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The First Scar Laser Treatment Was Performed in Azhar Hospital: Dr. Feily’s Laser Therapy Arrived in Oman

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Sourced Photo

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Your skin is the window of your body that reveals the stories of your life.

These are stories from the acne marks that appear on your skin during your teenage years to the glowing pregnancy glow and aging sun spots.

However, the effect that having beautiful skin has on your self-confidence is an undeniable fact.

Therefore, many people are trying daily to feel more satisfied with their appearance and skin.

In numerous instances, rare diseases or injuries caused by accidents can cause scars and scratches on the skin, which can be a person’s nightmare individually.

Today, as technology develops each day in medical science, many old skin diseases are no longer incurable or do not require complicated and painful surgeries.

One of the prominent Iranian doctors who has carried out extensive and significant activities in this field is Dr. Amir Feily, the most popular dermatologist and hair transplant specialist. He is one of the most professional doctors in the area of beauty who has been able to access new efficient, and innovative methods with his extensive research. His fame became global, inventing new and unique laser methods in treating resistant scars of patients, such as acne, surgery, leishmaniasis, and burns. He has had very desirable results with these innovative methods. Mostly, the reputation of his laser therapy techniques is widespread around the world today. Therefore, he recently started his activity at Azhar Hospital in Oman.

Dr. Feily plans to provide access to his special treatments in Dubai in the future for those who are interested too. Actually, Dr. Feily has been able to earn an excellent reputation among the communities due to innovation in treatment methods and inventing methods with less difficulty, cost, and risk.

Recently, Dr. Feily has developed a unique method to treat acne scars, which has had remarkable results and has been associated with 75 to 100 percent healing. Dr. Amir Feily has been mentioned in the biggest skin and hair articles in the world. He is also honored to receive the 2013 Global Education Award, granted by the International Society of Dermatology (IJD) and the Imrich Sarkani Non-European Memorial Award, granted by the European Academy of Dermatology at the 23rd EADV Congress Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2014.

Dr. Amir Feily is one of the most prominent doctors and specialists in the field of hair transplantation, in addition to laser therapy, which is now being performed professionally in Oman. He became famous worldwide by inventing and patenting his hair transplant treatment method called “Feily’s method.” This method provides irreversible results, which is an astonishing motivation for hair transplantation for clients.

Furthermore, this method is one of the most natural and beautiful methods of hair transplantation worldwide.


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