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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Ukrainian Influencer and Filmmaker, Nina Podolska, hosts fundraiser in support of ongoing relief efforts

Los Angeles-based Nina Podolska takes to social media to document her efforts in raising awareness and encouraging donation-oriented action toward the ever-growing need for aid, amidst the Russian invasion on Ukraine.

Podolska most recently hosted the Ukrainian Creative Coalition fundraiser at the DPA pre-Oscars gifting suite – a luxurious event at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel where nominees pick up last-minute items for the red carpet.

This year, 42 worldwide brands provided products to be gifted to attendees, including Swiss Nescens, The Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), Topo Chico, Carvery Kitchen, Luxie Beauty, Alkazone, Debco Dogo, and Frankie Dean.

Dressed in traditional Ukrainian clothing, Nina dedicated her time to representing her beloved country at the event, distributing Ukrainian pins and buttons, and educating others about the ongoing war, as well as trusted resources available. During the event, celebrities were also invited to record their messages of solidarity to be shared directly with people of Ukraine.

Podolska was honored to have met so many Oscar nominees. “It is heartwarming to see those with influence in Hollywood using it for the good and I am only seeking to do the same” she expressed in a recent social media posting.

Social media has truly opened up an entirely new dimension to modern conflict, proving just how powerful online platforms can be in spreading knowledge and influencing real-world action.

Over the years, Podolska has garnered a loyal following on Instagram by sharing her journey as a Ukrainian woman entering the business of Hollywood, including filmmaking, production, and modeling. In spite of her desire to collaborate on cinematic projects that portray authentic stories and empower women worldwide, Nina has set her priorities on supporting those in Ukraine.

Podolska encourages others to become involved, using constant, colorful communication to expose the tragic realities and inspire action on a global scale. She asks those in the film community, especially, to donate to the Ukrainian people through various charity organizations including Ukraine United Association, Together for Ukraine, and Patreon for suffering and displaced animals.

“Now, more than ever, I am called to share my story and the history of my culture,” Podolska says. Nina intends to continue relaying valuable, educational content via her digital platforms and prove to the world just how brave and admirable the people of Ukraine are. 

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