Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Carla Garcia Makes Retirement Planning a Walk in the Park with My Plan Keeper

Anyone who follows global financial news would know that for the first time in 30 years, both the equities and bond markets are down. Of course, plenty of low-risk investment options are available for those planning on investing long-term. However, finance has always been uncertain and erratic. For those who are not as technologically savvy to catch up on the latest in business news or are not as financially literate as they would like, My Plan Keeper is the answer.

My Plan Keeper is founded by a financial advisor and relationship manager, Carla Garcia, who has been in the industry for two decades. Carla greatly believes in the impact that she could have on her clients and their futures, and the intention of extending much-needed help and assistance motivated Carla to start My Plan Keeper. 

As opposed to other run-of-the-mill financial consultants in the market, what sets My Plan Keeper apart is that instead of convincing their clients to stay put and trust the institutions, Keeper Carla encourages them to seek wisdom. On the other hand, my Plan Keeper acts as an objective party, a helping hand that guides and presents to their clients the different options they have to select the most compatible solution. Moreover, instead of working for specific institutions, the company works with them, allowing their clients access to multiple financial options under more than 100 companies. Having this many alternatives for their clients ensures that whatever My Plan Keeper recommends comes from an educated and unbiased standpoint.

While the company can cater to all clientele, they consider their solutions more impactful for those closer to retirement age or those who want an early retirement. Especially for the boomer generation, Carla recognizes that most of them may not have had proper planning regarding their finances, on top of experiencing the 2008 financial crisis in the middle of their careers. To combat this, My Plan Keeper offers guidance about safe money solutions to ensure their clients have the confidence they need during their golden years. Although they cater primarily to this demographic, they have services for anyone seeking financial advice.

It is inspiring to see someone like Carla, who is successful in her field, decide to start her own company. Carla shares, “I believe in genuinely caring for people to do better. I took a huge risk and left my respectful job without any hesitation because I believed so hard in what customers needed.” This mission runs the company as they continue to touch more lives. What defines the My Plan Keeper brand is its eagerness to earn the trust of its clients. Every plan and recommendation is given with honesty and fairness at the forefront. My Plan Keeper will surely break through the prejudices and misconceptions within the industry and gather a community of customers who are confident that they have made the best financial choices for themselves and their families.

Mehta Media Emerges as a Top Choice of Solar Professionals for Their Marketing Needs

The solar business is a growing industry that requires strategic marketing services best suited to address the needs of solar experts and companies. These services, especially when availed through a reliable marketing agency with the same understanding and passion as its clients, can scale businesses and, in turn, the whole solar industry through high-quality leads that can potentially turn into loyal customers. Mehta Media has been fulfilling these demands for its clients and has established itself as a trusted name in the field.

Mehta Media is a full-scale marketing firm that provides solar experts tools to dominate the digital market and maximize their impact and relevance in the space, including informative pamphlets and videos on solar energy, business profiles, animated logos, and a solar design app. The company is making great strides in helping its clients stay on top as the go-to solar professionals in their respective areas. It handles its clients’ online presence setup from beginning to end, from branding, CRM tools, encompassing content generation, video editing and publishing, SEO, website design, and social media marketing, to enhancing their prospects and positioning them as valuable names in the industry. Furthermore, Mehta Media utilizes a wide variety of marketing strategies that bring its clients much-needed high-quality leads, free tools to close more transactions immediately, and tactics that boost conversion rates. The company offers unshared leads generated within a 50-mile radius that it pre-qualifies and sets directly on clients’ calendars, ensuring a fully-automated lead generation system. It also specifically targets clients’ areas of service to help leverage their businesses and growth.

“We, as a company, believe in transparency and authenticity, and these traits flow into what we set up for our Solar clients,” co-founder and CEO Akshay Mehta said.

Having observed a cookie-cutter system in the sector that has negatively affected business owners’ and marketing agencies’ image and results for years, Akshay decided to forge his own path into the industry. “Being a marketing agency owner myself looking to break into the Solar industry, I knew I had to do something different, genuine, and cost-effective that targeted the users’ pain points in order to establish my brand and gain trust. I decided to study the market and understand core problems to develop realistic and reliable solutions for, and that is what we ended up doing!” he shared.

While Mehta Media continues to assist its clients in the process of building their names through digital marketing, it ensures it stays true to its values centered on transparency and authenticity, both of which it imparts to its clientele composed of professionals, advisors, consultants, business owners, energy advisors, and energy consultants. In addition, Mehta Media is driven to take the headaches of lead generation and marketing off of its clients’ plates, so these solar professionals can better focus on the areas in which they specialize, which is having conversations and closing deals.

“I am a man who’s driven to make people’s lives easier in whatever way I can. Helping solar professionals scale their business or grow in their career gives me fulfillment,” Akshay said. 

As part of its effort to heal the Earth and make it a sustainable and greener place, Mehta Media has committed to planting 25 trees every month through its partnership with Evertreen. “So far, we have planted well over 1000 trees and hope to scale this number to planting a thousand trees every single month! This is our very small effort in helping the world become more green and slowly but surely healing Mother Earth,” the founder shared.

Mehta Media raises the standard for all solar marketing firms out there by offering its clients assurance of not only its expertise in the field but also its compassion toward their issues, discomforts, and troubles. Furthermore, it makes sure to over deliver on its promises of top-notch quality service, serving as proof that a workable and efficient solution is available for those who want it. Proving itself to be a reliable partner for solar businesses everywhere, Mehta Media continues on its way to prioritizing solar professionals’ career and business growth, embracing their objectives as its own.

World-Renowned Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Luca Grassetti Brings the Magic of Postpartum Surgery to Women Everywhere

Cosmetic surgery is as much of an art form as it is a science. Experts in the field have been mostly credited for beautifying people from all over the world. Seeing as how the stigma for these coveted procedures has slowly been stripped away, the general populace has come to realize the true beauty of the craft. Thus, giving rise to readily available medical procedures that have changed the lives of women everywhere. 

Dr. Luca Grassetti is an Italian Plastic Surgeon that has championed this beautiful side of Aesthetic Surgery. The renowned medical professional has performed countless procedures in the realm of Postpartum surgery, granting women the chance to reclaim their beauty and confidence amidst their darkest days. 

In a recent statistic, 1 out of 3 women suffers from rectus abdominis diastasis (RAD) after pregnancy. RAD is a condition in which the two rectus muscles are separated by an abnormal distance. During pregnancy, the uterus grows and causes the abdomen muscles to stretch, resulting in this unwanted aftereffect. 

Oftentimes, after pregnancy, women tend to suffer from sagging along the chest wall and belly areas, causing them to lose confidence in their outer beauty after witnessing the many changes that their bodies have undergone. Apart from aesthetics, these issues also come along with functional disorders such as pain in the lower back, indigestion, urinary incontinence, and many more. 

Realizing the pain and suffering that women have to go through, Dr. Luca Grassetti has taken it upon himself to help hundreds of patients navigate these uncharted waters. With a single combined operation, Dr. Grassetti utilizes minimally-invasive techniques to recreate his patients’ tone, volume, and muscular continence back to what it once was before they became pregnant. 

Through his expertise in Postpartum surgery, Dr. Luca Grassetti uses his deft hands to turn back the clock and make women feel beautiful once more so they can live their lives as if they were reborn. This highly inspirational topic is the subject of his best-selling book entitled “Paths of Rebirth.” 

Published on February 23, 2021, through the Bruno Editore publishing house, Dr. Grassetti’s “Paths of Rebirth” discusses all the scientific details of the major surgical operations he has performed as well as the lived experiences of some patients whom he has guided along the path of personal growth and inner rebirth.

“Plastic Surgery, done when you really need it, changes you in your soul, and those around you see and breathe it,” shared Dr. Luca Grassetti. Such is the power of Cosmetic Surgery; it is a scientific art form that makes people feel better about themselves, allowing them to realize their true beauty and wield it in such a way that no one could ever dull their sparkle. 

Dr. Luca Grassetti is truly an inspirational medical professional. Not only has he done commercially viable procedures for well-known influencers and TV personalities, but he has also delved into the more human side of Cosmetic Surgery. From a philosophical standpoint, these procedures are all about nurturing the soul as much as they are for cultivating the beauty seen on the outside. 

Apart from his tremendous success in the realm of Postpartum surgery, Dr. Luca Grassetti is also a celebrated plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeon who has earned the online moniker the “Wizard of Rinofiller,” helping his esteemed patients correct particular nose defects in a non-invasive manner. Ultimately, Dr. Grassetti has proven his mettle as a decorated cosmetic surgeon on a global stage, becoming a bastion of beauty for women all over the world and delivering on all their cosmetic needs with unbridled passion and expertise.


German Model Severine Keimig Creates Own Company to Help People Find Success, Wellness, and Inner Peace

The present generation is facing an enormous amount of stressors in life. It also does not help that people are caught up in fast-paced lives, neglecting their physical health and overall well-being in the process. German fashion model Severine Keimig firmly believes that there is more to life than just keeping up with the hustle of others in order to succeed. Her personal search has led her to discover a stress-free manner of achieving overall wellness, self-development, inner peace, and success.

Inspired by what she observed and discovered during her six-week project on the island of Samoa back in 2017, Severine developed her own company called Abundance Life League (ALL). She had a personal awakening when she was in Samoa, and she returned to her home country a totally different person—someone who decided to live life to the fullest and make the best of things no matter what. It was during her time on the island that she started to write in a journal, making a list of things she missed while in isolation from the life she was used to.

Throughout her journaling journey, she became more aware of things around her, more grateful, and more mindful of what she has been blessed with. Eventually, journaling gave her a gift that had no price— inner peace. While so many others struggle with their pursuit of genuine happiness, clarity, and peace of mind, Severine has found solace and joy in such a simple yet life-changing task.

Determined to share this discovery with the rest of the world, Severine published “The Mind, Body, Wealth Journal,” designed to be a source of betterment. Forbes calls the journal “The 90-day guide for successful living.” What it primarily does is unlock greater clarity, deeper awareness, and extraordinary success.

“My mission is to help people find their inner and outer balance in life while encouraging them to reach their goals. The product launch is about to happen, and with it, I am beyond excited that I’ll eventually have a positive impact on other people’s lives by helping them live up to their ultimate dreams,” Severine shared.

Unknown to many, journaling also has health benefits, such as effective stress management, reduction of depression and anxiety, a stronger immune system, recovery from trauma and psychiatric conditions, strong memory function, and better sleep quality. The mind benefits, on the other hand, include increased focus and productivity, a sense of gratitude and better self-confidence, increased communication skills, improved problem-solving skills, improved self-awareness and mindfulness, and strong discipline and willpower.

Severine also emphasizes the value of meditation in achieving healthy well-being and mindset. Through meditation, the mind can be conditioned to be calm, and the person becomes more self-aware and mindful. Mindfulness also helps people understand their surroundings better. Achieving daily balance through meditation is essential to give people a sense of calm and peace.

As a model for over the past years, Severine understands very well how building a thriving career can rob people of their peace of mind. She has spent her many years in the industry modeling for Ralph Lauren, Macy’s, Nordstrom, DIOR, BCBG Max Azria, Herve Leger, Michael Kors, Juicy Couture, NARS, MAC Cosmetics, Amazon, ASOS, Bloomingdales, Playboy Germany, among others. Now based in New York, and after establishing a respectable image in the business, Severine has landed the covers of L’Officiel and Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin.

Severine is a strong advocate for strong physical health. To achieve this, she wants to teach people that it entails maintaining good nutrition, regular exercise, and preventing oneself from starting bad habits. By promoting her advocacy, she hopes to see more people benefit from her program so that they, too, can live their lives to the fullest.