Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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How Jetall Companies’ Unique Systems Allows It to Thrive in the Real Estate Industry

Most businesses experience spells of dry seasons and peak seasons, but there are times when a company comes up with a unique solution to keep operations flowing at a high rate. Unfortunately, the real estate industry is among whose market trajectory can be unpredictable. However, one company has maintained consistency for decades, creating opportunities worldwide and building an empire – Jetall Companies.

Jetall Companies Inc. is a family-owned real estate investment and management company. Established in 1961 in London, England, the company has made numerous acquisitions in the United. In the ’90s, Jetall moved its headquarters to Houston, Texas. Since then, it has evolved into the largest private owner of commercial office space in Houston’s Galleria submarket.

Currently, the team consists of over 40 employees and subcontractors, all of which play an integral role in assisting Jetall’s real estate development activities. Jetall is also vertically integrated, allowing the company to handle all project phases.

Jetall strives to create additional value from buying or building assets. The company prides itself on its innate ability to execute and transact faster than any other firm in the market. Jetall’s systems were developed within its acquisition process so it can streamline how the company contracts properties. It finds underestimated, undervalued properties that Jetall plans to sell at a premium to enhance returns. Instead, the company creates value at purchase. 

The real estate titan invests in real estate opportunities on the property-level equity, debt, and special situations transactions. “We focus on investment opportunities where we have differentiated insights and/or relationships, and where we believe we can add value,” said the Jetall team. “We work in global and national markets but tend to focus where we have experience and understand the local community. We understand that real estate is a business where local knowledge is key. This is precisely why our largest real estate exposure continues to be in Houston, Austin, and other major Texas cities.”

Jetall Companies is led by CEO Ali Choudhri, an individual with more than twenty years of real estate experience with the company. His tenure with Jetall has led him to try it all –  from acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures, financing, development, and lending. Ali’s success can be attributed to his observation as a child, learning the business from his father.

Although Ali’s focus was on commercial real estate, he was able to design, build, and develop multiple residential communities in Houston, including the tallest single-family home in Texas. He also utilized his personal funds and extensive professional network to acquire over $1.2 billion worth of real estate assets. The transactions were sourced through outright acquisitions of assets, acquiring performing and non-performing notes and REO from servicers, lenders, and institutions.

“I’m passionate about economic growth and employment through real estate development and value creation,” said Ali. “I wish to provide solutions that support the changing needs of businesses in our communities.”

Jetall is continuously seeking high-quality, prominent development opportunities in high barrier-to-entry markets. As a result, Ali is optimistic that the company will continue to add value to communities by buying or building assets.

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