Zachary Strazicich and How He’s Set Himself Apart as a Marketing Expert

Customer service and marketing are the lifeblood of any business. Experts in these fields are regarded as the fulcrum that keeps the wheel rolling and will always command utmost respect anywhere they find themselves. At the forefront of the marketing and customer service world is Zachary Strazicich, who has not only built a revered reputation but is also building and leaving high-value teams in his wake.

Coming from a solid customer service background prepared Zach for the muddy waters of business and all that comes with it. He strives for real-world experience, and he has done well to garner experience in the sales field and acquire a high level of education in business management.

Zachary Strazicich’s experience in business has shined through in how he conducts himself and in the knowledge and expertise he exudes in his work. His professional experience has placed him in a prime position to create incentive programs to achieve short and long-term marketing goals. He has led numerous marketing teams and achieved notable results with them across multiple companies.

Zach’s strengths include strong leadership, excellent communication skills, and thorough knowledge of being a team player. He works with vision-oriented plans, which enable him to carry whole teams along with him and move them towards a successful destination.

Since he graduated from college, Zachary Strazicich has held multiple positions in different companies, including working as a marketing specialist, head of marketing, and marketing manager over the last few years. As a result, he has gotten the opportunity to showcase his abilities and put his potentials out for everyone to see. These positions he has occupied have also helped him network and build partnerships with many key players across industries. His hard work and passion have shone through and placed him strategically in the success stories of many entrepreneurs and businesses globally.

Zachary Strazicich is heavily committed and devoted to becoming a leader who brings out the best from go-getters and dreamers across industries. He understands the challenges that come with building a reputation or a name, but he’s not the type to quiver in the face of challenges, no matter how insurmountable they might seem. That’s why he’s not just building a name for himself; he’s also paving the way for other people and impacting lives while at it. “In my line of work, my success is measured by the success I help other people achieve. And the zeal to make that happen fuels my drive,” he said.

His determination and passion are two things that have helped him make giant strides across multiple industries. However, he has also set the bar high for himself, and every time he looks into the future, he only sees ways to outdo himself.

Learn more about Zachary Strazicich by checking out his LinkedIn page.

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