Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Mehta Media Emerges as a Top Choice of Solar Professionals for Their Marketing Needs

The solar business is a growing industry that requires strategic marketing services best suited to address the needs of solar experts and companies. These services, especially when availed through a reliable marketing agency with the same understanding and passion as its clients, can scale businesses and, in turn, the whole solar industry through high-quality leads that can potentially turn into loyal customers. Mehta Media has been fulfilling these demands for its clients and has established itself as a trusted name in the field.

Mehta Media is a full-scale marketing firm that provides solar experts tools to dominate the digital market and maximize their impact and relevance in the space, including informative pamphlets and videos on solar energy, business profiles, animated logos, and a solar design app. The company is making great strides in helping its clients stay on top as the go-to solar professionals in their respective areas. It handles its clients’ online presence setup from beginning to end, from branding, CRM tools, encompassing content generation, video editing and publishing, SEO, website design, and social media marketing, to enhancing their prospects and positioning them as valuable names in the industry. Furthermore, Mehta Media utilizes a wide variety of marketing strategies that bring its clients much-needed high-quality leads, free tools to close more transactions immediately, and tactics that boost conversion rates. The company offers unshared leads generated within a 50-mile radius that it pre-qualifies and sets directly on clients’ calendars, ensuring a fully-automated lead generation system. It also specifically targets clients’ areas of service to help leverage their businesses and growth.

“We, as a company, believe in transparency and authenticity, and these traits flow into what we set up for our Solar clients,” co-founder and CEO Akshay Mehta said.

Having observed a cookie-cutter system in the sector that has negatively affected business owners’ and marketing agencies’ image and results for years, Akshay decided to forge his own path into the industry. “Being a marketing agency owner myself looking to break into the Solar industry, I knew I had to do something different, genuine, and cost-effective that targeted the users’ pain points in order to establish my brand and gain trust. I decided to study the market and understand core problems to develop realistic and reliable solutions for, and that is what we ended up doing!” he shared.

While Mehta Media continues to assist its clients in the process of building their names through digital marketing, it ensures it stays true to its values centered on transparency and authenticity, both of which it imparts to its clientele composed of professionals, advisors, consultants, business owners, energy advisors, and energy consultants. In addition, Mehta Media is driven to take the headaches of lead generation and marketing off of its clients’ plates, so these solar professionals can better focus on the areas in which they specialize, which is having conversations and closing deals.

“I am a man who’s driven to make people’s lives easier in whatever way I can. Helping solar professionals scale their business or grow in their career gives me fulfillment,” Akshay said. 

As part of its effort to heal the Earth and make it a sustainable and greener place, Mehta Media has committed to planting 25 trees every month through its partnership with Evertreen. “So far, we have planted well over 1000 trees and hope to scale this number to planting a thousand trees every single month! This is our very small effort in helping the world become more green and slowly but surely healing Mother Earth,” the founder shared.

Mehta Media raises the standard for all solar marketing firms out there by offering its clients assurance of not only its expertise in the field but also its compassion toward their issues, discomforts, and troubles. Furthermore, it makes sure to over deliver on its promises of top-notch quality service, serving as proof that a workable and efficient solution is available for those who want it. Proving itself to be a reliable partner for solar businesses everywhere, Mehta Media continues on its way to prioritizing solar professionals’ career and business growth, embracing their objectives as its own.

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