Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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The [very addicting] Clubhouse App Has Taken Over!

Everyone you talk to seems to be chatting up a storm about a new Clubhouse they have joined. No, not an actual clubhouse, but a new app that is currently only available to iPhone users. Think about it like a conference call with your favorite celebrities, coaches or entrepreneurs. Launched back in May 2020 by founders Rohan Seth and Paul Davison, the app has already reached a $100,000,000 valuation.

So what exactly is Clubhouse? It is a new social media app that lets users voice chat in real time. You’re able to bounce ideas off each other, share stories on specific topics, expand your network globally,or just sit back and listen to some awesome people talk about some awesome things… and sometimes not so awesome things. But when it comes down to it, the main focus behind Clubhouse is creating engaging conversations that bring people value and way for everyone to be on a level playing field with each other, unlike on other apps where there are verifications and different “levels”.

But there is one catch for now, besides only being open to iPhone users. You are only allowed access to “The Clubhouse” by being invited by someone already on the app. With this invite-only structure the app has officially made anyone not on the app feel like a kid who didn’t get invited to the party.

But, if you do finally get an invite, well, not only do you get to engage in some awesome audio conversations, but you can even hear and chat with celebrities, musicians and high profile people like Paris Hilton, Scooter Braun, Meek Mill, Terrell Owens, Kesha Chante, Tom Green, Daymond John, Kevin Hart, Jared Leto, Oprah, Drake, MC Hammer, Tiffany Haddish or Gary Vaynerchuk. And what’s more, you can chat with them in real time; You’re able to join rooms with whomever you want totally free as they talk on topics like real estate, sports, philosophy, angel investing, or just regular banter.

While there are many celebrities on the app, there are also a lot of people behind the scenes on it too. People who invest, have made a fortune in business, help manage these celebs or even do the financial planning behind some of the Sharks from Shark Tank. And because you have access to these people, once you are on Clubhouse you can easily chat/network with them and then connect offline in the DMs to further your discussions. Some of the heavy hitters in the industry that can be found on the app – whether podcast hosts, influencers, retired athletes, authors, Hollywood managers, inventors, speakers, firm owners, consultants, mega brand owners, etc. – include: Lewis Howes, AK Kurji, Tai Lopez, Swan Sit, David Meltzer, Don Lok, Matt Higgins, Grant Cadone, Spectacular Smith, Josh Snow, Dan Fleyshman, Dan Caldwell, Tanner Chidester, Joe Vargas, JT Foxx, Andre Drummond, Stevie Baggs Jr., Perez Hilton, Steve Pamon, Harvey Mason Jr., Marshall Morris, Zack Teperman, DeRay Mckesson, Zach Boychuck, Steven Grossman, Ray Anthony, Michael Robison, Brielle Riche, Amy Lacey, Brittany Michalchuk, Rich Saghian and Sophia Amoruso.

With all these people joining forces each day (and long hours into the night, since Clubhouse has literally turned into an addiction), those who have access can do things like practice a sales pitch and have these people critique it, ask questions on the entertainment business, or even pitch a show, join a meditation room and meditate with others, learn how to write and publish a book, scale your business and build wealth, or just try out some new stand up comedy. But, just keep in mind, that all conversations on Clubhouse happen in real time. Once these rooms are over, you can’t replay it or watch it again like a YouTube video. That is what makes Clubhouse so exciting and keeps users engaged to every moment. Everything is happening LIVE and in real time.

But beyond the users who have simply fallen in love with Clubhouse, the app and business behind it – although still in ‘beta’ mode – has recently been one of the hottest deals on Sand Hill Road, Silicon Valley’s venture capital nexus. Now valued at nearly $100 million (as reported earlier this year by Forbes), the app which started in 2020 with only two employees has investors begging to buy-in and buy shares, and people wondering what the next steps will be.

Whatever happens next, it’s obvious to see why Clubhouse is gaining so much popularity in such a short amount of time, especially during COVID-19, where everyone is at home and is “over” having to dress up for Zoom video calls; This app lets you be yourself, speak your peace, and you can wear whatever you want because nobody can see you beyond your profile photo. With that in mind, everyone wants to be invited to the party and be part of the conversation. There’s no say when Clubhouse will be officially open to the public or if a payment type option for certain rooms will be on the list of future ways the app makes money, but for now the idea of exclusivity sells and free content is enough to get everyone talking!

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