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2k Ponce Juno: A Taste of Caribbean New York Flair Music

2K Ponce Juno is an international hip hop sensation from Staten Island, New York. Juno is a recording artist of Sony Music Group, and the owner of Ellispe Group Records Global LLC,  a music label that houses some of the best in urban music and hip hop and its subsidiaries which includes, Star Music Group LLC, and EGR Global Music Publishing.

Having worked with a plethora of established and A-list music producers, Juno has cemented his place as one of Sony Music Group/The Orchad and High-Performance Records professional entertainers, and his first album titled, “Concrete” recorded tremendous success by its streaming numbers and statistics. Also, being raised by a West Indian culture gave him a “don’t give up” mindset and attitude which has driven him in his pursuit of success since when he was little.

2K Ponce Juno has indeed come a long way in his career and sojourn in the music industry, with some very impressive records to his credits to show for his efforts. First, as an entrepreneur, he launched his first project “Chicken Grease n’ Grits” in 2012, which would go on to receive over three thousand hits on Datpiff and he followed this up with his first video titled, “They Like This.”

In 2019, he released an EP, titled, “Coolli Bandz,” which features his hit single, “This life” and propelled him to earn a place on The Takeover Tour, powered by the AAMG family. Through his music, 2K Ponce Juno expels his positive, infectious, yet bouncy, and feel-good vibe in his attempt to dominate the industry, and while his music embodies a Caribbean New York flair, his energy on and off the stage is nothing short of electric and mesmerizing to the point where the audience is always asking for more.  

Before COVID-19 and the shutdown of clubs, 2K Ponce Juno’s records were constantly blaring in various clubs. He had been billed to join the Sony/Orchard and Mo Thugs Family’s America’s “Most Blunted Tour” but while the global lockdown persisted, he’s remained creative and has been reaching out to help those closer to home. And his most recent single titled, “Go Pretty Girl Remix,” where he featured Double K and Beenie Man was premiered on Hot 97.1 by DJ Drewski and on SunCity 104.9 FM by DJ Motivatah. The record has also received massive airplay on Irie FM Ochos Rios Jamaica by DJ Digital Chris and  DJ Sincere from Drtybsmnt Radio to mention a few.

2k Ponce Juno strives daily to build a music brand that is not unique in terms of the songs it puts out, he is also committed to developing and growing with his team in such a way that ensures that everyone is at their best. He doesn’t see himself as an artist being in competition with any other artist for that matter, as far as he is concerned, he only wants to create music that passes across his message and keep his fans and audience glued and addicted. “There is no competition with artists who produce similar genres and have the same outward expression of his or her love for The Lord. The separation from the music produced by 2k Pounce and secular artists is simply the difference in lifestyle lived by the artists.” He says.   

Away from Music, 2k Ponce Juno is a fashion enthusiast and whenever he makes an appearance, his fashion sense is always on display and a sight to behold. Recently he added becoming an ambassador for Kim Birkedal Hartmann’s Revanche Cognac to the growing list of things he’s enthusiastic about.

In five years, Juno sees himself producing other artists and bringing them into the mainstream, and making stars out of them. He wants to be able to help upcoming artists reach their highest musical potential and heights possible. He also wants to help them create evergreen hit records under Ellipse Group Record Global LLC/Sony Music Group. 

To learn more about 2K Ponce Juno, his music and future collaborations and plans, visit his website.  

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