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Ava Caceres and Bella Thorne Captures Story of Love and Loss in the Hit Single “Be Somebody’s”

Beginning the story with a scene showing musician Ava Caceres in an empty theater, the music video of the hit song “Be Somebody’s” quickly picks up the undeniable chemistry between the singer and Hollywood’s Bella Thorne. The rising pop star uses her gift in singing and songwriting to show the world the beauty of vulnerability in experiencing love and loss in her hit single. 

Ava Caceres is a multi-talented singer and songwriter capturing the hearts of many in the music industry. Ever since she was little, the rising music diva knew she wanted to “create art and uplift people.” During her school years, she strived to integrate her two goals by joining many school plays and concert choirs. Eventually, her endeavors paved the way for her passion for songwriting. Notably, her love for writing started with novels and short stories before jumping to song compositions. Shortly after finishing high school, she had the opportunity to pair up with Grammy Award-winning producer Damon Sharpe for a music collaboration. From this strategic partnership, the hit single “Be Somebody’s” was brought to life. 

The top hit, “Be Somebody’s,” is a song written for everyone who has faced heartbreak in their lifetime. “To me, the most important takeaway of “Be Somebody’s” is that it is a gift to have loved and lost. When you have, you have a chance at experiencing being humbled with gratitude; the kind that reveals how beautiful it is to be so vulnerable as humans,” shares Ava Caceres. 

On top of the song’s moving lyrical content and its laid-back melody, its official music video championed the scenes capturing young love and heartbreak between Bella Thorne and Ava Caceres. The pair’s undeniable chemistry and impressive acting skills, coupled with a gorgeous theater setting, have made many listeners fall in love with the track. The video also features the charming Charlie Depew, who adds more to the story. 

The track also reveals the singer’s solid background in acting, molded by years of theater productions and countless acting classes. Her acting skills paired with a storytelling perspective in the song seemingly takes the listeners on a trip down her memory lane as the lyrics effortlessly tells her story, narrating her feelings of falling in love. “There are stories everywhere, both within and outside ourselves. As an artist, I want to apply these stories in a way that transforms ourselves,” says Ava. 

For Ava Caceres, she uses her voice not only to sing songs but to share exciting and captivating stories that are easily relatable for each listener. Ava’s music peels off several layers of communication to establish a profound connection between her and her listeners. At present, she continues to take her passion for music to greater heights as she hopes to strongly impact the music industry through powerful lyricism. In the future, she has her eyes on becoming a household name in the music industry, bringing authenticity and genuine passion to the table.

With so many things to say and an unparalleled commitment to creating a positive impact on people’s lives, the young singer is, indeed, here to stay.

To know more about Ava Caceres and her music, you may check her out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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