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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Selna Kim Awakens Others In Matters of Dating, Attraction, and Relationships With His Latest Book “Waking the Core of Man”

Born into a cushy lifestyle, Selna Kim thought the entire world was his oyster. It was only until a series of unfortunate events knocked him down that he realized he had to do something to take control of his own life. It started when his parents got divorced, and his family went through a harsh bankruptcy. Selna had to scrounge up $115 to join the football team, an amount he fought tooth and nail just to acquire. 

To make matters worse, once he became part of the football team, he was subjected to harsh criticisms from his coaches telling him that he would never amount to anything at all. He lost all of his friends in the process, and he felt like such a complete outcast. The final nail in the coffin for Selna Kim’s confidence came in the form of his romantic life, or to put it simply, the lack thereof. 

Throughout high school and college, Selna Kim persistently chased women and got rejected at every turn. Fortunately, he made a connection with a world-class club promoter who had the power, money, models, and secrets that Selna desperately needed. The man was dubbed as “Letter-Jay,” and he took Selna under his wing as a student. 

Taking notes from his mentor, Selna Kim noticed a drastic change in his social life. From being a loser and a reject, he gained access to practically everything he wanted by following Letter-Jay’s advice. From then on, his quality of life scaled much higher than his initial expectations. He received invitations to join one of the Midwest’s top club-promoting industries, living the high life in private jets, raves, and upscale parties.

Selna Kim was now surrounded by women of all kinds, models, actresses, cheerleaders. It was the life he had always wanted, but over time it all began to feel empty, frustrating, and unfulfilling. At first, he thought that he was passionate about winning the hearts of women, but he realized that he was actually passionate about teaching other people how to become the best versions of themselves to attract the perfect partner.

So he left the club promoting industry and wrote his first book entitled Waking The Core of Man, a book geared towards men who are struggling with attraction, dating, and relationships revolving around Selna’s time within the industry. His book sheds light on the secrets of the club promoting industry and recounts Selna’s experiences within it. The book has been widely popular since its release, landing on the “Top 200 Dating Books” on Amazon.

Nowadays, Selna Kim has become one of the most trusted relationship coaches in the United States. He has worked with various people from all walks of life, including professional athletes, former American Ninja Warrior competitors, multi-millionaires, and many more. Taking a page from some of the world’s greatest club promoters’ handbook, Selna explains everything he has learned to his clients so they can apply it to their own lives.

As a child of divorce, Selna Kim has made it his mission to lessen the divorce rates in the United States. He hopes to do this by continuing to spread his message of health, attraction, dating, relationships, marriage, business, and overall mental and emotional well-being. He hopes his book will provide him with a voice and a message that will resonate with people from different walks of life.

To know more about Selna Kim and his amazing story, make sure to visit his official website. For more live updates, follow him on Instagram.

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