Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Carla Garcia Makes Retirement Planning a Walk in the Park with My Plan Keeper

Anyone who follows global financial news would know that for the first time in 30 years, both the equities and bond markets are down. Of course, plenty of low-risk investment options are available for those planning on investing long-term. However, finance has always been uncertain and erratic. For those who are not as technologically savvy to catch up on the latest in business news or are not as financially literate as they would like, My Plan Keeper is the answer.

My Plan Keeper is founded by a financial advisor and relationship manager, Carla Garcia, who has been in the industry for two decades. Carla greatly believes in the impact that she could have on her clients and their futures, and the intention of extending much-needed help and assistance motivated Carla to start My Plan Keeper. 

As opposed to other run-of-the-mill financial consultants in the market, what sets My Plan Keeper apart is that instead of convincing their clients to stay put and trust the institutions, Keeper Carla encourages them to seek wisdom. On the other hand, my Plan Keeper acts as an objective party, a helping hand that guides and presents to their clients the different options they have to select the most compatible solution. Moreover, instead of working for specific institutions, the company works with them, allowing their clients access to multiple financial options under more than 100 companies. Having this many alternatives for their clients ensures that whatever My Plan Keeper recommends comes from an educated and unbiased standpoint.

While the company can cater to all clientele, they consider their solutions more impactful for those closer to retirement age or those who want an early retirement. Especially for the boomer generation, Carla recognizes that most of them may not have had proper planning regarding their finances, on top of experiencing the 2008 financial crisis in the middle of their careers. To combat this, My Plan Keeper offers guidance about safe money solutions to ensure their clients have the confidence they need during their golden years. Although they cater primarily to this demographic, they have services for anyone seeking financial advice.

It is inspiring to see someone like Carla, who is successful in her field, decide to start her own company. Carla shares, “I believe in genuinely caring for people to do better. I took a huge risk and left my respectful job without any hesitation because I believed so hard in what customers needed.” This mission runs the company as they continue to touch more lives. What defines the My Plan Keeper brand is its eagerness to earn the trust of its clients. Every plan and recommendation is given with honesty and fairness at the forefront. My Plan Keeper will surely break through the prejudices and misconceptions within the industry and gather a community of customers who are confident that they have made the best financial choices for themselves and their families.

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