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Why Daniel Kivo Believes Administrative Excellence Is Underrated in Business Success

When highlighting breakout businesses and brands, news channels like to highlight the CEO or head of marketing. As a result, we’re often applauding the organization’s face or the one that makes the most noise. But it’s time that the administrative heroes that keep the business operating like a well-oiled machine get their share of the spotlight too. And Daniel Kivo personifies that kind of business executive. 

Often unassuming and simple towards his approach to business and life, Daniel remains fundamental to the business success of many businesses that he has been a part of. He has over a decade of experience running business departments and taking on leadership roles in operations, recruitment, and administrative departments. And while he likes to remain behind the curtains, his work doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Well studied, Daniel Kivo holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California. He would later go on to complete a Masters of Science in Human Resources at Claremont Graduate University. From there, HR and recruitment would pretty much embody his life’s work. After graduation, he landed a job in the United States Navy in the Okinawa station as a human resource specialist. He would serve in that role from May 2010 to June 2014 before moving to Showdown Events Company.

In 2016, Daniel would work for Link Consulting, heading up the recruitment department and taking charge of interviewing, sourcing, referencing, and offering negotiations with new hires in medical and IT. In addition, he spent a year developing systems around screening, data analysis, and interview tactics for the company.

Later, Kivo would bring his talents to Ace Parking, heading up recruitment operations for Los Angeles and Orange County offices. He would develop and implement recruitment and hiring processes at Ace, establishing networks and contacts and developing databases and inventive job advertising tactics to reach hiring goals.

What makes Daniel Kivo remarkable is his organizational leadership skills. He has led teams with utmost efficiency and developed strong cultures. In this day where sophisticated marketing wins the short-term battle, organizations realize that its team culture and sound hiring and HR practices keep the business strong over the long term. Leaders like Daniel Kivo have mastered the art of trust-building, company alignment, idea harvesting, and internal team growth.

Daniel believes that good hiring practices are a necessary hard skill that strengthens the administrative backbone of any company. “When you hire right, you grow right,” he explains. And there’s a lot of truth to that. Strong human resource capabilities and administrative leadership are essential parts of business growth—and it’s about time that entrepreneurs started learning about that too.

Kivo continues to drive strategy and execution for talent management and sourcing practices at Ace Parking. His role has been pivotal to job creation in the company. He hopes to take his leadership capacity to the next level by developing his human resource management skills and developing better enterprise-wide talent management solutions. He also has started working extensively in project management and hopes to integrate that skill into his current workflow. 

To learn more about Daniel Kivo, visit his Instagram and LinkedIn profile.

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