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A Mind Ahead of Its Time: How Oculus VR Co-Founder Jack McCauley Changed the Gaming Industry with Virtual Reality

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Production is currently underway for Victor Migalchan and his team, who are  filming an upcoming documentary on the life story of the renowned inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur Jack McCauley. The documentary will delve into the incredible journey of the co-founder of Oculus VR, the virtual reality technology that has revolutionized the gaming and entertainment industry.

With over 35 years of experience in the technology industry, Jack McCauley has been responsible for developing and patenting multiple hardware and software innovations, including Oculus VR ,Guitar Hero and one of the authors and originators of the USB specification.

From a young age, Jack has been fascinated with arts, technology and demonstrated a natural inclination to experiment with electronics. In fact, as a teenager, he began to take this passion to the next level by building and experimenting with technology.

Jack has a strong background in electrical engineering and computer science, which he has utilized in his ventures with Oculus VR to develop cutting-edge virtual reality technology. His work in the field has helped to make virtual reality more accessible to a wider audience, leading him to be recognized for his contributions with an Emmy(where did you get this) award. In addition to his work with Oculus VR, Jack has also founded a number of other successful startups in the tech industry and is considered a leading expert in the field.

Victor Migalchan first met Jack McCauley in 2019 when he was hosting an evening gala of an event and conference in Silicon Valley. Jack was one of the VIP guests and panelists, and the two established a connection. When Victor later moved to Silicon Valley to develop his presence there, he reached out to Jack to learn more about his fascinating life.

Jack McCauley

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Victor was amazed by Jack’s creativity in engineering and arts, his vision, and his ability to see and develop anything, adding that Jack’s understanding of what the world does not have and his ability to create it was what fascinated him the most. “With his vast experience and knowledge in the field, Jack is considered a living legend in video game world.”, says Victor.

Furthermore, Victor describes Jack McCauley as a brilliant mind, similar to Elon Musk, but with a pure heart, a more humble, and unassuming nature. Like a valuable treasure hidden in the shadows, Jack concentrates on his ideas and research and makes an extensive effort to be of service to others by guiding and mentoring students and interns as they navigate the paths of professional growth and lending his support to those facing financial struggles or health challenges, including children dealing with health issues. His unwavering commitment to giving back to society is evident in his continual donations of inventions, resources, and time to various charitable causes. Jack is also an accomplished educator revered for his generosity and selflessness, as he teaches at UC Berkeley. Furthermore, Victor notes that Jack has a striking connection to nature despite being a tech expert, as he runs a winery.

Victor also expressed that he feels a certain connection to Jack as his own schedule has been similar to Jack’s atypical routine of waking up at 1 AM, and working in his lab until 6 or 7 PM. “I felt connected somehow because my regimen was always quite like that. Since high school, my day would start at 3 AM with training, then studying, then work, then school, and it didn’t really change now,” he shared.

“I have never met such talented inventors, entrepreneurs and humans with a huge heart and wish to share, help and support,” Victor shared about Jack. “Therefore, the idea of a documentary came right away. I wanted to preserve this amazing story for generations, to learn more and asked for the privilege and trust to be the one who would film and share this documentary with the whole world. Mr McCauley is the hidden dragon of the Silicon Valley – tech and business center of the world,” said Victor.

The documentary is in its final stage of production. Victor said the team would be announcing the premiere as soon as the film is fully approved by Mr McCauley, aiming to release it in Spring 2023, with the world premiere in UC Berkeley, but the final date and location is yet to be confirmed. This documentary is expected to be a must-watch for anyone interested in the life of one of the most innovative minds in Silicon Valley.

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