Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Modern-Day Storyteller Marc Angelo Coppola on Combining His Life’s Greatest Passions to Impact Communities

Not everyone with a variety of passions in life has been fortunate enough to combine them to develop a path that celebrates them all and impacts communities at the same time. Most people would just go for one and compromise the others along the way. But not Marc Angelo Coppola, who has successfully fused his greatest passions in life: farming, philanthropy, and storytelling. How he managed to do it is a story worth telling and learning from. 

Marc is the visionary behind Valhalla Farms, which exists to transform more than 80 acres of promising farmland through the immense powers of regenerating agriculture and storytelling. It is designed to be the farm of the future, a thriving all-natural ecosystem that will gather the most dedicated agricultural producers and entrepreneurs across the country. Valhalla Farms developed a cooperative made up of motivated entrepreneurs, farmers, experts, and chefs. Some of its members are taking care of the operational, financial, and legal aspects of growing the farm. The cooperative is mainly divided into three major groups: the workers, producers, and supporters. 

Apart from building a solid community, Valhalla Farms also exists to accomplish major objectives that will impact future generations, which include soil regeneration and carbon sequestration, biodiversity in plants and people; develop research, education, and incubation centers; and become a bridge between urban and rural living. 

“One on the farm where I take my ideas and stories and turn them into real-world produce and food and one in the city where I share my passion for storytelling, brand building, and finance in the digital realm as well,” Marc explained. “The two link together via story and help build a true community as a modern-day farmer and entrepreneur doesn’t need to exclusively be on either side of this divide but can also plant their feet right in the middle.”

Marc is also the owner of Superhero Academy, which has diversified into his famous Superhero Academy podcast that has been steadily growing its following the past few years. This is an effective avenue for Marc to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers to unravel or polish their special talents. The academy allows people to become part of a thriving and healthy tribe of people who take adventures and personal growth initiatives together. This is also where he introduces the value of accountability, how to achieve freedom, and build experience. 

“My first business was in 2007, an Indoor Skatepark on the south shore of Montreal. I learned all the street smarts that I needed but never could’ve learned in school, and had a successful exit after three years,” Marc shared. “What didn’t work was that it’s a very capital intensive, time-intensive business since indoor space costs a lot per square foot. Lesson learned! And it still worked and is still operating today.”

As a storyteller and online personality, Marc enjoys being in front of a microphone and camera, second to working hard with a shovel and a wheelbarrow. While he is a farmer and philanthropist by heart, he understands the necessity of using modern-day tools and technology to create awareness for his advocacies. Indeed, Marc is an effective bridge that connects the simple with the complex, urban living with rural living, and the fast-paced life of entrepreneurs and the laid-back way of life on the farm. 

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