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Tanya Herrera Set to Hold a Solo Art Exhibition at Evolved SF Gallery on June 4th

A journey of elevating female empowerment in oneself as influenced by “BOSS bitches” in everyday culture

San Francisco, CA – When women empowerment has become a mainstream topic, Tanya Herrera is showcasing the power of womanhood through art using her “BOSS BITCH” Art Exhibition. The Pyrography & Heat Artist Tanya Herrera will be featured in a special solo exhibition at Evolved SF Art Gallery in the historic Mission District. It is a FREE gallery event slated to hold on June 4th from 6 pm to 9 pm PST and will open with a reception. Music at the event will be provided by Mr. Lucky of Sazon Libre.

Tanya, a woman of color and Native of the Bay Area, will use the event to showcase her unique art technique known as “fire stenciling.” The technique that uses chemical combustion to burn images onto raw wood has been in development since 2008. Now, Tanya Herrera feels the time is ripe for sharing that technique in her upcoming exhibit, coinciding with the political climate in women’s rights today.

Tanya Herrera’s theme, “Boss Bitch” is a pop-culture term used to describe a confident, successful, independent person who identifies as a female and is always ready to stand up for what they believe in. Each burned portrait represents the various impacts that Tanya has felt personally and in a world filled with patriarchal ideologies.

Describing the theme behind the exhibition, “Boss bitches build successful careers and are a positive influence on the world even despite facing adversity of many kinds,” Herrera said. “Marginalization, socio-economic barriers, healthcare access, and issues peculiar to the LBGTQ+ and BIPOC communities all impact women and the levels of success they achieve,”

With this upcoming exhibit, the artworks will be addressing and answering pertinent questions like “Which BOSS bitches have empowered you and what is your personal favorite BOSS bitch moment?”

Recently, Tanya Herrera was the subject of a short documentary featured – In their own words – a YouTube series showcasing her work as a pyrography and heat artist making waves in the art world.

About the Artist

Tanya Herrera’s fascination with art began as a young child growing up in the Bay Area. She drew early inspiration and influence from the arts and crafts in her family house, museums, theaters and symphonies in San Francisco. From her middle school education to college, she experimented with traditional mediums and was always looking for the next thing to try out or create.

Herrera delved into pyrography and heat in 2008 in a bid to make an impression of a stencil on wood. Over the last 14 years, she has explored numerous forms of pyrography and heat art. With the experience gained, she is set to create an entire show with the “Fire Stencil” medium. Her other mediums she is known for are pyrography, heat molding vinyl records and the use of metal leaf which came into her life after the idea of “Fire Stenciling”.

About The Evolved SF Gallery:

The Evolved SF Gallery is a clothing store and art gallery. Co-founders Thalia and Fernando from San Francisco built the gallery to serve as a space to galvanize the community where local artists, local people and inspiring individuals can come together for local events and nurture their creativity. In addition, the gallery serves as a great spot for people to keep their roots alive as one of the few Latin-owned art spaces in San Francisco. Evolved SF is open Wednesday to Saturday from 3-7 pm. The gallery is also available online via its official website where people can buy art and on Instagram to stay updated about events and updates.

What: BOSS Bitch Solo Exhibition

Where: Evolved SF Art Gallery located at 3067 24th Street, San Francisco California


Opening- June 4th, 6-9 pm PST (Music by Mr. Lucky of Sazon Libre)

Artist Talk – June 16th, 6-8 pm PST

Closing- June 25th, 3-7 pm PST

For more –



IG/TikTok/YouTube: @TanyaHerrera.O.R.C

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