Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Ali Choudhri: The Visionary Who Is Modernizing Real Estate One Property at a Time

Some individuals emphasize that success is a product of one’s multiple achievements. However, a significant number of authorities highlight success in the form of a materialized vision. Proving that this is not just any ordinary sentiment, the bedrocks of the most thriving careers and industries are often goals that are set to spark action, impact lives, and make a difference in the world. In the case of Ali Choudhri, a seasoned real estate professional and emerging powerhouse across the realms of property investments, his desire to revolutionize and modernize spaces has propelled this changemaker towards the pinnacles of greatness. Today, he stands as the founder of Jetall Companies, one of the largest private owners of commercial office space across Houston’s Galleria submarket.

As a go-getter who possesses a vision that knows no bounds, Ali Choudhri proves that clinging to one’s vision and becoming determined to materialize it will take people to places. Beyond establishing a name for himself, this power player is currently running a trailblazing enterprise that is bound to shape the commercial and real estate arena in the years to come. For this reason, he has become a force to look out for across a highly cutthroat industry.

Before Ali Choudhri graced the property investment space with his visionary and go-getting disposition, he was once a dreamer who dreamed of becoming a notable personality one day. At the age of 16, he began carving a success-enabling path of his own as a realtor despite his young age and the innumerable adversities he encountered along the way. Years down the road, this power player breathed life into Jetall Companies.

Today, Ali Choudhri continues to make waves with the successes of his emerging enterprise. Jetall companies are not only one of the largest private owners of commercial spaces across Houston, but it is also the company behind the establishment of 2425 West Loop South and 1001 West Loop. In addition, Ali has also acquired, developed, and managed assets across the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Dubai.

By staying committed to his vision, Ali Choudhri continues to materialize his vision of converting spaces into fully-modernized properties with state-of-the-art features, like fitness centers, dispatch elevators, and class A office spaces. With his vertically integrated company, Ali leads the way in handling all phases of its projects, speaking volumes of Jetall’s exceptional services and offerings. For this reason, Ali Choudhri is setting the bar high among industry players across the trade.

Although the successes that Ali Choudhri has garnered over the years are a result of his hard work and purpose-driven vision, nothing beats his passion for elevating the industry that fuels this powerhouse to go consistently further. “I am passionate about economic growth and employment,” he shared. “I wish to provide solutions that support the ever-dynamic needs of businesses in our communities,” he added.

With no intentions of slowing down anytime soon, Ali Choudhri vows to continue its promise of materializing visions one property at a time. It aims to establish more fully modernized spaces in the years to come.

How Jetall Companies’ Unique Systems Allows It to Thrive in the Real Estate Industry

Most businesses experience spells of dry seasons and peak seasons, but there are times when a company comes up with a unique solution to keep operations flowing at a high rate. Unfortunately, the real estate industry is among whose market trajectory can be unpredictable. However, one company has maintained consistency for decades, creating opportunities worldwide and building an empire – Jetall Companies.

Jetall Companies Inc. is a family-owned real estate investment and management company. Established in 1961 in London, England, the company has made numerous acquisitions in the United. In the ’90s, Jetall moved its headquarters to Houston, Texas. Since then, it has evolved into the largest private owner of commercial office space in Houston’s Galleria submarket.

Currently, the team consists of over 40 employees and subcontractors, all of which play an integral role in assisting Jetall’s real estate development activities. Jetall is also vertically integrated, allowing the company to handle all project phases.

Jetall strives to create additional value from buying or building assets. The company prides itself on its innate ability to execute and transact faster than any other firm in the market. Jetall’s systems were developed within its acquisition process so it can streamline how the company contracts properties. It finds underestimated, undervalued properties that Jetall plans to sell at a premium to enhance returns. Instead, the company creates value at purchase. 

The real estate titan invests in real estate opportunities on the property-level equity, debt, and special situations transactions. “We focus on investment opportunities where we have differentiated insights and/or relationships, and where we believe we can add value,” said the Jetall team. “We work in global and national markets but tend to focus where we have experience and understand the local community. We understand that real estate is a business where local knowledge is key. This is precisely why our largest real estate exposure continues to be in Houston, Austin, and other major Texas cities.”

Jetall Companies is led by CEO Ali Choudhri, an individual with more than twenty years of real estate experience with the company. His tenure with Jetall has led him to try it all –  from acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures, financing, development, and lending. Ali’s success can be attributed to his observation as a child, learning the business from his father.

Although Ali’s focus was on commercial real estate, he was able to design, build, and develop multiple residential communities in Houston, including the tallest single-family home in Texas. He also utilized his personal funds and extensive professional network to acquire over $1.2 billion worth of real estate assets. The transactions were sourced through outright acquisitions of assets, acquiring performing and non-performing notes and REO from servicers, lenders, and institutions.

“I’m passionate about economic growth and employment through real estate development and value creation,” said Ali. “I wish to provide solutions that support the changing needs of businesses in our communities.”

Jetall is continuously seeking high-quality, prominent development opportunities in high barrier-to-entry markets. As a result, Ali is optimistic that the company will continue to add value to communities by buying or building assets.

Matt DiBara Brings Freedom to Contractors with The Contractor Consultants

Succeeding as a contractor demands more than skill. Without expertise, integrity, business acumen, and a track record of delivering quality work, even the most skilled craftsmen will find themselves passed over time and again for job opportunities. 

DiBara Masonry, a fourth-generation contracting company now led by Matt DiBara, has proven that it has everything it takes to succeed in the field of contracting. For more than 100 years he and his family have earned their clients’ trust, appreciation, and recommendations.

While some might leverage that kind of success to eliminate the competition, Matt DiBara has chosen another course. Rather than edging out other contractors, he is helping out other contractors by pouring his experience and expertise into a contractor consulting platform that equips others to make more money from their work, and have more time for themselves.

100+ years of quality contracting

DiBara Masonry traces its roots to the early 1900s when Michael Larusso and Matteo DiBara left Italy to find a new life and new freedoms in the United States. They brought with them little more than their masonry skills, which they used to build brick and stone homes for their families. As explained on the DiBara Masonry website, the two men were doing more than constructing homes; they were “building the foundation of a legacy that would last for decades.”Today, Matt lives out his family’s legacy by serving the community of Los Angeles. His company provides masonry services for new construction, restorations, and preservation.

Empowering others through The Contractor Consultants

Recently, Matt applied his skill for creating empowering processes to the development of The Contractor Consultant platform. By providing struggling contractors with a customized and comprehensive roadmap for success, The Contractor Consultants plan gives contractors what they need to build on their strengths and develop their dream business.

“We start with a Big Picture assessment, which examines a contractor’s business at a high level to learn about its end goals and what achieving them would mean for the contractor,” explains Matt. “Then, we examine what type of relationships could help to grow the business, and whether internal communication and organization is helping to further company goals.”

Once Matt’s team understands where a contractor wants to go, they examine the state of that contractor’s HR, marketing, production, communication, legal, and finance operations. His Big Six Assessment is a proven proprietary, 220-point assessment technology developed by experts who examine each contractor’s business deeply. After obtaining a deep understanding of the business, a 3/6/12 months plan is mapped out. Matt’s team refers to this plan as “The Freedom Strategy” because it provides contractors with the freedom to grow as they choose, and spend their time as they choose.

“You set the goal; we create the plan to get you there,” Matt says.

In addition to providing high-level assessments and business plan development, The Contractor Consultant also partners with contractors to execute plans. They do design work for promotional materials, research for business development and targeted leads, recruitment for needed positions, and networking outreach through LinkedIn. Rather than just adding more items to a contractor’s to-do list, Matt’s team assists in creating and executing.

Finding the right help with The Contractor Hiring Course

Recruiting reliable and skilled employees is one of the biggest challenges that any contractor faces, regardless of whether they do residential or commercial work. When contractors do not have capable craftsmen to deploy to jobs, work does not get done well—or on time. Either way, money is lost, customers are unhappy, and obtaining good reviews or referrals essentially becomes impossible. This leaves the contractor with more work to do to obtain quality leads.

“To take control of your recruiting is to take control of your company,” Matt explains.

To help with this process, Matt has developed The Contractor Hiring Course. Drawing upon his years of experience with finding and empowering the right employees, the course explains how to:

  • Set a timeline for successful hiring,
  • Build a culture that makes employees what to stay,
  • Develop a “constant and ongoing” plan for recruiting,
  • Identify and leverage the “gaps” in the industry to your advantage,
  • Set new hires up for success, and
  • Conduct employee work reviews.

Those who take the course will walk through a process that analyzes their current team, assesses current staffing needs, and provides a strategy for building and leveraging their brand. The course identifies every element within a contracting company and how it relates to hiring and managing a competent team, even down to what makes for a good job posting and where it should be shared. In the world of contracting, there is nothing like it.

The driving goal behind The Contractor Consultant and The Contractor Hiring Course is helping contractors to not only have more money, but also to have more time for the things that are important to them.

“Contractors dream of coming home at the end of the day to spend quality time with their families,” Matt says. “When a contractor has clients blowing up their phone continuously or employees leaving without reason, quality family time doesn’t happen. We provide industry-specific help and support so construction can catch up with other industries.”