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Solutions for Harnessing the Power of Movement in Education

Solutions for Harnessing the Power of Movement in Education
Photo Courtesy: Fit and Fun Playscapes

Advances in technology have infinitely smoothed human existence, but not without their own set of problems, especially in children. There’s a swelling sedentary culture invading the lives of our school-aged children whereby computer screens are gradually replacing active play. The implications pose dire concern for their overall health and well-being.

Research continues to support physical movement as a determinant in combating this generation’s rising rate of obesity and looming mental health crisis. The potential dividends of incorporating movement opportunities in educational settings are numerous, affecting children’s physical and mental health, academic performance, and their holistic development. Pamela Gunther, Founder and CEO of Fit and Fun Playscapes, is championing a ‘Movement Revolution.’

“The foundation for growth in every way—physical, academic, social, and creative—is movement,” asserts Gunther. “Children aged 3-5 need to be active throughout the day, and those aged 6-17 need to be active for 60 minutes every day.”

As recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), daily physical activity of an hour or more is crucial to both children and adults. Hence, the necessity to address the escalating concern of sedentary lifestyles, and its unfortunate result in childhood obesity and social-emotional learning (SEL) behavior disorders, such as impulsivity, anxiety, and depression.

The overall mission is to amplify daily physical activity within schools and create opportunities for exercise throughout the day. Movement fosters healthier brains, thereby aiding regulation of mood, cognition, motivation, and overall brain function. Our children deserve a fruitful and wholesome education that cultivates well-rounded individuals for our future.

Effective strategies drafted by educators and parents can halt this crisis, and one such efficient intervention involves promoting daily physical activity within schools. This approach furnishes a fundamental blueprint targeted at enhancing overall wellbeing and development of children.

Imagine a school scenario where children have extended recess periods and ample opportunities for unstructured play. Such a setting promotes socialization, self-regulation, and the development of essential life skills. The ripple effects of additional daily movement and physical activity include enhanced cognitive growth, improved academic performance, better social-emotional development, increase in physical health and wellbeing, and reduction in stress and mental health concerns.

Fit and Fun Playscapes leans into the vast potential that extended recess and more movement opportunities offer school-aged children. Unsurprisingly, research shows children who regularly participate in physical activity perform better academically, display improved concentration, and enhanced memory. One efficient, straightforward solution lies in expanding movement opportunities throughout the day, not restricted to recess or physical education alone.

Integrating sensory movement pathways within schools brings multiple benefits. These pathways can be applied within the classrooms, school hallways, as well as outdoors on the school playground, walkways, and recess areas. These simple applications are designed to engage different senses, providing children a structured way to involve themselves physically throughout the day.

The role of exercise as an evidence-based practice in addressing behavioral conditions, such as impulsivity, anxiety, and depression, is significant. “Our products, developed in collaboration with educators and health field experts, easily integrate into schools. They cater to active play, self-regulation, mindfulness, fitness, social, and sensory needs,” says Gunther.

Join Fit and Fun Playscapes in this ‘Movement Revolution,’ making strides towards an educational environment bursting with academic success, physical health, and emotional resilience. For more details, tap into the website and follow on the below listed social media channels.

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Published by: Aly Cinco

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