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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Blu Talks and Corey Poirier Are Bringing Their Dynamic, Star-studded Event To San Francisco

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Blu Talks, the revolutionary speaker series, is excited to announce an upcoming event in San Francisco on March 24th at Stanford University Faculty Center. This much-anticipated event will showcase a remarkable lineup of innovative thought leaders, industry experts, and inspiring individuals, all sharing their unique insights and experiences on a diverse range of topics. 

In fact, San Francisco resident Anthony Trucks (American Ninja Warrior, former NFL Linebacker) will be kicking off the event and his talk is absolutely not to be missed. 

The best part is that this event is free!

About Corey Poirier

Led by founder Corey Poirier, an accomplished speaker, author, and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to empowering and inspiring others through public speaking and storytelling, this event has a simple goal to “transform lives twenty minutes at a time.” 

Throughout his illustrious career, Corey has not only been an inspiring speaker but also an avid learner. He has interviewed over 6,000 world-class leaders, gaining insights into their success and sharing these invaluable lessons with his audience. His work has had a tremendous impact on countless lives, and his passion for personal development and growth has been a driving force behind bLU Talks’ success.

“One of the driving forces behind my passion for sales and public speaking was my initial lack of training and support in these areas. I was determined to ensure that others would not face the same challenges that I encountered early in my journey. Overcoming difficulties in securing media exposure and speaking opportunities led me to envision a comprehensive platform that would provide aspiring speakers and sales professionals with the resources they need to succeed.”

Blu Talks Mission

bLU Talks was born from this vision, with the aim of becoming a one-stop platform that provides not only the stage, but also access to podcasts, live events, and books. As a result, bLU Talks  (which stands for Business, Life, Universe) has quickly established itself as a leading organizer of personal and professional development. Through its books, podcasts,  and speaking series, they have already reached millions around the world with collaboration from leaders such as Les Brown, Dr. Joe Vitale, and Mark Victor Hansen (co-creator of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”) and Crystal Hansen. Through these connections and partnerships their goal is to empower individuals by offering them the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to excel in their chosen fields, ultimately helping them make a positive impact in their personal and professional lives.

Attending The Event

Attendees at the free San Francisco event can expect a diverse lineup of speakers, covering topics such as entrepreneurship, technology, personal development, and social impact. Each speaker will offer a unique perspective on the world around us, sharing their expertise and insights to empower and inspire those in attendance. For more information about bLU Talks and their free event in San Francisco, you can visit their site and reserve your free seat.


bLU Talks was founded with the vision to inspire, empower, and ignite positive change in the lives of individuals and communities around the globe. The driving force behind this initiative is the transformative power of sharing ideas and experiences, which led founder Corey Poirier to establish a platform where thought leaders, industry experts, and inspiring individuals could unite to exchange insights and knowledge. Adhering to the idea of “Transforming Lives in 20 Minutes,” bLU Talks focuses on engaging and thought-provoking conversations that spur innovation, motivate personal growth, and foster a deeper understanding of our world. With its unwavering commitment to creating impactful events and nurturing meaningful connections, bLU Talks has become a prominent force in the realm of personal and professional development.

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