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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Kazaizen’s Psychedelic Album Introduces the Future of Music

Psychedelic dream-pop artist Jonny Kasai, or also known as Kazaizen, looks to break the barriers of time with the release of his first-ever album, “Cyclops Dragon Light Switch.” The new record builds a bridge that joins the psychedelic sounds of the 60s and more contemporary styles of the music industry’s most recent evolutions. 

Kazaizen hails from Saint Paul, Minnesota. A multi-instrumentalist with a vision of the future of culture, society, and art, Jonny knows what music means to people and delivers it to them. His sound has attracted a niche group of music lovers, which continues to grow by the day, given his unique sound. Kazaizen’s music merges melancholy and surrealism through the reverberations of electric pianos, organs, and synth instruments. His music is ethereal at its core and transports people into a sci-fi-like reality where pipe dreams come to life. 

On December 31, 2020 – just before the turn of the New Year – the artist launched his debut album, “Cyclops Dragon Light Switch,” which features ten trippy tracks that bring back the best of Psychedelia. The album’s production comes through the genius and efforts of Wormhole Records, based in Houston, Texas. When sharing about the album’s goal, Kazaizen is clear about his direction- and it seems that all routes of the musician’s work lead towards the future. “The album release represents a movement into the future,” shares Jonny Kasai. 

The release of “Cyclops Dragon Light Switch” comes as a string of musical campaigns from a collective of musicians called the Non-Violent Music Nation. The Minnesota-based group is a collaboration of artists who plan to release various albums and singles throughout 2021 and many other years following that.

The album, along with the works of Non-Violent Music Nation, seeks to challenge the status quo. Kazaizen, along with other artists, hopes to move people away from the repetitive musings of pop culture and encourage people to move into new realms of music that could bring more profound experiences to listeners everywhere. 

Kazaizen has risen to prominence in record time as he is now the talk amongst many social circles both online and offline. The artist released four music video singles in no more than two months, which have grown in popularity since their publishing. The first music video, “Oranjtanman,” first came out right after the US Presidential Elections and referenced recent political themes in the nation. The music video has collected over 10,000 views in the first few months alone and continues to grow. Kazaizen quickly followed the breakthrough single with three other tracks with music videos, namely “What the Funk,” “Telephone (All Alone),” and “By The Sea.”

Apart from the hard-to-miss hypnotic melodies, Kazaizen’s music has drawn crowds for the relevance and powerful messages his songs carry with them. “Telephone (All Alone,” for instance, talks about the rising obsession people have over smartphones and other devices that continues to pull people away from each other. The artist shares how his music exists not just to entertain but also to grow people. He believes that art can be a way to create greater awareness of messages that matter and use an artistic twist to catch people’s attention. 

To learn more about Kazaizen and check out his debut album, “Cyclops Dragon Light Switch,” visit his Instagram account and YouTube channel.

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