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Matthew Whiteman of MW Entertainment Group Takes the Mobile Game Scene by Storm With ‘Knuckle Mania’

Over the years, the gaming landscape has grown into one of the most advanced industries in the world. As a matter of fact, more and more people across the globe have hopped on the mobile game frenzy now that developers have come up with thousands of amazing gaming outputs to choose from. In an effort to continue elevating the industry, Matthew Whiteman of MW Entertainment LLC used his revolutionary flair to make sure that gamers and enthusiasts get the best experience possible. Together with his team of highly dedicated go-getters, the visionary intends to deliver innovative and creative content that would transform the gaming landscape in ways no one could have imagined. 

Standing at the helm of MW Entertainment LLC, Matthew wanted to create something that would represent his love for baseball and gaming. Thus, he came up with Knuckle Mania, a hybrid baseball game that is now at the culmination of back-end app development and is expected to complete the Beta testing process by November 2022. According to the luminary, Knuckle Mania, which is their initial offering, will be extremely easy to use with instant gameplay that allows players to immerse in the fun-filled experience of hitting and pitching. Falling under a novel category known as “snack-sized gaming,” the game utilizes a type of entertainment that is instantly playable but also infinitely replayable. 

Aside from being a trailblazing force in the mobile game industry as the esteemed founder and owner of MW Entertainment LLC, Matthew is also recognized for his selfless service as a veteran who was injured during Operation Enduring Freedom from 2011 to 2012. After spending a decade in the US Air Force, the disabled combat veteran served in the US Army for six years. His career in service kicked off when he completed the Air Force ROTC at San Diego State University. After being medically retired from active service in the US Army in November 2014, he addressed himself to the challenge of creating a platform that embodied American culture and baseball. As a result, he came up with Knuckle Mania. 

Having served in the US Army, Matthew wanted to dip his toes in different fields. Thus, he tried to build a career as a professional screenwriter and began working on stories for television shows and feature films while also attending film school for 18 months at Palomar College in San Diego. With his diligent efforts, he was able to write 22 episodes for a TV series about professional baseball—one short film and two feature films. 

Fast forward to today, Matthew has been taking MW Entertainment LLC to great heights. “My brand is that of the all-American kid, the American flag, baseball, and apple pie. In fact, the majority of the game designs fall under a baseball-related number model: 3, 7, 9, 14, and 27,” he said in an interview. “The solution is a fun, intuitive hybrid baseball game that removes the cognitive load and focuses on enjoyment for the player.”

At the heart of Matthew’s purpose-driven efforts is the goal of inspiring other disabled veterans who are struggling to become an entrepreneur. “It takes a lot of work, but in the end, if this venture were easy, everybody would be doing it,” he left off. 

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