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Up-and-Coming College Tennis Athlete Connor Dean Shows a Lot of Promise

Rising actor, philanthropist, and promising tennis player Connor Dean is showing a lot of promise in areas he is most passionate about. Whether it is competing as a college tennis athlete or making appearances in feature films and television projects, he has shown great potential, attracting more opportunities to spread his wings. 

The Los Angeles-based actor started out as a print model for Fred Meyer. Apart from doing commercials, he also enjoyed doing short films. One of his most unforgettable roles is being Butch the Bully in the Cool Cat movies that starred Eric Roberts, Erik Estrada, and Vivica A. Fox. When he is not in front of the camera, Connor Dean plays in Open Tournaments all over Southern California. 

Connor Dean’s maturity and perspective when it comes to his tennis career is extremely focused on making it happen and doing it the best manner possible. For someone of his young age, he has a clear set of objectives where it concerns his life as an athlete, and he is committed to do whatever it takes to see himself reach great feats. He sees challenges as opportunities to stretch his abilities and shape his character into something he will treasure for life. If anything, he does not back down from difficulties that easily. 

“My goal is to play tennis at a D1 or D2 college in California. I love California and don’t want to leave! I played other sports, but tennis is my passion,” Connor Dean shared. “About 3 years ago, I broke my right elbow which was devastating. The surgeon who put a plate in my arm said I may be able to play tennis but probably not at the level I was before I broke it. With the help of my parents I found a wonderful physical therapist that worked with athletes. Through hard work and dedication I was able to rehab my arm and I came back better and stronger than ever.”

Just like any other sport, Connor Dean fully understands the demands of excelling in tennis. Committing to daily practices is just one of several things that is part of his day to day routine. And because tennis is one of his several passions in life, he is prepared to make the necessary sacrifices in order to meet his goals. 

“I always say ‘practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes better,’” Connor Dean  added. “You will never have the perfect match or perfect practice so you shouldn’t strive for that. Instead, it’s important to always work toward improving everyday and be the best person you can on and off the tennis court. You can learn just as much from a loss, and sometimes more, as you can from a win.”

The rising tennis athlete and actor does not know what the future holds for him, but he remains confident that whatever will be handed to him will be largely a result of his performance and dedication. In the end, Connor Dean knows he just needs to be prepared for when the big opportunities come. And when they do, the go-getter in him will be more than ready to take them on. 

Find out more about Connor Dean by visiting his website. Follow him on Instagram and TikTok for updates on his latest projects. 

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