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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Swagify: A Revolutionary Platform for Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Celebrities & More!

Often, people struggle with getting a platform to advertise their products to consumers, bogged down by the cost of production and advertising, which may eventually be transferred to the final consumer.  Swagify is a Print On Demand entrepreneur-based online platform available to entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses, providing them with an internet community to provide their customers with quick and easy merchandise by working alongside some of San Francisco biggest tech and power-player names.

The platform provides entrepreneurs with a step by step guide process on how to design, upload, and begin selling their products. The platform is simplified, so anyone who understands the very least about technology can utilize it to build their own eCommerce business. Entrepreneurs can also easily advertise and sell their products to consumers without having the hassle of holding inventory or putting forth any upfront cost.

AK Kurji, the founder of Swagify, is known as the American who first brought forth the customized silicone wristband trend back in early 2012. Despite making millions during the silicone wristband business boom, he was in jail shortly after on the accusation of price-fixing, which was done without his knowledge by his partners at the time.

Since having gotten out of jail after a short eight months, AK has gotten into a troubleshooting mood and is utilizing his experience in the promotional product industry. AK understands the frustration of distributors when they use the commonplace method of trying to fulfill orders. The traditional method used by distributors requires them to manually search for vendors, call to check if stock is available, and then follow up to ensure orders are fulfilled in a timely fashion.

AK Kurji has attempted and built many businesses in the past, but his attempts have been met with more failure than success. In his words, AK states, “The businesses I have succeeded in makes up for all the failures.” He says, “Each failure taught me a valuable lesson, and I’m grateful for every roadblock I’ve faced.”

Swagify is a ground-breaking application, is the first of its kind that allows direct communication between producers, distributors, and the final consumer. The technology utilized by Swagify will enable producers, as well as distributors, to efficiently sell their product online, and allows the users to check the stock of each vendor directly, choose the lowest price, and track their orders

up until delivery. Swagify is for people who are striving to begin their own online business in the apparel or merch sector.

The platform is set far ahead of its competition. Swagify allows its users to design and upload their products before choosing the preferred vendor after the order is made by their customers. It also ensures maximum customer satisfaction by allowing consumers to choose their vendors.

AK Kurji plans to keep Swagify up for a long time. His five-year goal is to see other people becoming successful as they utilize Swagify to achieve financial freedom. To check out Swagify.com and see how it can help your company, music band, fashion line, etc., click on their website.

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