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Valeriya Lisitsyna: The Content Creator Who Is Helping Hundreds of Women Become Influencers

In this day and age, when Instagram competition is increasing daily Valeriya Lisitsyna maintained a cutthroat atmosphere, and growth. Aside from dealing with thousands of influencers in the market and a lack of resources, one has to face a wide variety of challenges to get ahead of the market and stand out on Instagram as an “Instagram blogger”. In the case of Valeriya Lisitsyna, securing a coveted position in the thousands of likes in her chosen industry is a tremendous challenge, but she has earned the attention of over 300,000 followers and tons of likes. Today, she utilizes her success to teach others how to become Instagram influencers and make $2,000 per post like she does.

Best known in social media as Val Lis or Valerie Lisitsyna, she is an esteemed entrepreneur, content creator, and coach from Seattle, Washington. She is widely recognized for her 100k growth on Instagram in just 1 week due to a viral Reels video, but what made Val most known is her incredible capacity to help others in her course do the same. Through her successful and fast-growing platform, she aims to serve as a launching pad for thousands of stay ay home moms and women looking for a career change.

Originally from Russia, Valerie Lisitsyna had to start living in America in an immigrant family. Growing up she went to college at the University of Washington which was difficult, while she learned Instagram growth, took courses and spent sleepless nights educating herself on becoming an influencer. She persevered two part time jobs at the same time as going to school to pay for expenses and bills. Today, she is a full-time influencer making six figures and working with brands like McDonalds, Lulus and CVS Pharmacys.

Although Valerie Lisitsyna has already managed to make a mark in a rapidly emerging influencer industry she has made it her mission to make a difference in the lives of many dreamers and go-getters on the platform. By using her fast-growing methods she decided to transform her knowledge into a course program called Instagram Academy, where students could learn some tips and guidance on getting ahead and reaching thousands of followers. 

As a purpose-driven personality whose goal is to set a precedent across the digital arena, Valeriya Lisitsyna has established various courses and programs that are designed to elevate aspiring hopefuls towards greater heights. Through her platforms, she aims not only to provide growth strategies that enable go-getters to transform their visions into reality across the digital space but also to inspire them to climb the summits of success despite the odds stacked against them.

“I want to help others, especially women, become social media influencers who get paid at least $2,000 per post,” shared the powerhouse.

Although Valerie Lisitsyna boasts colors that exude brilliance and passion, the successes she has accumulated over the years are a result of her experience as an emerging content creator on Instagram. Thus, Val delivers success to those under her wings, guaranteeing promising milestones every step of the way.

As can be gleaned from her journey, Valerie Lisitsyna has sufficiently proven that no dream is ever too big for go-getting individuals. No matter how difficult the path may be, people who are genuinely driven will take it upon themselves in order to translate their dreams and materialize their goals. When one puts their hearts into their crafts, everything will be within arm’s reach.

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