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A New House Music Version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Seeks to be New LGBTQIA+ Wedding Anthem

A New House Music Version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Seeks to be New LGBTQIA+ Wedding Anthem
Photo Credited to: Jonathan Hay Publicity

Rainbows have long since been a symbol of diversity, inclusivity, and unabashed expression within the LGBTQIA+ community. A new audacious single, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow (House Mix)” from the album ‘Wish You Were Brooklyn,’ is looking to take this a step further, aiming to become the new LGBTQIA+ wedding anthem.

This vivacious electro jazz record has been masterfully put together by producers Jonathan Hay and Robert Ivan. Their venture, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow (House Mix)”, is an energetic reimagining of Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s divine rendition of the classic tune. The house music remix, infused with techno and contemporary jazz vibes, is a stunning blend that pays homage to the original version while adding a modern twist.

A key element of this song that deserves special mention is the incredible saxophone performance by Benny Reid. Reid has worked alongside Hay previously, landing a No.1 spot on the Billboard jazz charts with ‘Follow the Leader (Reimagined as Jazz)’, a partnership with the iconic rap duo Eric B. & Rakim. Known also for his work in ‘The Infamous Live’, a jazz album collaboration with the legendary rapper Havoc of Mobb Deep, Reid’s saxophone expertise adds a unique flair to this burgeoning house mix.

Riding on Reid’s noticeable sax and an infectious rhythm, this single proposes to flip ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ into a quintessential dance record. Released under the banner of R.U.S.H Music, Tech Row Records and Kingmaker Music, this track stems from a collective effort of seven innovative forces — Jonathan Hay, Benny Reid, Robert Ivan, 41x, Atlas Jenkins, Lynne Volk and Diana Pagan. Their collaboration ensures that this album, ‘Wish You Were Brooklyn,’ is the epitome of inclusion, making “Somewhere Over the Rainbow (House Mix)” a standout.

This house mix of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” has its roots in a jazz-blend rendition, but its aspirations aim much higher as it dares to carve space as an LGBTQIA+ wedding anthem. With wedding ceremonies being events that celebrate love in all its multifaceted forms, it is fitting that a reimagined version of this classic song, recognized for its representation of diverse hopes, dreams, and identities, finally finds its way to wedding aisles.

The transformative power of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow (House Mix)’ transcends the boundaries of musical genres, as the creative minds behind it have successfully transformed a soulful ballad into catchy electro jazz house music. Whether it’s the underlying rhythm or the jazzy tones of their interpretation, the creative team has managed to retain the sense of longing and aspiration that characterizes the original song. 

While its rich history and the universal message of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ is timeless, this house mix seems to be drawing a new path towards the future. Its endeavor to become a staple at LGBTQIA+ weddings is a testament to its commitment to embody love, acceptance, and freedom, all hallmarks of the community.

Finally, to borrow from the team’s inviting call-to-action, it’s time to get to dancing. Whether at a wedding or any gathering that celebrates life and love, this house mix version of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ is prepared to lead the charge, symbolizing not just inclusivity within the LGBTQIA+ community, but also their collective hope and joy for a brighter, freer and more accepting world.

Let’s savor this new take on a timeless classic, ready to inspire countless celebrations of love and acceptance. Let the beat drop; it’s time to dance ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’

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