot of challenges. He did not, however, entertain the idea of giving up music at any point. For him, music will always be his beating heart. Determined to make it work, he continued to persistently develop his skills until he finally decided to launch his professional music career at the age of 24. 

Inspired by the musical influence of Drake, Fabulous, and PartyNextDoor, Royal birthed his own original musical style with a hint of all the best traits of his favorite artists. He has worked with several big names in the industry, which include Tory Lanez, Yo Gotti, and Moneybagg Yo. He has had the privilege of joining several tours that include the I Am tour of 2009 and the Salute Me or Shoot Me 2 tour together with Flocka Flame. After gaining relevant and helpful experience, he decided to go his own way and take his career to the next level. 

Looking ahead, Royal dreams of being able to do more despite his inspiring success both in business and music. His debut single “Be Great” generated more than 83k views on YouTube, signaling an excellent reception among music fans. He aspires to one day make it to the Billboard charts. Additionally, he wants his company to someday be listed as one of the Forbes Top 100 Companies. Known for making things happen, accomplishing these feats is not a far-fetched possibility for Royal as he takes the reins and moves forward with confidence. 

Learn more about Andre “Royal” Watson by visiting his website. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for updates on his latest projects. 

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