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Sebastian Karnaby: A Must Watch in NYC Real Estate

In the bustling realm of New York City’s thriving real estate market, one individual has risen above the rest with exceptional success and unwavering determination. Meet Sebastian Karnaby, a self-made millionaire who has made a name for himself in both the pharmaceutical business and the world of real estate investment. 

Sebastian’s entrepreneurial journey took flight in 2010 when he established a chain of pharmacies across the city. However, his sharp business acumen soon led him to recognize the immense potential of the real estate market in the Big Apple. Armed with the profits from his pharmaceutical ventures, Sebastian fearlessly decided to dive into the world of real estate, marking the beginning of a remarkable success story. 

In 2012, Sebastian’s business savvy and investment prowess caught the attention of millions as he graced the screens of Bravo network’s popular show, “Million Dollar Listing.” The episode showcased his astute decision-making as he acquired a townhouse on 16 Minnetta Ln for $2 million and, three years later, sold it for an impressive $4 million, nearly doubling his initial investment. 

Since that pivotal moment, Sebastian’s real estate empire has rapidly expanded. With each venture, he has consistently achieved outstanding returns that far surpass his initial investments. As of 2020, Sebastian was estimated to have a net worth of $53 million, a testament to his unwavering dedication to success in the real estate market. 

What sets Sebastian apart from others is his exceptional ability to read the market and make astute investment decisions. He devotes countless hours to analyzing market data and identifying undervalued properties or those poised for significant growth. This meticulous approach allows him to capitalize on lucrative opportunities that others might overlook. 

However, Sebastian readily acknowledges that every investment carries an inherent risk. He approaches setbacks as valuable learning experiences, continuously refining his investment strategy and adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the market. 

For aspiring real estate investors, Sebastian offers invaluable advice: conduct thorough research and exercise patience. It is crucial to take the time to identify the right opportunities and develop a long-term investment strategy. Success in real estate demands discipline, perseverance, and a willingness to learn from both triumphs and setbacks. 

As for Sebastian himself, his drive and ambition show no signs of waning. With an unwavering focus on the market and an insatiable thirst for success, he is poised to continue making significant contributions to the world of real estate for many years to come. 

How to Make Real Estate Investing Work for You

Whether you are looking to earn some extra income through renting, are interested in the tax benefits that come with owning real estate, or you want to work towards replacing the income from your day job, having a strategy and a plan for successful real estate investing is critical. Here are some valuable tips and suggestions that will help you get started and achieve your goal.

The first question to answer is what type of real estate you should invest in. This important decision can have a long-term impact on your financial success. There are many different types of real estate investments available, including residential properties such as single-family homes, multi-family homes, condominiums, townhomes and apartments; commercial properties such as office buildings, retail stores, and warehouses; and land investments such as farmland, timberland and raw land. Each type of investment has its own set of benefits and risks that should be carefully considered before making an investment. 

Next, consider where and how you can find properties that are worth your time and investment dollars. Consulting with a real estate professional who can provide advice about the types of properties available in the areas you’re considering, along with their associated risks and rewards can be helpful. A real estate broker or agent can provide insight into the local market, including current prices, rental rates, trends, and other valuable information that can help you make an informed investment decision. 

Exploring properties online can help you to expand your real estate investment horizons without having to physically travel to different locations. In addition to providing a wide range of potential options, the internet can provide up-to-date information about market trends, rental rates and other valuable data. 

When it comes to finding rental properties worth owning, there are several key considerations that should be considered. First, the location of the property is critical. Properties located in areas with high demand and low vacancy rates will command higher rents and enjoy better appreciation over time. The condition of a property also has an effect on its value, as properties in need of significant repairs or upgrades will typically have lower rents and slower appreciation. Finally, the tenant mix can play a role in determining which types of rental properties are worth owning. Properties with good tenants who pay rent on time and treat the property with respect tend to be more profitable investments than those with difficult tenants or low occupancy rates.

Once you have decided on a type of property to invest in, it is important to thoroughly research your potential investments before committing any money. This includes researching the area, visiting the property, and talking to potential tenants or buyers. It is also important to determine a realistic budget for your investment and make sure that you are able to cover all associated costs before committing any money. 

There are several different strategies to consider when investing in real estate. Diversification is key. Investing in multiple types of properties or in different geographic areas can help spread out the risk and provide more potential opportunities for growth and income. Additionally, taking advantage of tax deductions available to real estate investors can help lower your tax burden and increase your net return on investments. 

Taking time to evaluate each potential investment thoroughly is another key strategy. Look at factors such as location, local zoning laws, neighborhood demographics and any other relevant information that can have an impact on the future value of your investment. It’s also important to understand the details of any financing options that may be available, and how they might affect your overall financial situation.

Before investing, it is also important to develop a sound financial plan and understand how to manage the cash flow associated with real estate investment properties. Working with an experienced accountant or financial advisor can help ensure that you are making smart decisions that will provide long-term success. 

Be sure to consult a qualified tax advisor for advice about ways to maximize potential deductions and other advantages related to real estate investing. By understanding the various tax implications associated with owning real estate, you can ensure that you are taking full advantage of all potential benefits. 

When it comes to calculating potential returns on a real estate investment, there are several key metrics that should be taken into consideration. These include the current market value of the property, projected rental income, expected appreciation, and potential tax benefits. By carefully evaluating each metric, you can make an informed decision about which type of real estate is worth investing in. 

It is essential to have the right team in place to help ensure success. This team should include a qualified real estate professional such as a broker or agent who can provide valuable insight into the local market and advise on potential investments. Additionally, investors should seek out an experienced accountant, financial planner, and tax attorney who can provide advice on tax implications and other financial matters.

A property manager is a vital part of any real estate investment team, particularly for out-of-town properties, or if you simply don’t want to handle the day-to-day operations of the property. This includes tenant relations, maintenance and repair, rent collection and compliance with local laws. In addition to ensuring that the rental property runs smoothly and efficiently, a property manager can also help investors maximize their return on investment.

Whether you are interested in renting properties, the tax benefits that come with owning real estate, or want to work towards replacing the income from your day job, with careful planning and dedication, real estate investing can be a great way to build wealth in the long term.

About Brian T. Boyd, Esq.

Attorney Brian Boyd helps clients with real estate, construction, and other business matters, while at the same time growing his real estate portfolio to a six-figure income. He earned a JD from Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law and an LLM in Taxation from Georgetown University Law Center. His newest book is Replace Your Income: A Lawyer’s Guide to Finding, Funding, and Managing Real Estate Investments.

The Guide to Succeeding in Sales

Even in the scrappy world of sales, few thought leaders have had as humble a start as Teejay Salazar. A native of Manila, Salazar worked for years in a call center that required him to travel two hours to work each way. Like most young men in the city, he faced a Catch-22: he didn’t have his own vehicle and the cost of transportation prevented him from saving any money.

Several years ago, however, Salazar was hired by HR disruptor Cyberbacker, which pairs American clients with virtual assistants from anywhere in the world. Though Salazar had never worked online before, Cyberbacker’s founder, Craig Goodliffe, was so impressed with his high-energy, optimistic personality that the young Filipino was quickly promoted to “growthbacker” — a position that oversees signing up new clients. Salazar was secretly terrified of moving into sales; after all, if he missed his quotas, he’d be fired and worse off than before.

Today, Salazar is an important part of Cyberbacker’s stunning growth story, one that includes paying its staff over $1 million dollars in profit-sharing. “In retrospect, the call center experience turned out to be the perfect on-ramp for sales. Dealing with different types of clients in the call center industry really helped me sell,” he says. “Customer service was my forte before. I would have conversations with irate clients and happy clients alike, which taught me people skills. AlI I had to do differently in sales was make the client understand what a valuable service we provide.”

Salazar now works from home; the 20 hours a week spent on his commute to the call center office is now spent with his family, instead, and the money spent on fares has been saved. “Working from home is an amazing environment,” Salazar says. “In sales, it’s important to be somewhere that you feel comfortable. When clients are giving different objections, you’re more likely to overcome them if they sense your calm.”

But the motivation to help others like himself has also been a factor in Salazar’s success. “The sales environment is very competitive, but we are a team and I would call it a healthy competition,” he says. “That’s another key to success — we hit our goals as a team. The pressure is always there, but we know that we’re all in it together. Our CEO is always saying, ‘No pressure, no diamonds.’ To succeed in sales, you need pressure, but also purpose.”

Salazar calls Cyberbacker’s founder Goodliffe “the master.” Before starting Cyberbacker, Goodliffe was a top broker at Keller Williams, a large real estate brokerage. The inspiration for Cyberbacker came from wanting to make his real estate practice more productive while protecting its profitability. Like many Americans, Goodliffe had more work than hours available in the day. Meanwhile, the Philippines had more young workers than jobs, many of whom already spoke fluent English.

“The question that Craig taught me to ask is ‘how?’,” Salazar recalls. “Every one of our clients wants to grow their business, just like Craig built his real estate brokerage. So, we ask ourselves, ‘What’s stopping them from doubling, tripling or even quadrupling their business?’ To be effective salespeople, we need to learn about our customers’ obstacles, and then provide the solution.”

Though Salazar handled up to 150 clients at a time as a Growthbacker, the salesperson at Cyberbacker, he believes that a successful organization should be purpose-driven, not volume- or money-driven. “When you start working, you care more about the salary and how easy the job will be, but you need a purpose. Once you know that you will do everything you can to get the job done, everything else will follow,” he adds. 

It helped that, by the time Salazar joined Cyberbacker, Goodliffe had already laid out four purpose points: relationships, growth, fun, wealth.

“We build great relationships with great people,” Salazar remarks. “We have fun, we do disruptions and pranks, but we have fun with our clients, too. And the excitement of getting clients signed with a Cyberbacker is an amazing feeling; making the sale and then seeing people happy with their Cyberbacker, and watching the company grow fast — that’s fulfilling.”

Although Salazar says he is now making “awesome money,” he adds that there’s a reason salespeople do well: they have to work hard for the rewards. Thanks to long hours, he and his wife own their own car as well as a house, and are currently working towards getting their visas approved in the United States to continue to travel and grow Cyberbacker. His purpose now is helping his other Growthbackers become better sales leaders. 

One of his favorite sales tools is the contest, a hallmark of Cyberbacker’s friendly competition principle. “Right now, the Growthbacker who has the highest sales of the year will get a trip to the United States,” he says, “we have monthly, quarterly, and yearly top Growthbacker awards. It’s all about incentives and motivation.”

Indeed, sales and motivation are important, but sales is also about keeping people happy. Even in a developing economy like the Philippines, retaining the best salespeople is never easy. Cyberbacker has an innovative profit-sharing program, as well as other perks like “Cyber capital” bonuses and access to a health maintenance organization (HMO). In order to facilitate faster growth, the company is now franchising. Goodliffe is a believer in the entrepreneurial model he learned at Keller Williams, but rather than strike out on his own, Salazar will stay on in his sales role — the one he once feared. 

“In five years,” he says, “I’ll be the chief of sales and we’ll have 10,000 members in the growth division alone. Thinking of all of the jobs we’ll create inspires me to keep pushing forward.”

From High School Dropout to Real Estate Success, Sofia Estrada Castro Shares Her Story

In life, people often learn about the importance of going to school, graduating, and earning that diploma. It’s not uncommon for teachers, parents, and school staff members to encourage students to pursue college with the belief that having a degree is more important than anything. However, Sofia Estrada Castro proves that isn’t necessarily true. While having a certain level of education can help you get further in some aspects of life, you don’t need to go to college to succeed in real estate.

As a real estate investment queen, Sofia Estrada Castro started from the bottom as a high school dropout who secretly suffered from undiagnosed dyslexia. She’d eventually pursue different jobs, where she once worked at a bedding company and took on a role as an assistant and receptionist. While Sofia didn’t have trouble finding work, none of her previous jobs left her feeling fulfilled. She wanted more in life and decided that starting a business with her soon-to-be husband, Bobby, was a good idea.

“Bobby asked me if I would be willing to work on a business with him, and I decided to go for it because being an entrepreneur excited me. Unfortunately, the business didn’t work out. I went on to pursue other business ventures and even went to school to become an ultrasound technician,” shared Sofia Estrada Castro. “I eventually worked at a cardiologist’s office, but I couldn’t get over the idea of running a business, so Bobby and I kept looking for more opportunities. We knew the entrepreneurial lifestyle was for us.”

The next opportunity required a bit of an investment, which meant Sofia Estrada Castro would need to borrow around $1800 from her mother. She invested the money and worked on the business at night while still maintaining her day job. The work started picking up within a year, so Sofia decided it was the right time to quit and give the business her undivided attention.

“We worked hard and used everything we learned from the how-to kit we purchased to our advantage. There were many long days and even longer nights, but there was a method to our madness that worked. The business we started many years ago currently generates billions of dollars each year. I’ve now made millions of dollars from fixing, flipping, buying, and renting. I want to use my knowledge to help other people. My goal is to show other women how to have success in real estate investing,” said Sofia Estrada Castro.

Known as the Real Estate Investing Queen, Sofia Estrada Castro has developed Queen Ventures with women in real estate in mind. The goal is to empower women to get involved in the industry while providing them with the education and tools needed for success. In addition, she hopes to help women excel in an industry heavily populated by men while teaching ladies of all ages that it’s never too late to build generational wealth and gain financial security through real estate investing.

Steve Haddadin Helps Clients Build Wealth through Real Estate

Entrepreneur and Real Estate expert Steve Haddadin has been fascinated by the industry since he was young. This fascination evolved into his real-life passion that led him to explore the many facets of the industry, expanding his knowledge and skills enough to establish his own brokerage, King Real Estate Group. The full-service Real Estate company exists to prioritize the interests of clients, providing them with the best advice that will help them satisfy their needs. Empowering his clients through his brokerage is his way of equipping them to make more informed decisions where it concerns their investment needs. 

“Now more than ever in today’s economic environment, it is crucial to offer a host of services and solutions when navigating this increasingly competitive marketplace,” Steve Haddadin explained. “With our team of experienced and talented professionals, we consistently deliver Real Estate solutions enhancing the value of our client’s Real Estate assets. Our experience extends from local to national markets,” he added. 

While he was only 18 years old when he started in the Real Estate industry, he has successfully grown his knowledge and experience in selling Residential and Commercial properties, Lending, Development, and management of Office and Retail properties. One of his strongest attributes is giving his clients an in-depth analysis of Real Estate possibilities while giving them the highest quality service available in the business. Steve utilizes numerous indices and methods to provide the clients with strategies with their Real Estate needs. These methods set his services apart from the rest of the industry.

To further add value to his personal brand as a Broker, he worked hard on elevating his qualifications by obtaining certifications that would allow him to provide better services to all his clients. He is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM®) as designated by the CCIM® Institute, Certified Property Manager (CPM®) as designated by IREM, Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS®) and Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource (SFR®) as designated by the NAR. Steve currently holds a Real Estate Broker License and Mortgage License in the State of California and is an active member of NAR, CAR, PWR, IREM Orange County, and CCIM® Institute Greater Southern California. 

Currently, Steve Haddadin is enrolled in Capital University School of Law as a 2024 JD candidate to expand his services further. He believes that he can be an even bigger asset to his clients with his law degree. Apart from running his own brokerage and making time for his law degree, he is also an active board member of the Center for Real Estate at the California State University Fullerton College of Business & Economics. 

Steve Haddadin has big plans for his company and career in the next few years. He intends to grow his company to become the center of major Real Estate in Southern California, serving clients with excellence and professionalism. As he continues to help people fulfill their dream of owning Real Estate, he hopes to see more individuals follow in his footsteps and become the best version of themselves. 

Find out more about Steve Haddadin by visiting his website

How Eva Garzon turn the Grand Lion Real Estate Group in Powerful Real Estate Company

The real estate industry is a highly competitive one as realtors try to outdo one another for a higher commission. Because of the competition, some realtors lose quality in terms of service. However, not all realtors emphasize their need to stay above others. In a vastly competitive industry, Eva Garzon is among the few who puts quality service above all else with The Grand Lion Real Estate Group.

The Grand Lion Real Estate Group initially started as an idea that Eva Garzon came up with for a final project while she was in college. She had the task of creating a brand and its logo, name, and color schemes. The idea stuck with her, and when she started to work in real estate in Miami, Florida, Eva saw the opportunity to bring her project to life.

The prospect of bringing the project to life was overwhelmingly exciting, but Eva had her doubts as a rookie real estate agent. It was the encouragement of her boyfriend, Ivan, that helped her find the drive. His constant belief and support were Eva’s foundation as she grew in the real estate business. 

Eva Garzon leaped and created The Grand Lion Real Estate Group, a passionate group of professional agents that emphasize sincerity and integrity in all their business transactions. The Grand Lion provides them with a perfect balance of knowing the market, strong negotiation skills, and a quality network to help them achieve their real estate goals.

With firm values, the company has a solid foundation and a strong company culture with many unique qualities. Among their qualities, they all share motivation and passion for doing so much more than achieve financial success. The Grand Lion’s team is fueled by the love and passion of the real estate business, transmitting to their clients.

A key factor in how Eva Garzon runs the company is maintaining a positive corporate culture. She knows that being around passionate people can be contagious, and passion and attitude are essential factors in the real estate industry. For that, Eva makes sure that her agents understand what it means to be working for and representing Grand Lion. She also makes sure that she builds relationships with all the members of her team.

The Grand Lion Real Estate Group makes sure that they keep a daily communication among themselves and their clients to make sure they are satisfied with their services. They place great importance on feedback as they rely on word-of-mouth growth to know that they’re performing well. Eva takes the time to read customer feedback and chats to learn which key areas they can improve on.

Eva Garzon also analyzes and studies each decision as they are opening a new headquarters in Brickell. The company has been implementing the latest technologies to adapt to the situation the pandemic created. By doing so, they are capable of helping grow other local businesses, supporting and promoting them.

Within the next couple of years, Eva is projecting more offices opening in other cities and countries. They are currently working with developers on projects with a new headquarters opening in Aldea Zama in Tulum, New Mexico, at the beginning of 2021, along with Spain.

To learn more about Eva Garzon, you may visit her website.