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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Paul Eliacin Provides Authentic Exploration of African American Pop Culture Through Film “Up In Harlem” on Amazon Prime

Paul Eliacin’s movie “Up In Harlem” serves as additional evidence that the world has entered the new golden age of television. The film’s release on Amazon Prime Video further solidifies the platform’s position as a leading contender in streaming and content production services.

“Up In Harlem” is a coming-of-age film that tells the story of an inner-city family struggling to survive in the ghetto. Its main character, Fay Mulberry, is an ambitious black teen determined to break away from the cycle of drug use and violence that often plagues her community. A college scholarship opens opportunities that are historically unavailable to her. Fay’s initial focus in navigating through the ups and downs of street life is interrupted by her brief romance with a smooth-talking drug dealer. Paul Eliacin expertly introduces and develops the film’s conflict and tension in the form of compromising circumstances. It is a realistic portrayal of the personal and systemic challenges faced by people of color.

Just released on Amazon Prime Video, “Up In Harlem” depicts the myriad of life struggles that African Americans need to overcome. However, the movie can teach a lesson to anyone about rising above the problems that plague American families through determination. Rapper-turned-actor Ice-T, who appears in “Up In Harlem,” commends Paul Eliacin for the filmmaker’s “thoroughly researched and accurate portrayal of the constantly evolving life in Harlem during the 1990s.”

The film is a valuable contribution to African American pop culture. It is also a timely statement on the need for filmmakers, producers, studios, and streaming services to create movies with better representation. As a Haitian immigrant, Paul Eliacin understands the ability of film to empower communities. Maximizing that impact requires a diverse cast and a plot reflective of lived experiences.

Paul Eliacin uses his self-taught mastery of the craft to weave together life stories that resonate with a universal audience. Instead of formal training, Paul learned filmmaking through experience. When Paul entered the film industry in 1989, he started as a stagehand and extra. Not long after, he was learning directly from award-winning directors. By memorizing scripts, paying close attention to storyboards, and noting the techniques these directors used to improvise while shooting demanding scenes, Paul slowly developed his own style.

Drawing from his wealth of experience in the film industry, Paul Eliacin established his own production company called Up In Harlem LLC. It was through this company that Paul produced “Up In Harlem” (the film). The company also assists aspiring young filmmakers in documenting cultural trends.

Paul Eliacin is currently working on a proposed documentary film that chronicles his experience as a 9/11 first responder. Taking part in rescue and recovery following the tragic attack, Paul was exposed to asbestos and developed a life-threatening respiratory disease. These experiences further enhanced Paul’s intuition and ability to pick up on the life stories of those around him to produce compelling storylines.

You may visit Paul Eliacin’s website for more information.

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