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How Lisa J. Crawford Plans to Solve the Employment Crisis in the Hospitality Industry

A cursory look at the news will bring up reports of a hiring crisis in the work sector. The crisis has been dubbed The Great Resignation, and employers from all sectors have been besieged with a deluge of employees summarily quitting and walking out of their jobs. This has created an unprecedented situation whereby there are tons of jobs available but no one is interested in filling them. However, one person believes she knows what the problem is and has the solution to the unending stalemate.

Lisa J. Crawford, the CEO of LJC Motivations, has diagnosed the situation, especially in the hospitality industry, as a break in communication from the leadership to the employees. According to her, it is true that employees can break or make the company, but most people choose to ignore the fact that it goes both ways. Furthermore, employers can equally break or make their employees; hence, the present work crisis should not rest solely on the employees.

It is pertinent to point out that Lisa can boldly make such claims because she is not an outsider to the hospitality industry. In fact, she holds over twenty years of experience in the industry and has served in various capacities as both an employee and a leader of labor. Having been on both sides of the spectrum, she wants to serve the hospitality industry by creating solid communication from the leadership to the employees.

As she puts it in her own words, “I have walked the path and overcame the trauma. I am transparent and genuine. I offer solutions from experience. So many industries are having a hard time keeping employees, but have we taken the time to see why? I am able to evaluate the situations in the service industry to see if we can acquire and keep good employees. ‘Hospitality Begins from Within.’”  

One thing in particular that Lisa wants leaders to do is to ask themselves the question, “Would you Work for You?” The answer to this question will plainly show them what needs to be fixed in the hospitality industry.

Apart from overseeing LJC Motivations, Lisa J. Crawford is also an Impact speaker, self-love after trauma coach, and International Best-Selling Author. She holds a Business Degree in Organizational Management from Bethel University. Through LJC Motivations, Lisa has impacted souls around the world with her messages of hope, comfort, and inspiration. Speaking on what motivated her to build such a unique brand, Lisa has this to say, “It is my divine assignment to assist people to be a higher version of themselves, but I had to believe it for myself first.”

In spite of the success she has recorded, Lisa is not resting on her oars as she has outlined her huge plans for the future. “In five years from now, I will have spoken to multiple hospitality management companies and trained executives on the value of how to grow their employees by creating a solid culture, vision, and mission. I will also have spoken to women and men on how to use their voice and live past their personal pain.”

To know more about Lisa and the work she does, visit her website.

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