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Explaining the Journey to Salvation and Redemption through Unique Penmanship Skills – How Can It Be by Larry Santos

Many people find salvation after a life of troubles and despair, while others have an epiphany in a unique moment in a life of fun, merriment, and partying. Finding faith or reforming from a previous life of sin and immorality can be a gradual or immediate process according to the situation or circumstances of different individuals. Some people have an epiphany in their darkest times and change their lifestyle immediately. However, others trod down a gradual path to redemption due to the moral calling of their conscience. The road to salvation and redemption is full of obstacles and challenges, especially for people who want to reform from a former life of sin. Dedication and commitment play a primary role in redemption and reformation because staying on the right path without straying are essential.

People use different strategies and derive strength from various sources to overcome challenges during their reformation. Finding a passion or hobby benefits many people because it offers an objective or purpose in life and prevents people from returning to a life of misery and despair. However, many people experience challenges in finding a passion or activity that prevents them from returning to a sinful or deviant lifestyle. Faith is among the most prominent elements empowering people to reform their ways and stay committed to their path to redemption. Many reformed individuals use religion and spirituality to connect with God and remain committed to their cause of salvation. Realizing life’s objective and purpose compels most people to improve their lives.

Finding the purpose of life enables many to mend their ways and seek refuge from a life of sorrow and despair. Lawrence T. Santos, who goes by his pen name Larry Santos also found purpose in his life after leading a life of partying and carelessness through faith. Santos worked in a warehouse before writing a book about his journey from a partying individual with no purpose in life to a reformed individual with a passion for writing and faith. Santos’ book “How Can It Be” highlights his exceptional penmanship skills that take readers on a journey of redemption and salvation through faith. Santos reflects in his book on how he reformed from a life of partying, drugs, and meaninglessness to finding purpose after an epiphany.

Larry Santos explains in his book that he was not a writer and had no experience with words. However, he started writing after listening to a radio presenter talk about the glass ceiling many people face due to their circumstances and conditions. He wrote several sections before realizing he was not a writer, but he managed to start and continue a story effectively. However, he paused for a few moments to comprehend the vision that transformed his life by giving him a purpose and meaning. He dedicated his book and effort to helping others find faith after God chose him for salvation and redemption. Santos realized that God chose him and showed the signs for a reason so he could transform his life and offer guidance to others regarding salvation through his book.

“How Can It Be” encourages readers to ponder the meaning of life and how faith can offer a path to redemption and salvation. Santos compels his audience to understand the significance of their existence while enlightening their souls and realizing the importance of faith in life. He illustrates his transformation from a carefree and purposeless person to an individual with a clear objective and mission. Larry Santos highlights in the book how faith changed his perspective on life and guided him on a journey of self-awareness, enlightenment, and cognizance. His unique writing style compels readers to understand and acknowledge how faith can transform people’s lives and put them on the track to salvation. The book encourages people to find redemption and salvation by connecting with God and renewing their faith regardless of their lifestyle or detachment from spirituality.

Larry Santos explains in his book how God entered his life and compelled him to mend his ways by utilizing faith as a support framework. Santos explained that he was reborn after witnessing a vision from God and dedicated his book “How Can It Be” to God and faith. He uses his unique writing skills to educate people on the significance of religion in finding a purpose and transforming lives. The book highlights how a person’s conscience and inner struggle for spirituality leads to reformation and enlightenment. Larry Santos elucidates how people with no hope of reformation or redemption can turn their lives around by connecting with God and renewing their faith.

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