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World-Renowned Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Luca Grassetti Brings the Magic of Postpartum Surgery to Women Everywhere

Cosmetic surgery is as much of an art form as it is a science. Experts in the field have been mostly credited for beautifying people from all over the world. Seeing as how the stigma for these coveted procedures has slowly been stripped away, the general populace has come to realize the true beauty of the craft. Thus, giving rise to readily available medical procedures that have changed the lives of women everywhere. 

Dr. Luca Grassetti is an Italian Plastic Surgeon that has championed this beautiful side of Aesthetic Surgery. The renowned medical professional has performed countless procedures in the realm of Postpartum surgery, granting women the chance to reclaim their beauty and confidence amidst their darkest days. 

In a recent statistic, 1 out of 3 women suffers from rectus abdominis diastasis (RAD) after pregnancy. RAD is a condition in which the two rectus muscles are separated by an abnormal distance. During pregnancy, the uterus grows and causes the abdomen muscles to stretch, resulting in this unwanted aftereffect. 

Oftentimes, after pregnancy, women tend to suffer from sagging along the chest wall and belly areas, causing them to lose confidence in their outer beauty after witnessing the many changes that their bodies have undergone. Apart from aesthetics, these issues also come along with functional disorders such as pain in the lower back, indigestion, urinary incontinence, and many more. 

Realizing the pain and suffering that women have to go through, Dr. Luca Grassetti has taken it upon himself to help hundreds of patients navigate these uncharted waters. With a single combined operation, Dr. Grassetti utilizes minimally-invasive techniques to recreate his patients’ tone, volume, and muscular continence back to what it once was before they became pregnant. 

Through his expertise in Postpartum surgery, Dr. Luca Grassetti uses his deft hands to turn back the clock and make women feel beautiful once more so they can live their lives as if they were reborn. This highly inspirational topic is the subject of his best-selling book entitled “Paths of Rebirth.” 

Published on February 23, 2021, through the Bruno Editore publishing house, Dr. Grassetti’s “Paths of Rebirth” discusses all the scientific details of the major surgical operations he has performed as well as the lived experiences of some patients whom he has guided along the path of personal growth and inner rebirth.

“Plastic Surgery, done when you really need it, changes you in your soul, and those around you see and breathe it,” shared Dr. Luca Grassetti. Such is the power of Cosmetic Surgery; it is a scientific art form that makes people feel better about themselves, allowing them to realize their true beauty and wield it in such a way that no one could ever dull their sparkle. 

Dr. Luca Grassetti is truly an inspirational medical professional. Not only has he done commercially viable procedures for well-known influencers and TV personalities, but he has also delved into the more human side of Cosmetic Surgery. From a philosophical standpoint, these procedures are all about nurturing the soul as much as they are for cultivating the beauty seen on the outside. 

Apart from his tremendous success in the realm of Postpartum surgery, Dr. Luca Grassetti is also a celebrated plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeon who has earned the online moniker the “Wizard of Rinofiller,” helping his esteemed patients correct particular nose defects in a non-invasive manner. Ultimately, Dr. Grassetti has proven his mettle as a decorated cosmetic surgeon on a global stage, becoming a bastion of beauty for women all over the world and delivering on all their cosmetic needs with unbridled passion and expertise.


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