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Lux Therapy Takes Life-Changing Tech to San Francisco

From personal experiences, Lux Therapy was born to solve problems through technology, and the city of San Francisco played a major role in the creation of the brand and the tech surrounding it. Tony Kovicak decided to get on this journey from a single encounter of listening to a podcast during a trip to China. The podcast talked about Red Light Therapy (RLT), and it caught Tony’s attention. When he got off the flight, he bought some light devices and started using them. Within weeks, the devices began to have positive effects on his skin, in his sleep, and at workouts.

Lux Therapy’s product is a lighting device that was birthed right after that flight. Tony Kovicak went straight to research and worked out ways to develop his own product using the technology. He had prior corporate experience working in a tech company in Silicon Valley, so he was attached to San Francisco and was determined to establish his presence in the city.

Lux Therapy’s lighting device uses the most therapeutic wavelengths of red and near-infrared lights. The device also uses the fly lens technology, which delivers the most uniform light distribution in any product. The product also comes with a responsive LED touch panel, which provides tactile, light, and sound feedback for an intuitive user experience.

When describing San Francisco and his desire to establish a company there, Tony Kovicak says, “San Franciscans have a unique desire to maximize life through experience and connection. There is a novel passion associated with living in a world-class city like San Francisco, given the region and its unique blend of nature and technology.”

Tony became fascinated with light therapy, and Lux Therapy was born. A few years before he conceived the idea of the company, he suffered severe injuries and was heavily depressed after a trip from Florida to Oregon. He had to travel to Costa Rica to enjoy nature, the sun, and the oceans for another six months before he recovered. The feeling he got from spending all that time in Costa Rica is what he hopes to replicate with Lux Therapy.

He knows how much benefit he has reaped from being under the sun every day and whenever he spent time in a place with no sunshine, he was often left depressed and in a terrible state of mind. In what seemed like a Eureka moment, Tony Kovicak conceived the idea of Lux Therapy, and today, the dream is coming to fruition. His goal for Lux Therapy in San Francisco is to set a standard for living a good life. Tony values life a lot, and he believes in making the most of it. “The values of living a good life have always been a staple at Lux Therapy. Our whole strategy is based on helping people in San Francisco and beyond. Lux is more than a device, it’s a lifestyle and we look forward to livin’ the Lux Life!”

Learn more about Lux Therapy on the official website.

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