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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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‘Cleaning Maid Simple’ Leads the Commercial Cleaning Industry With Systematic Approach and Adaptable Services

During these uncertain times, sanitation and cleanliness have taken their rightful place as priorities in any environment. However, as in all things, people are looking for a company that can strike the delicate balance between quality and budget-friendly services. Cleaning Maid Simple adds value to people’s lives by  establishing and maintaining high sanitation and cleanliness standards. In this way, they provide clients with clean working and living spaces.

Cleaning Maid Simple offers a wide range of cleaning services, from light office cleaning to deep institutional cleaning. The company maintains its competitive edge by utilizing unique management systems that allow the company to proactively identify issues and address them in real-time. These innovations help Cleaning Maid Simple respond to customers with a sense of urgency, affirming their value as clients. 

Unlike most cleaning companies, Cleaning Maid Simple does not charge by the hour or square footage, but instead a flat monthly fee. The company views pricing from the perspective of trading hard labor for solving a client’s pain point. This is why when meeting new customers, the Cleaning Maid Simple team takes it one step further to develop a comprehensive understanding of their needs.

To ensure continuity from systems to services, Cleaning Maid Simple carefully picks each member of the team. The company only hires the most conscientious and skilled candidates and thoroughly trains them in using products and equipment.

Constantly adapting to the needs of the times and customers, the Cleaning Maid Simple team recently acquired new skill sets to participate in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. With Cleaning Maid Simple’s deep cleaning and disinfection programs, many customers have reopened their offices.

Cleaning Maid Simple is the brainchild of Oscar Munoz. Oscar’s inspiration for starting his commercial cleaning company was his mother, Rosalia Sandoval, who had her own cleaning business for over 25 years and his father Alejandro Munoz who encouraged him to go for it. “When I was 19, I used to spend my evenings and even weekends with her cleaning small schools and offices,” recalls Oscar Munoz. Commercial cleaning became one of the ways he earned money while in college. These early experiences play a huge role in his decision to make a mark in the cleaning industry.

While studying Computer Networking and Information Technology, a series of employment opportunities led to Oscar Munoz landing his dream job in 2019. Unfortunately, his career as a business consultant was cut short when the company suffered financially. The pain of being laid off after working so hard to reach his goals motivated Oscar to launch Cleaning Maid Simple. In many ways, the company has become a platform for healing and taking control over his life.

In addition to continuing scaling Cleaning Maid Simple, Oscar’s goal is to give back to his community. The entrepreneur wants to connect with kindred spirits looking to start their brand or grow their small businesses. Setting his sight on the future, Oscar Munoz hopes to find more opportunities to coach and mentor individuals who feel stuck and unsure in their careers.

To learn more about Cleaning Maid Simple, you may visit the cleaning company’s website.

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