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How Precision Measuring Tools Impact Our Everyday Lives

How Precision Measuring Tools Impact Our Everyday Lives
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Precision and order define modern engineering. Many of our everyday activities rely on precise measurements made by experts at some point in time to accommodate our activities. For example, highways, buildings, and just about any construction project requires extensive measuring and precision.

Construction Projects

Roads need to be slanted to prevent water and ice from pooling in the lanes. In many cases, highways must be perfectly straight and parallel to handle a high volume of traffic. This is a marvel of engineering that requires precision tools to ensure that the ground is level and uniformly constructed.

Bridges and skyscrapers also support massive loads and must be built to withstand the wind, water, and weather. This requires precise measurements of each and every part to ensure that nothing fails under hypothetical pressures.

It was recently posited that the Titanic sank because the rivets used to hold the hull together were a grade inferior to the rivets desired by the engineer. The entire vessel was compromised by the slightest imprecision.

Tools of the Trade

Many modern measuring systems rely on lasers for accurate measurements when surveying land before construction begins. However, when it comes to engineering and other specialized sciences, there are a variety of tools that are used.

Micrometers, digital calipers, rod dial bore indicators, and gauges to name a few, are used every day in manufacturing processes to ensure that the machines we rely on function properly.


The technology we rely on every day is manufactured by extremely sophisticated robots that make precision measurements. When working on microchips, the precision needs to be perfect at a microscopic level.

Precise measurements and highly sensitive sensors are used to ensure that the microchip wafers are perfect. Even a spec of dust can ruin a microchip during the manufacturing process, therefore making it expensive to produce them.

Microchips are produced in clandestine laboratories under the most sterile conditions. The technologies used to create microchips rely on extremely precise measurements.

All Manufacturing Relies on Precision Tools

Everything manufactured is constantly measured and weighed to ensure that it contains the proper weights or volumes and performs as designed. You really cannot do anything in life without encountering something that was engineered and manufactured using precision tools.

It is a simple fact of life that everything you purchase is carefully made to a specific specification. In this manner, the raw materials and manufacturing cost were fully calculated well before it was made. Without precision measurements, manufacturing would screech to a halt. And we would return to the days of horses and buggies and live on farms.

Although we take these things for granted, precise measuring tools play a critical role in every aspect of our lives. Products are tested in labs to ensure that they do not fail prematurely under real-world conditions.

The thickness of a hinge pin may play a pivotal role in determining the pressure the entire door can withstand before falling over. The smallest things make all the difference and cannot be designed and manufactured without precision measuring tools.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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