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Successful Entrepreneur Michael Vincent Produces YouTube Channel to Guide Startup Entrepreneurs Succeed

Starting a business is not a walk in the park. Many individuals who have turned their businesses from scratch to 8-figure earning enterprises all had to carefully stride through the meticulous processes of establishing a business, maintaining it, and ultimately, expanding it. Bereft of academic degrees relating to financial and business management, a considerable number of people turn to online videos and courses for knowledge.

Entrepreneur-turned-vlogger Michael Vincent set up his new YouTube channel The Leak TV to produce videos for audiences ranging from simple to complex concepts about his business. Primarily motivated by the desire to provide scaffolding to people who want to succeed, his videos discuss vast topics in company management. Among these include pre-entrepreneurial concerns like the characteristics of an entrepreneur, how to jumpstart a business, things one should do before starting one, what the contrasts are between LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, and a sole proprietorship, crafting a business plan, and navigating through it.

Vincent also guides viewers when they are already on the field like accounting and bookkeeping, marketing strategies, building a website, maneuvering through daily operations, bidding and selling jobs service, employee hiring, union or nonunion memberships, and what appropriate software programs to use. Vincent understands that there is a lack of industry professionals who take to platforms like YouTube to share their experiences extensively. And so he pioneers a newfound niche as such.

Vincent does all this after selling off a $20 million enterprise.

In the past, young Michael Vincent lived inside a modest house; he had to work odd jobs to support himself. At a young age, he worked trimming lawns of their neighbors and painted address labels in street curbs. Vincent never liked the prospect of continuing his education, but he decided to finish his high school studies. During those years, he accepted jobs as a newspaper seller and restaurant worker.

At 18, he turned to the labor force as an apprentice for his aunt and uncle at a commercial plumbing company in Northern California. There, he co-worked with his father and several others, sharpening his abilities in the commercial plumbing industry. He later earned acknowledgement as a UA Star Master Plumber and Journeyman after another internship at the UA 342 plumbing shop for five years. Within the span of his apprenticeship, Vincent took continuing education and jobs to support his 3D AutoCAD program and construction management courses at Diablo Valley College. With his skill set, he worked in mechanical and plumbing shops for a national union for two years.

Vincent shifted careers and ventured into the business world. He gained a firm footing in only a year engaging in deals selling used cars—transforming a $2,000 car in his garage, a 400 square foot office space, and two parking slots to a $500,000 enterprise. Every year, the company grew, and his professional circle expanded—from half a million dollars to 5 million dollars in total revenues.

After seven years, with a company that generates over $20 million in sales per year, Vincent decided to walk away from the enterprise. He now advocates teaching young and emerging entrepreneurs about their journeys.

“My vlog and website will be about my journey into the commercial plumbing business, construction, and business in general, business products, software reviews, tool reviews, and just document this entire journey from cradle to success, you all can learn along this journey too,” explained Vincent. With a profound mission, he created a channel for everyone.

For more information about Michael Vincent, visit his website. Stay in the know for fresh uploads on Vincent’s YouTube Channel The Leak Tv, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. You can also follow his personal YouTube channel The Life of Michael Vincent

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