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Cleaner Air for a Cleaner Future: Inside the Oxidizer Solutions of Oxidizers Inc.

Most people have no idea what oxidizers are or what they do, but they depend on them all the same. The majority of people may never give the air quality in their homes, schools, and offices a second thought, but air is the single most important factor determining how comfortable and healthy a space is. 

A space with good air quality feels clean and inviting, while a space with bad air quality feels stale and unsafe. The bottom line is that if people value clean air, then they value oxidizers.

“If you pull back the curtain at any manufacturing company, you are sure to find thermal and catalytic oxidizers chugging away,” says Keith Lambert, president of Oxidizers, Inc. “They get rid of all kinds of nasty contaminants like formaldehyde, MEK, and toluene. Trust me; you do not want chemicals like those floating around in the air you breathe. Without these oxidizers, manufacturing would grind to a halt.”

What are oxidizers, and why do they matter?

In simple terms, an oxidizer uses an oxidizing agent to convert a material from one form into another. People can see a common oxidizing agent in action by pouring a little chlorine bleach — also known as sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) — into the washing machine. When bleach oxidizes a stain, the resulting energy breaks the bonds between the molecules. They no longer absorb light and appear to vanish. 

An oxidizer does not need an external source of electricity or fuel. It acts as its own power source by converting material into usable energy through a chemical reaction. 

Oxidizers are vital to hundreds of industries. They remove pollution, moisture, and odors created by oil and gas refineries, mining operations, chemical manufacturers, pulp and paper mills, and food processing plants. In these industries, oxidizers use active oxygen to consume waste and convert it into harmless gases.

“Oxidizers are all around you,” Lambert explains. “For example, we installed an oxidizer system for a customer who is building new electric vehicles. This client needed an oxidizer on their plastic paint line where they sprayed parts like rear-view mirrors, bumpers, and trim. The company gave us precise information regarding how much air they needed to evacuate from their booth, the temperature of their booth, and the exact volatile organic compounds in the paint they use. With that information in hand, we had what we needed to design specific equipment for their facility.”

The importance of keeping oxidizers in compliance

Oxidizers require maintenance plans with regular inspections by qualified professionals. Though the systems are designed to have 20 to 30-year life spans, changes in the manufacturing process and routine maintenance can alter their life expectancies. 

“Keeping good records and information regarding the equipment and the process is key,” says Lambert. “We’ve found one of the biggest problems with equipment is the rule of inheritance. When equipment is in place and serviced for years, all too often, the data associated with a system gets lost as employees come and go.” 

With this in mind, Oxidizers, Inc. introduces companies to a vital gatekeeper called Incheq. This platform allows them to maintain training records, maintenance schedules, service reports, PM schedules, and industry 4.0 data in the cloud. As soon as the information is cataloged on the platform, it is tied to the equipment forever.

New equipment is not always better equipment

Oxidizers, Inc. ensures its solutions comply with environmental regulations, the National Fire Protection Association, and OSHA to meet safety and emissions standards. Sometimes, this means installing new oxidizers, but many times it means repairing existing equipment to keep it in compliance. 

Oxidizers, Inc is known for providing cost-effective solutions for its customers. “When my partner and I started Oxidizers, we built the business to fill a void,” recalls Lambert. “The majority of this market is driven by new equipment. Unfortunately, maintenance and repair are all too often an afterthought. Our business is not about the bottom line — it’s about effective solutions, sustainable impact, and truly listening to our customer’s needs.”

The Oxidizer, Inc. team designs, installs, and maintains systems for small startups and mega manufacturers. Across the United States, their systems clean billions of cubic feet of air annually. A long list of satisfied customers stands behind the company’s work, and while thousands have never heard of Oxidizers, Inc., they all breathe easier due to the work that the company does every day. 

“When customers tell me they can sleep better at night knowing we are their partner, it is the greatest measure of success,” Lambert comments. “They know we are here 24 hours a day and seven days a week to keep them compliant. We put the customers’ needs first and give our all because we know what we do matters. At Oxidizers Inc., we’re in the ‘Trillion-Air club,’ meaning trillions of cubic feet of clean air are in our care each year.”

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